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  1. Hello all, We are using 4th of July to test out our soon to be built 12 ccr tree, and I'm looking for some patriotic or non-Christmas ccr sequences for the run through?? I have a proud to be an american sequence, but looking to do a 15 minute show.. Any help is appreciated.. J. Rodger
  2. jrodger

    new user 12 ribbon ccr tree

    excellent advice. thanks
  3. jrodger

    new user 12 ribbon ccr tree

  4. sarge- I'm just starting out and want to do a patriotic show for july 4th. This would be a tremendous head start.. thank you in advance jmr1211@aol.com
  5. jrodger

    new user 12 ribbon ccr tree

    Thank You so much. I'm leaning towards an aluminum fram now. Thanks for the advice.
  6. jrodger

    new user 12 ribbon ccr tree

    Hello all- an admitted newb in the planning stages of our first show to debut next November. Plan is to take the next 11 months to plan, build and install the show. The first element we are going to work on is a 12 ribbon ccr tree that will exist in front of our real tree. The story is that the real tree is in pretty sad shape but we are unable to take it down. when the show starts the real tree will go dark and the show will play in front of it. So my question is about our plan for the tree. Our current plan is to run cable between the flag poles at intervals to support the star on top and the ribbons. Cable will be steel and under tension to minimize flex. Does that sound like a sound plan? each ribbon would be rope mounted and tie wrapped at each cross wire. Any suggestions? image isnt to scale. plan is to cover top 16 feet of tree and add elements to fill from bottom of tree to ground. tree in photo is 25 feet We have otherr elements planned, but this one needs to be done first. Any advice appreciated.. . John Rodger