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  1. so your asking $180 for board and 8 floods?
  2. Extension cord storage ideas

    THis year I bought a couple rolling trash cans to store them in... that’s way I don’t have to separate the bundles for the props in the yard... also make them easier to move.
  3. i got 2 sets and love them, going to add a third this year....my only movement towards rgb/pixels..
  4. When do you just stop...

    this why unless you can handle the traffic or are in a neighborhood you shouldn't be on GCLF.
  5. strobe light strings?

  6. free incans

    got about 100 boxes of 100 ct clear/warm white brand new also like 33 150 ct red, new not in boxes. , just need the space so come get them if you want them first come first serve. tried to sell but no market even at .25 a box. In the houston area only I will not ship unless you pay .50 per string plus shipping
  7. Anyone got the talking faces for snow miser? ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  8. would like a copy please! thanks ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  9. would love to see a drone footage of that!
  10. Christmas phone charging

    i got one last year and it lasted all of 3 weeks, ordered another one and that one only lasted 2 weeks.
  11. visualizer work area

    is there a way to make the area to draw lights larger without adding a new pic, I am trying to avoid having to redraw the entire display top add my neighbors yard.
  12. Try For Free - Order Question

    i got mine mid sept.
  13. mine are spaced on 12" stringers, except a couple they are strategically placed.
  14. i have about 80k lights from them all work fine, the warm white are the only ones where the color is not exactly the same string to string but only I notice it. Ive asked some people and they can't tell. I get a ton of them day after christmas, but you need to get there right when they open to have a chance togged them.
  15. Pigtails

    did you order the fine thread or coarse thread to hook up to the LOR pigtails?