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  1. James could I get a copy please Thanks Charley cdlouke@att.net
  2. cdlouke

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    James, can I get a copy please Thanks Charley cdlouke@att.net
  3. cdlouke

    Driveway Arches

    Richard, that is a really good idea. I am going to give that a try. Sounds like a lot easier and faster way to install.
  4. cdlouke

    Driveway Arches

    That is correct, I am using 10 ft. sections. Each arch is connected to the next using tee's. I am using 1 1/2 pvc as a sleeve to anchor to the ground. I first tried rebar but had too much movement. Arches are spaced 10 feet apart.
  5. cdlouke

    Driveway Arches

    Thanks guys, I am using 1 inch pvc which works well. You just need to place cross members to make the structure solid. No sway or sag and a lot cheaper than 1.5. I guess I will just go ahead and zip tie them.
  6. cdlouke

    Driveway Arches

    So getting ready to build some 30 foot arches over my driveway. I will be using square pixels strings. Question is, what are you using to mount the strings to pvc. Just zip tying them?. Anyone have a better idea?
  7. cdlouke

    Drummer Boy Pentatonix Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    James can I get a copy please. cdlouke@att.net
  8. cdlouke


    Yeah first thing that my jaded mind looked at. It just appears that there are still some nice people in this world.
  9. cdlouke


    Just had a knock on the door a little bit ago from a neighbor that I had never met before. They told me they wanted to thank me for my lights and handed me a bottle of Jameson. Totally blew me away!
  10. cdlouke

    50 watt flood not working

    UPS delivered my replacement Flood on Friday night. Got it hooked up yesterday and everything is working like a charm. Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. cdlouke

    50 watt flood not working

    Well put a trouble ticket in and they had me open it up and reset the unit. With the reset the unit was able to run its test pattern. Put it back together and HU would still not recognize the unit. Next thing I know I get another email from LOR customer service advising me that a replacement unit was being shipped to me. Kudos to LOR they stand behind there product. Also thanks to everyone for there input
  12. I bought the flood during the spring sale and I placed the flood in my display on Dec 01 and it worked fine till the 10th. It seems now to be completely dead. I pulled it from my display and ran it by its self in HU. HU does not recognize it. Any thoughts?????
  13. cdlouke

    controller issues

    Really sounds like a configuration issue to me also. Did u go into HU and assign each controller a separate #