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  1. I could use the singing faces if anyone has them. jimgrass@comcast.net
  2. Did you find Last Xmas yet? I'm looking as well. jimgrass@comcast.net
  3. I'd like a copy please if it isn't too much trouble. jimgrass@comcast.net
  4. Can I get the grinch please? jimgrass@comcast.net
  5. I'd be interested as well. jimgrass@comcast.net I have a few 16 channels as well I could trade. little saint nick (beach boys), christmas in hollis (run dmc), it feels like xmas (muppets), drunk on xmas (jimmy fallon & john rich). they are actually 16 channels for the house, mini and mega tree and 32 channels for singing faces.
  6. would love it if you could share. jimgrass@comcast.net
  7. Jgrass


    would love it if you could share. jimgrass@comcast.net
  8. Still a newbie, the 4th will be my 2nd show (1st was xmas). Bought a 15 channel coro flag and looking for someone that sequenced toby keith's courtesy of the red white and blue that is willing to share. I'm afraid I'm no experienced enough to get it right with less than a month left. Thanks in advance!
  9. Old Sarge, thanks for your service. Had my first show for xmas this year and working on a 4th show. Would love to try to incorporate yours. jimgrass@comcast.net
  10. Did my first 16 channel xmas show this year and planning on a 4th show as well. Bought a 2nd controller and a large coro flag. I've see a couple of videos of pole lights ending with a firework burst but I can't find any DIY directions on the burst. Does anyone have tips? Thanks
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