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  1. Anyone got the talking faces for snow miser? ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  2. I just downloaded S5 with all AC lights......and trying it out. one issue I have so far is when I chase across any of my stuff(pressing H shortcut) it leaves the line I made and also the spots that chase. before in s4 i would fix this my changing the paste background or foreground(can't remember which) but how do i fix this in s5 because I don't want all the props to come one and then chase just want to chase. also when I copy or paste something there is a 2-3 "Pasting" or "Copying" window that pops up even when I tried to copy 1 grid, is this normal?
  3. Copy and pasted then select the new grids and hit G , it will toggle it
  4. ericm

    Looking to buy new lights

    Almost all my 80,000 lights are Walmart lights, I got day after Christmas on clearance and clean them out. No issues with dimming. The only issue I have with Walmart lights is there is no consistency in the warm whites. All real closer but box to box is just a bit off.
  5. ericm

    No motivation yet - help!

    I don't know how everyone else does it, but I will work on a song for a bit... when I don't know what to do next I switch songs for little bit and repeat that for awhile. ...
  6. ericm

    Items for Sale

  7. ericm

    2018 Spring Sale

    the 2 sales are typically in april and august so frequent the forum around then and you wont miss it again.
  8. ericm

    Going prices for Controllers

    the most i pay for mine is the $100, $125 $150 shipped options. I need a couple more for next year too.
  9. Does anyone have it, searched but either really old post or for pixels need for AC lights please ericmeyer211@yahoo.com thanks
  10. ericm

    hot chocolate singing faces

    hey got your email, I appreciate it, but at the 1:38 mark it seems to to stop the singing trees and when it does the mouth movements are way off. I used your audio file and just assigned the trees to my channels before copying to my sequence.
  11. ericm

    New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    cmb24 is a dumb controller, i use them for my LOR floods.
  12. ericm

    2018 Spring Sale

    Remember it said up to six weeks for shipping. Will say that until they ship it.
  13. ericm

    Suggestions for backup gear

    I have a backup of of everything I use in my show, controller, adapter, fm transmitter, lights, everything.
  14. ericm


    i don't have as many controllers as he did i will be at 33 this year, but yeah its a lot thats why he switching a lot to pixels this year.
  15. ericm


  16. ericm


    i did this with 6 controllers in one metal box, got my design from Kevin Strickhouse, search for Strictly Lights on facebook and you can see the design.
  17. ericm

    2018 Spring Sale

    when there is a sale they put a link at the top of the forum page. it usually posts a few days before it starts.
  18. I ran 416 ac channels and 16 rgb 10 watt floods on 2 cmd24and no issues ..
  19. ericm

    Controllers for sale

    i can see them now
  20. ericm

    Controllers for sale

    Pictures not working.
  21. ericm

    CBT16PC why all the versions?

    I have a mix of V1,V2, and V3... no issues as of yet out of my 26 controllers. From what I have been told is that it probably won't matter until you have a high number of boards on your network.
  22. ericm

    Texas get together

    Lone Star Holidays forums, pretty inactive now... but when there is one they post it.
  23. ericm

    Selling Everything

    are those pixels in the big tree or AC lights? Only asking because I am needing so more AC controllers for the right price.
  24. ericm

    Pricing Ballpark Idea?

    there are a lot of us in the Houston area, but you do need more specifics in what you are looking for. There is a texas group forum at Lone Star Holidays.
  25. so your asking $180 for board and 8 floods?