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    Slowly building my displays for Halloween and Christmas. Still a novice at best but love this stuff!
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  1. poochie7564

    My Halloween Animations

  2. poochie7564

    LOOKING FOR: Moster Mash, Thriller, & Ghostbusters

    Is there any way I can get a copy of the 16 channel Thriller? Email is poochie7564@yahoo.com
  3. Many thanks to James Morris for sharing your hard work and sequences with me. LOVE Jingle Bell Rock and cannot wait to use the AC/DC sequences.
  4. poochie7564

    Thunderstruck ac/dc or similar

    Mr. Morris, Could I get a copy this as well? poochie7564@yahoo.com
  5. poochie7564

    Jingle Bell Rock

    May I have a copy please? poochie7564@yahoo.com
  6. poochie7564

    Frozen- Let it go sequence

    Mr. Morris, Could I get a copy please sir? poochie7564@yahoo.com