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  1. Hope you got it jdlack, check my post here: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/34708-an-all-lights-on-sequence-really-long-or-somehow-repeat/
  2. Thanks for the help. I figured it out after my last post. Same steps you outlined Don. Just took me a bit to work through it myself. The lights are all on with the megatree just doing a 1-16 channel rotation. Hope everyone had a good holiday. I am just now recovered from it all.
  3. Ok, I made an animation sequence 1 minute long and made a show in show editor just for that (not turning off lights between) and another show in show editor for my normal show. Then I added that show after my normal shows in the schedule editor. Apparently it already had my easy show builder schedule in there so I just had to add the aftershow show until midnight. Now, I am not sure how to transfer that show to the SD card. Or should I be using the hardware tool to create these shows? Furthermore, this should be in the S3 suite forum I think since I feel I am moving beyond the SE part of things.
  4. How do others do this? So the show ends at 10pm or so and I want to just put all the lights on (although I may have the megatree spin or something). Do you just make a short show and have it repeat with no fades or do you make a long show in SE and just play it? Can I use simple show builder to put multiple shows on the same SD (ours runs on a mp3 controller)? Show editor (basic plus) does not allow background, startup, or shutdown at my license level. Our standard MO is to put the 4-5 songs on the SD with simple show builder for the 6-10 weekday and 6-11 weekend times. I want to have more of a static display after that and I am not sure how. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Sorry to necro a thread, but I didn't see a link to the "Tune to" prop. Can someone link one again?
  6. I actually got it resolved last night but since it was the 1st post, it had to be approved and I was unable to remove it. I would have responded earlier but I am still setting stuff up due to delays from work schedule. Lesson was, reboot machine. Everything worked fine after that. Thanks though!
  7. I have made a ticket for this as well, but if anyone has thoughts on how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it. I searched the forums and used that knock out the common issues. I have 3.9.0 basic plus, licensed. I used to run on an old windows xp laptop but that was given to my son, so I installed the software suite on my windows 8 pc. I have been unable to get the SE and visualizer to work together to see the animations. Visualizer is set to and same for the SE. I do have Control Visualizer set in the SE. I hit play (or Simulation Mode) in Vis, hit play in SE. Nothing happens in vis while the sequence plays. I thought it may be a channel issue between them so I loaded the tutorial in each and nothing animates in the vis while the sequence plays in SE. ​ ​I also tried running both applications as administrator. I changed the vis to use the nic and used the same internal ip ( in SE with no change. Tried other ports, no change. ​ ​I ran rawcap to monitor the loopback device and I do see the packet count increase as I play the sequence and stop increasing when I click stop. ​ ​Any suggestions?
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