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  1. Running all the cords

    i have run them together with no issues. Data cord zip tied to 50+ extension cords and no issues at all.
  2. saw at walmart they have a dinosaur skeleton for sale...
  3. Have You Seen This?

    john is great, he has extensive knowledge on all things... very willing to help...
  4. controller board

    Um in the LOR enclosures mounted to the wood
  5. controller board

    I do the same with my 25 controllers, I just like the yard being clear of them. for mine I went and got a couple 2x4's and a couple sheets of cheap plywood. I screwed them into the wall creating solid wood wall of plywood. then screwed the controllers in number order into the plywood. Mine stay mounted there year round. Easier then taking them down and storing them somewhere else. Also If i ever want to test anything i don't have to fish them out. now for the extension cords, I run them out under the garage door. My garage isn't fully closed because of the wires going out... so I got a 2x4 to block the rest of the opening created buy the gap under the garage door. Hope this explains, I don't have any pics right now because I have stuff in front of them right now.
  6. Can this be done on a MAC?

    i use a mac, and run windows on bootcamp. bootcamp comes with your mac already installed. you just have to buy a windows disk, i use windows 7 for mine. got it on amazon for like $35.
  7. animation

    yep its saved in the channel config.. Wouldn't be to attached to the animation because its gone in the S5 update
  8. Entire Light Show for sale

    this will get moved to the coffee shop thread, thats where the for sale stuff goes...but wish i was closer
  9. Needing Incans

    i have a lot, but shipping is expensive.... I have about 100-150 boxes of 100 ct clears from walmart I think 30 or so 150 count reds not sure from where all brand new, I think 20 of the 100's fit in a large flat rate box usps my zip code is 77494 I think 50, 100 counts are about 45-50 pounds if you want to price it out. I will ship with whoever you want that is cheapest.
  10. Found 12- 70 ct 5mm Cool White with Green Wire and 4" spacing. $100 Shipped to lower 48.
  11. hot glue

    I too use strips of wood for my roof and yard outlines and I tried that approach first, and quickly found it doesn't hold that well. I tried stapling them down but the staple gun doesn't reach to everywhere so I have had to use zip ties to hold them in place... seems to hold up just fine. When i place them on the roof if any have been knocked over i can just pull the wire and straighten then out. I use 3/4" strips for my yard outlines and 1x2's for my roof outlines. the hardest thing is storing them all during the off season.
  12. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    what size pvc are you using?
  13. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    Yeah, all 4 together are pretty heavy... individually not that bad. I moved this year and the new yard has no place for them so I am going to have to hang them over the garage. I will spread them out so they won't be as heavy. if i had to guess they weigh about 20 pounds each with wood and lights.
  14. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    i bought 4 of the 23x23 singing trees last year, I built a frame to mount it on of 2x4s and framed the like a picture frame around it out of 1x2, they were in my yard in a 2x2 stack and not once was there an issue with any of the coro at all. Also my tune to sign is from HC had it for a couple years and no issue with that either