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  1. Matt, I don’t like the fact that the playback files are now being stored in a different location than the main .loredit files. I spend a lot of time keeping all files, music, videos and relative background images as well as prop images in a specific folder for for each song I synchronize for organization. Now I’m going to have to hunt the files that are created and move them after every edit. I liked the ability to say where the files were going to, when we had to do it manually. I’m not against the automatic creation of the playback files, but I want them to go into the same folder as the main files or the ability to say where they go for each .loredit file I create.
  2. So far I have used one input to trigger the start of a show. You are allowed SW1 to do this...… Somebody please tell me what can you do with the other inputs? I don't see a "do if"- trigger on Input 2 in sequences. I have been reading about the Inputs and now I know how to connect them to a switch.. Now what? I can't find anything else on Inputs. Just curious about the Inputs.
  3. Same here!! :-( I think it's time LOR takes a look at this. We only have a few more weeks to start setting out Christmas, and I'm not even ready. If I have to configure all of my Boscoyo stuff manually, I will never get it done. Gordon
  4. Do what the pro's do..... Hot melt glue. I thought this was ridicules. I went to youtube and searched for hanging Christmas décor on brick. I found several videos that showed professional installers using hot melt glue. I went to home depot and bought a commercial grade glue gun and several bags of 10" glue sticks. (don't use the hobby glue guns they wont work) climbed on my ladder with a string of lights and started gluing every light to the brick around my windows. it took only seconds for the glue to hold the light to the brick (don't use to much glue, there is a just right amount and after a few tries you will have it down). I ran a few test on how hard it would be to remove. I was surprised that it held very well. When it was time to remove the lights, they popped off reasonably well (anything that stuck was easily remove with a pair of needle nose pliers, no effort at all). It was easy to remove the excess glue and there was no sign the glue was ever there. In Texas we still get fall storms with high winds. I had a few lights come loose in a few places, but the light strings stayed in place. I got on my ladder and re-glued the lose lights and that was that. I now add 3' and 4' snow flake lights and many other lights to the house with hot melt glue. I have never had anything come off.
  5. I have a 50x16 CCR matrix. I am looking for techniques to create snow fall. I know I can create an image of a single pixel and set it to start at the top and work it's way to the bottom. But for snow there would be hundreds of snow flakes falling not to mention keeping up with new snow fall to make it look natural through an entire song. any ideas?
  6. Can the CMB24D switch from running an internal program using input 1 to start the program to accepting external LOR commands from a G3-MP3 Showtime Director and back again?
  7. Earlier this year I decided to change my normal low voltage house lighting to something very different. I permanently connected a CMB24D as a controller and used eleven 10W RGB pixels as wall washer across the front of my house. I added a light sensor and relay to trigger the CMB24D to start a program, at dusk and run to dawn. The basic program is one minute long and turns the RGB LED's to a soft white color to match the standard 2700k light bulb. For special occasions I run new programs. For valentines day the whole house is red. On March 17th the whole house is green. For the 4th of July I have a RED, White, and Blue rotation that sweeps the house like a rotating beacon. This is very cool and only requires changing or loading the program. My question is that I want to include my new house lighting into my Halloween and Christmas programs. Since the CMB24D is triggered by the dusk to dawn sensor and runs the loaded program as a standalone controller, I want to take control with my G3-MP3 Showtime Director from dusk till 11-12:00 at night then when I shut down the G#-MP3, I want the CMB24D to go back to the dedicated house lighting internal program. Any ideas? What would be great is that if I send commands from the G3-MP3 the CMB24D will automatically start running in the system and when the communications stop the CMB24D will revert to the default program. My understanding is that I have one trigger input on the basic CMB24D, If I could add a trigger board and one of the triggers is to switch to the G3-MP3, when this trigger is released I can switch back to the dusk to dawn trigger and run internal.
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