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  1. James, can i get a copy of that also? Thanks, radarman2000@gmail.com
  2. Well, I can shamelessly promote my services as a data recovery specialist. Unlike some, who charge for a certain amount of recovered data or recovery tries, I only charge a one time fee and it doesnt matter how big the drive or how much data is recovered. I can target certain files, if all you want are jpg's or mp3's or lms's. Been doing this for years for many many people. You can pm me for details. Can discuss over the phone, or if you live close, in person. Im in Florida and have over 20 years of programming experience. I am also an avid LOR user and active member of this forum.
  3. I would love to put this in my show this year. Anyone have it in 32 or higher channels? radarman2000@gmail.com
  4. Free 80 channel sequences

    Could I get a copy of Uptown Funk? thanks : radarman2000@gmail.com
  5. Thunderstruck ac/dc or similar

    James, Would love a copy of this if you please, thanks radarman2000@gmail.com
  6. Sequence Request 32 Channels

    BillP, would love some copies of what you have, thanks. radarman2000@gmail.com
  7. Does anyone have "mele kalikimaka" sequence?

    Hey Sarge, can i get a copy of that? radarman2000@gmail.com
  8. mele kalikimaka

    Any one have it? would love to put it in my show
  9. 16ch Spiral tree sequences

    Anyone got any and willing to share? Im doing my first spiral tree and need a jumpstart. Thanks!
  10. Hamster Dance

    Thanks James, you da man!
  11. Hamster Dance

    Anyone got it? Had a request and cant find it from last year. Much appreciated. radarman2000@gmail.com
  12. Anyone have this? Hopefully with RGB but if not thats cool. Thanks --- radarman2000@gmail.com
  13. Sarge, can I get a copy of Pentatonix LDB? Thank you....radarman2000@gmail.com
  14. Pentatonix - Little Drummer Boy & Beethoven 5th?

    I would greatly appreciate Pent' Lil Drummer boy, thank you. radarman2000@gmail.com
  15. Help! Pentatonix Christmas

    James, can I get your Pentatonix stuff too? Thanks....radarman2000@gmail.com