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  1. Thank you. I had the opposite condition, where people were coming up just to see this one. Many times I would have little kids out there singing the lyrics (with their windows down), obviously having already seen the movie. It helped that it followed Let It Go.
  2. Into the Unknown, as performed by Panic! At the Disco, from the Frozen 2 soundtrack. This is entirely sequenced by me, with mouth movements at 1/20th of a second. It took about 16 hours to sequence, with half of it being just the mouth, and I still made changes to general lighting effects after capturing the video. You can find me on Facebook at Woodlea Hills Lights.
  3. You do not have to do anything on the G3 MP3 director to enable the port. It is all done from the software side. There potentially is still a configuration issue in your preview. If you go into the preview editor, there are some tabs near the middle left (I am at work so recalling from memory) of which one will show any errors in the configuration. You have to resolve these. If that is all good, you could have a problem with a cable. I have run two networks for a couple years now, just as those above have outlined, with no issues (moving from S4 to S5 caused me issues). I am also hoping to add my first Pixcon16 by this weekend...
  4. Two things jump out to me. 1) When I upgraded to S5 last year, I found that I had to also upgrade the firmware on all my CTB16PC controllers (you can search for my post on this from last year). Everything worked in S4 for Halloween, but broke for my Christmas show under S5. 2) I run all my CTB16PC's on the "regular" "low speed" network, and all my pixel/DMX controllers on an "AUX" high speed 500K network. This appears to me to be the crux of your problem, as I do not believe the CTB16PCs work on a high speed network, and I have never tried (I am unfamiliar with the use of the LOR1600). FYI: I use a G3-MP3 Director to control my show using the two network outputs. I am sure more knowledgeable people than myself can help you recover the reset box.
  5. I have a Mac, and just use iMovie to add in the sound. No matter what tool you use, be sure to suppress the audio that is associated with the imported video so as to remove any unwanted items on the recording (like airplanes, wind, coughing, neighbors dog barking , etc). As noted above, the hardest part is getting the audio to line up exactly with the sequence.
  6. I ran out of time trying to get this sequence into my show this year. But what I saw in LOR S5 Preview was amazing, and I plan to incorporate into next year's show. JR and James do amazing work.
  7. Never mind. I just upgraded to 5.3.10 and all seems to work as I think it should now.
  8. Rob, Did you ever figure this out? I am trying to add 4 of these to my show this year, and although I can import the prop from Boscoyo, I cannot get it to do anything in preview. I feel like I am missing something fundamental here. I assigned a new controller ID to it, and although its "motion effects rows" all look correct, I cannot get them to do anything.
  9. These are both very good questions that I also would like to see some answers to. I use a Mini Director to drive my show and also have a "click" between songs. But I found this to be less annoying than my problem of "hum" from the FM transmitter, which I finally resolved last season by plugging the box containing the mini director and the FM transmitter into a completely different power circuit from all other controllers. I had added significantly more controllers and lights last year that I guess caused feedback on the power circuit. All my lights are LED. As for stuck lights, I have had this problem on items that I usually keep on all the time, like my "tune to" sign. I found that if I had a song where I wanted it turned off right at the start of the sequence, simply "turning it off" in the row would not work; the sign would stay on. To fix that issue I put in a quick 1 second fade at the beginning of the sequence to turn it off. It almost seems like it misses the first command and since it never changes state after that, the light stays on.
  10. For 2019, I had all my usual Halloween songs, plus I managed to sequence and add two more: Sucker by the Jonas Brothers, and because I live in the Washington DC area, Baby Shark by PINKFONG in honor of the Washington Nationals. This video for baby Shark was made using my cell phone, then brought in to iMovie where I added the titles and overlayed the audio for clarity. The link for Baby Shark: https://youtu.be/mcidYoK3tCA You can follow this show at www.facebook.com/woodleahillslights
  11. For 2019, I had all my usual Halloween songs, plus I managed to sequence and add two more: Sucker by the Jonas Brothers, and because I live in the Washington DC area, Baby Shark by PINKFONG in honor of the Washington Nationals. I finally had some time tonight to go out and record the sequence for Sucker, edit it and upload (yes, it is the middle of November). The link for Sucker: https://youtu.be/9sagXGWCDOU You can follow this show at www.facebook.com/woodleahillslights
  12. Yes, James sent it to me. Took me a little bit to figure out which channel moved to which channel, but once I figured it out it is an amazing sequence. You both do great work. Thanks.
  13. Not sure exactly what you mean, but one action in S5 under the "Sequence" menu selection near the top left is to select the "@ Manage Archived Props", and remove any channels here that you no longer require.
  14. JR, I would love to try this sequence (Zombie). I agree to not share or sell anything in relation to the usage of or incorporation of your sequence(s) (or anyone else's). I truly enjoy this hobby, and get great satisfaction hearing the kids laughing from their cars, and the positive feedback from parents. Posting of videos that contain your sequences I assume is not an issue? My show can be found at Woodlea Hills Lights on Facebook. hasslerk@verizon.net
  15. I did something similar last year. I bought the 4 arches and the Alphapix kit from HolidayCoro, and then changed from S4 to S5 while trying to fit them into the show between Halloween and Christmas. Since I was already stressed out by the software change, adding on DMX was just too much. In the end, it was just easier for me to swap the Alphapix with a Pixie 4 (very similar size and power requirements), using the HolidayCoro enclosure and pigtails. Works like a champ. You can see it at Woodlea Hills Lights on Facebook.
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