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  1. ericm

    Singing Trees

    I have 4 of the 23x23 trees mounted to the face of my house. My viewing is about 70' from the house on the other side of the culdesac.. viewing is just fine! I actually considered upgrading to the bigger ones until I saw them in person. they would have been huge but the mouth movements were not any better.
  2. I rent my house, and the last one and I've done my show for 5 years now.. as long as you don't damage the house with your lights you should be fine. if you do, you'll have to fix it when you move out.
  3. ericm

    Extending My Candy Canes

    if you end needing all that SPT1 wire, I can get you 1000' for $135 shipped to you.
  4. ericm

    News Crews

    Stay off the news, I get asked every year by local stations to do a segment and turn them down. One year they showed up and I politely told them to leave and not to come back. I have had neighbors and friends who know writers for a local small paper and refuse it too. I try to tell everyone keep the news people away. The traffic will get crazy and neighbors get mad and that’s when you have shutdown your show. I just this year created a Facebook page only because my neighbors requested it so they can post pictures and get announcements... but I was hesitant.
  5. ericm

    Best lights to wrap trees

    Walmart lights, go day after Christmas and they are all 50% off... I have about 80k of these and work just as good as the expensive sealed ones. As matter of fact, the only ones that have failed on me are the expensive sealed ones I bought.
  6. ericm

    1000’ spt1 green

    still got some if anyone needs some
  7. ericm

    1000’ spt1 green

    4-250’ green on spools... $135 shipped to the lower 48 plus PayPal fees, have 3 sets.
  8. ericm

    Where do you mount your controller?

    I have all my controllers(38) in the garage, I could put them in the yard but its not very big and no place to hid them. I also don't like the look of all the controllers in the yard. I grow my grass a bit higher and it hides all the cords. So all in the garage and run extension cords out under the garage door. I have cut a piece of 2x4 to the open length and it goes in the gap. I do have a lot of SPT1 extension cords to run to my 592 channels, but my yard looks a lot cleaner for it. I can get you 1000' of SPT1 green for $135 shipped to you if you need it, and can get you as much as you would need if you want yours in the garage.
  9. ericm

    Storing Controllers and Props

    nearly all my stuff breaks down to fit into the black tubs and yellow tops from costco and onto 2 big metal shelving units. my window frames and candy cane spinners go on the ceiling of the garage, my controllers stay mounted on the wall of my garage year round, I did add a lot of bigger stuff this year and I may need to start thinking about a shed... my one big thing I don't know where I am going to put is my 20' tall chicken wire frame I use for the light pole in my front yard.
  10. takes roughly 6-8 weeks, I don't work every day, sometimes just a few hours here and there, usually work about 6-8 on sat and sun if nothing going on... this year took longer because we had so much rain, i couldn't get on the roof or a ladder for 4 weeks. But I do our whole setup, my kids are young and wife likes the show but doesn't help with the setup so its just me and my almost 600 ac channels and nearly 7 miles of extension cords.
  11. ericm

    32 C9 Strobes for Sale

    whats the flash rate?
  12. Total I have about 7 miles worth, added about 1.5 miles this year.
  13. ericm

    1000’ spt1 green

    sorry just the wire
  14. ericm

    1000’ spt1 green

    still got some!
  15. Anyone got the talking faces for snow miser? ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  16. ericm

    started setting up this weekend

    I use plastic or metal mesh on as much as possible, saves a huge amount of time.
  17. ericm

    Walmart 27 inch candy canes lit

    i've only seen the ones with sets of 3 this year, not the singles.
  18. I can get you 1000' of green spt-1 wire for $135 shipped, if you only need 500' pm we can figure out something. Sorry don't sell plugs though. Some home depots are carrying them right now, and think they are on their website for about $16 for 25 plugs.
  19. Are you talking incans or LEDS?
  20. ericm

    PPL'S choice of channels in an Arch ?

    My arches are LEDs and I made them 5 years ago and no issues since, I understand why people are all about pixels more control of lights etc. But if you pre build your prop good and strong... set up time is minimal. I have almost 600 AC channels this year with nearly 80k in lights, and will spend less time this year setting up then I did with about 450 channels last year. It's all about how you build your props and setup, and how you store them. Spend the extra time labeling everything, including the tubs. I've worked on setup for maybe 2 full days of work and I am almost 50% done with hanging and placement. I spend more time during the year in building my props for easy up, easy store. I can put all my C9 roof line lights up in a couple hours, my windows are done in a few minutes, snowflakes take a bit because of the ladder but the screws in the brick never come down, All my extension cords and bundled by prop and labeled. I usually finish my setup in by 2nd week of November and do all my testing, don't put anything in my yard until after halloween. I also will program a few songs each year once setup is done. The longest setup item I have is my spiral tree. Takes a full day to setup and run the lights on it. I use nearly all walmart (almost 80k) lights and have very little burnout from them, in 5 years I think I have had maybe 5 strings burnout. I actually have most burnouts on my sealed professional lights, mostly the C9s from HLE. not sure why but I lose about 10% each year of the 1500 I use. I would get the C9's from others but none have the opaque c9's I like. Use the lights you like, I personally hate pixels... don't like the look of them so I will not have them. Many people on here don't really have an answer for your questions for AC LED lights and will say "switch to pixels they are way better."
  21. ericm

    PPL'S choice of channels in an Arch ?

    i use 8 per arch, makes 2 arches for 1 controller... lots will say odd number to create a center... but you can do that with an 8 channel arch as well...
  22. ericm

    Moana - How Far Will I Go

    please email to ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  23. Anyone got it? please email to ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  24. is the singing faces sequence? if so please email to ericmeyer211@yahoo.com