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    PPL'S choice of channels in an Arch ?

    My arches are LEDs and I made them 5 years ago and no issues since, I understand why people are all about pixels more control of lights etc. But if you pre build your prop good and strong... set up time is minimal. I have almost 600 AC channels this year with nearly 80k in lights, and will spend less time this year setting up then I did with about 450 channels last year. It's all about how you build your props and setup, and how you store them. Spend the extra time labeling everything, including the tubs. I've worked on setup for maybe 2 full days of work and I am almost 50% done with hanging and placement. I spend more time during the year in building my props for easy up, easy store. I can put all my C9 roof line lights up in a couple hours, my windows are done in a few minutes, snowflakes take a bit because of the ladder but the screws in the brick never come down, All my extension cords and bundled by prop and labeled. I usually finish my setup in by 2nd week of November and do all my testing, don't put anything in my yard until after halloween. I also will program a few songs each year once setup is done. The longest setup item I have is my spiral tree. Takes a full day to setup and run the lights on it. I use nearly all walmart (almost 80k) lights and have very little burnout from them, in 5 years I think I have had maybe 5 strings burnout. I actually have most burnouts on my sealed professional lights, mostly the C9s from HLE. not sure why but I lose about 10% each year of the 1500 I use. I would get the C9's from others but none have the opaque c9's I like. Use the lights you like, I personally hate pixels... don't like the look of them so I will not have them. Many people on here don't really have an answer for your questions for AC LED lights and will say "switch to pixels they are way better."
  2. ericm

    PPL'S choice of channels in an Arch ?

    i use 8 per arch, makes 2 arches for 1 controller... lots will say odd number to create a center... but you can do that with an 8 channel arch as well...
  3. ericm

    Moana - How Far Will I Go

    please email to ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  4. Anyone got it? please email to ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  5. is the singing faces sequence? if so please email to ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  6. ericm

    Tom Hanks - Polar Express

    James has the sequencing been fixed, the previous version was messed up? If it's all fixed please email to ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  7. Anyone got the talking faces for snow miser? ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  8. this will be the second year in this neighborhood, last year I had cars slamming on the breaks in front of our cul de sac trying to see what in the world I was doing... I would here things when I would pick up my kids from school, wife would here things from other parents not know it was us who did the lights... As soon as we moved in my wife was telling all the neighbors in our cul de sac, get ready for christmas lights.. they would all laugh and joke... Had a great year last year, had neighbors coming down to watch my house, one lady from england face timed with her family back home showing my display, so yes I have gone international..lol ... several brought chairs and a radio to listen to. Last year I started mid september to setup as I had to redo all my extension cord bundles(about 8 miles worth, and over 500 channels), this year I just start a few days ago, but a lot of people have been asking why I hadn't started yet and if I was still going to do the light show? Now all my friends and family think I'm nuts, even the ones that see how much work it takes to setup it all up. But i don't care , because once it's done and I hit play the first time its all worth it. People have offered to help, but I usually turn it down saying it's ok i got it. I'm very picky on how everything must go. My zip ties go a certain way, plugs are angled, etc. but once the kids are old enough, they are gonna get to work.
  9. ericm

    Just getting started please help.

    Oh i never really know what i am going to do with the ones I buy....just buy everything I can and figure out later...
  10. ericm

    Just getting started please help.

    I have nearly 80k of walmarts lights in my show, in 5 years not one string has failed. Now I also do not have cold weather and snow to deal with down in Houston, but I usually clear out 2 or 3 stores the day after christmas clearance sales. I have spent the money on sealed full wave lights in 2 places... My singing trees, and my C9 bulbs I line my roof, roof peaks, yard and flower beds with. Other then that all my stuff is walmart. Warm white, red, green and working on collecting blue. I have no issues with flickers and any of the dimming curves that are used.
  11. ericm

    Strobe Lights?

    At my old house we had someone like that in the neighborhood. When ever they would come see the show I would unplug the strobes. If someone driving to your show is effected by the strobes, then they would be affected by police strobes. And those flash a lot faster then the ones we use.
  12. ericm

    Last minute projects, why?

    Could be worse, my wife told my I can’t spend any more on anything next year until I build her a “big ass matrix” not sure how big that is but I bought extra stuff this year in case I decide against the matrix.
  13. ericm

    Summer Sale - TryForFree 2018

    they ship them in order of when they were placed, and when they have inventory to ship. some years got them really early september, some years mid nov... doesn't matter to me as I only a christmas show...
  14. ericm

    General info for new lighters

    Should be pinned at the top!
  15. Posted in wrong thread needs to be in the coffee thread farther down
  16. ericm


    LED strobes don't give the same pop as the xenon ones..... its more of a flash not a popping light... you may want to order 1 and make sure you like it first.
  17. ericm

    Did anyone/everyone get their stuff?

    In the past I have received my try for free stuff as late as october.
  18. ericm

    1000’ spt1 green

    Got a few questions on this, You get 1000' total of spt-1....it's just on 4 spools of 250' each.....wont let me edit the original post
  19. ericm

    1000’ spt1 green

    4-250’ green on spools... $135 shipped to the lower 48 plus PayPal fees, have 3 sets.
  20. ericm

    Just getting started please help.

    I have no issues at fading with any of the lights I have from any of those stores. all fade just fine.
  21. ericm

    Tighten up my lights

    I put my C9's on a 1x2" strip of wood, Zip tie them and space them 2" apart(4 colors, with room for a 5th). I then put the wood on top of the gutters and zip tie them down on the support piece the cops out every 4' or so. works great. and makes setting them up very quick. I have about 300' of rooflines and ridge lines and can setup the whole roof in a couple hours or less.
  22. ericm

    Just getting started please help.

    If you don’t have cold weather and snow to worry about, I got nearly all my mini lights (nearly 80k) from Walmart. No issues for 4 years..... but if you have snow you really want sealed
  23. they have been doing it here in Texas for awhile, but i think only priority mail stuff... and during christmas time they deliver 7 days a week to keep up
  24. ericm

    1000’ spt1 green

    Think you posted in wrong thread