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  1. would love to see a drone footage of that!
  2. Christmas phone charging

    i got one last year and it lasted all of 3 weeks, ordered another one and that one only lasted 2 weeks.
  3. visualizer work area

    is there a way to make the area to draw lights larger without adding a new pic, I am trying to avoid having to redraw the entire display top add my neighbors yard.
  4. Try For Free - Order Question

    i got mine mid sept.
  5. anyone got a spare they are willing to sell?
  6. mine are spaced on 12" stringers, except a couple they are strategically placed.
  7. i have about 80k lights from them all work fine, the warm white are the only ones where the color is not exactly the same string to string but only I notice it. Ive asked some people and they can't tell. I get a ton of them day after christmas, but you need to get there right when they open to have a chance togged them.
  8. Pigtails

    The pigtails that come with the 10w floods, are they coarse or fine thread?
  9. Pigtails

    did you order the fine thread or coarse thread to hook up to the LOR pigtails?
  10. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    Me too, I tried that the first year to try to minimize traffic and just got a bunch of complaints. In my show most people didn't want to wait the 8 minutes or so from the show to start again, remember most people will have small kids in the car to see the lights. The will get bored quickly. My show is about 40 minutes on a continuous loop in the past but I am thinking of doing a shorter show this year and run them on alternating days.I may try the MIIP this year just for me, not sure I will have the time yet.
  11. The Hype Is Building!

    i just moved this year, And i have been setting up since beginning of oct. at first it wasn't that noticeable now it is and I am getting a lot cars stopping outside our cut de sac and staring, and some taking pictures. My neighbors love it so far. About 60%done
  12. General Newbie Questions

    i have about 80k lights from walmart and a couple thousand from lowes and home depot.all work fine for a couple years now. however I do not get snow, thats sometimes an issue for people.
  13. wanted RS485 network repeater

    Repeater sorry, need the dual output
  14. Brand Spanking New

    This is my 3rd year, and by far biggest year. my first year I actually started about a year and a half before my first display. go through all the forums read as much as you can, get the software learn it... you need to become an expert in it to use it properly. For about a year, I read nearly every thread and post to gain the knowledge to make it as easy as possible. first you need to decide if you are going to go with traditional lights or rgb/pixels... look at videos online and find out what elements or props you want to incorporate into your show. then learn all you can. Don't be afraid to ask what you might think is a dumb question, we were all in your situation at one point. One thing I have found with the countless people on this forum is that there is hardly a question that will go unanswered. Also find people close to your house and talk with them. People in this hobby for the most part are great. Last year I was having an issue and posted about it, a guy messaged me to call him. He sat on the phone with me for about 30 minutes and helped me figure it out. Always be thinking about what you want to add the next year, The best time to buy stuff is right after christmas, stores have huge clearance sale, also the online vendors have there presales, you can save a lot of money there too. I have already made notes and know what I will be adding next year to the show. Plan early and it saves a lot of money. Most important is to have fun with it. Depending on the size of your display it will take about a month or so to get everything out and wired up, there will be some late nights and lots of cuts and scrapes. However, the first time you hit play on the software and the lights and music is playing, it's all worth it! Again welcome to the madness, I hope your family likes christmas music year round...
  15. DIY Extension Cords

    for cord management I have each prop extension cords in the same bundle running to the controllers in my garage. example, my spiral tree has 48 channels, so 48 extension cords zip tied together and ran to the controller in one big bundle. easy to store in totes, also each end of the cord labeled with the controller and channel number, i also have a piece of electrical tape indicating the color of light that cord will turn on as well as on the dongle on the controllers.
  16. Detailed Shimmer question

    what you can do is split the timing up to a lot of times and just do an on-off-on-off in very fast succession. I use this method when i want to control the shimmering effect.
  17. First Mega Tree?

    http://www.magicchristmas.org/how-tos.html the monkhouse's have some great step by step tutorials for building a mega tree with a crank. I was going to make one this year but ran out of time.
  18. Starting to Set Up This Year's Display

    I agree with what the others said about 1 receptacle per circuit as long as you have have incandescent lights. once you switch to all led a lot less of an issue. I run all LED's now and have 4-6 controllers per circuit, but those controllers are each pulling less then 1 amp per controller. I have 25 controllers and my whole show pulls about 33 amps. However, if your going to have him there doing the work take the extra circuits... you will need them later.
  19. 250 feet is along distance, almost a football field.... not sure if the 2 houses interacting would even be noticable
  20. Running all the cords

    i have run them together with no issues. Data cord zip tied to 50+ extension cords and no issues at all.
  21. saw at walmart they have a dinosaur skeleton for sale...
  22. Have You Seen This?

    john is great, he has extensive knowledge on all things... very willing to help...
  23. controller board

    Um in the LOR enclosures mounted to the wood
  24. controller board

    I do the same with my 25 controllers, I just like the yard being clear of them. for mine I went and got a couple 2x4's and a couple sheets of cheap plywood. I screwed them into the wall creating solid wood wall of plywood. then screwed the controllers in number order into the plywood. Mine stay mounted there year round. Easier then taking them down and storing them somewhere else. Also If i ever want to test anything i don't have to fish them out. now for the extension cords, I run them out under the garage door. My garage isn't fully closed because of the wires going out... so I got a 2x4 to block the rest of the opening created buy the gap under the garage door. Hope this explains, I don't have any pics right now because I have stuff in front of them right now.
  25. Can this be done on a MAC?

    i use a mac, and run windows on bootcamp. bootcamp comes with your mac already installed. you just have to buy a windows disk, i use windows 7 for mine. got it on amazon for like $35.