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  1. Changing my show next year to RGB

    The ready to go floodlights are going to be my type of intro into RGB. As for the strips I think I just want dumb strips. all I want to do is be able to change colors. What version of Sequence editor will I need to use RGB? Right now I have Basic 3.11.2v
  2. I've been using LOR going on my 4th X-mas. I've included a video from a few years back. I could never get good at producing a video that looked great. As you can see in the video it's all L.E.D. 16 channel LOR. Here comes the question. I want to install RGB strip lights to my roof line and flood lights from the ground up but I have no clue where to start. So I am going to give you guys my needs/wants and I would like you to tell me what to buy and where to buy it Talk to me like it's my first post. To start with I need 60 feet of RGB strip to cover my roof line. Then I want 4 RGB flood lights. If I were going to make just one order what would a purchase order list be? Please be specific like how many power supplies and all the cables. Once I have everything I need I am confident I can get it going. My soldering skills are decent
  3. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    My show is also short, about 14 minutes. Side point, is the Frozen song still a big hit. I'm only in my 4th Christmas and I felt like I missed the boat on the popularity of it so I only play the classics. It's getting down to the wire and my Halloween show is up and going, should I get this song into my playlist?
  4. Switching incandescent to led in blow molds

    I've got nothing to add to your post, just that I seen this thread was created by "Jeffery M" I am a Jeffery M too! With the misspelled Jeffery . I had to think to myself if i created a thread and forgot about it.
  5. Flood Mounts

    Ok , Off to Home Depot and Harbor Freight this weekend.
  6. Flood Mounts

    Where do you get that type of bracket, And what is it's actual purpose? I want to use that this year.
  7. How to find displays in Florida

    Very good, Thanks or the tips
  8. How to find displays in Florida

    Hello good people. I am on vacation with my family in Orlando Florida and I would like to see some Christmas light shows. Don't get me wrong , Disney has an amazing projector show on the castle, and Downton Disney does a show with 700 drones in the sky. But I am looking for some homes that are decorated. Does anyone know of some towns that may be known for their lights? Maybe a website that helps me find such a place? It has been very hard for me to leave my show going at home while I am gone. We have a friend who house sits and animal sits. Lucky for me he has helped decorate in the past so if something does go wrong I could possible troubleshoot.
  9. First post of our home, 75% complete

    Post your video and show your programming skills Hotshot!
  10. First post of our home, 75% complete

    Tell me about your set up. How many channel's How tall are your trees and did you make them, if so out of what. This is a very clean and simple show with lots of action. Don't take simple as a negative, your show is exactly what I would like to do with my house next year. More doesn't mean better , some light shows may have more lights but look messy. Edit: This is a very hard song to program too. I would not try it even in my 3rd year. Amazing job on that!
  11. Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    I watched the first episode. What month do they start filming these episodes?
  12. Ultimate SPT-1 Wiring Cart

    Who pays for the 1000.00 worth of spooled wire? We all noticed that, right?
  13. Video Projectors and the Cold Northeast

    What's the learning curve like on the The Sony Vegas Movie studio. I'm not a complete novice on computer programs , but have never edited video before.
  14. Starting tomorrow I will take down the Halloween and begin setting up Christmas. Michigan winters give me a dreadful feeling when I think about my lights. I remember I lost over $500.00 in LED Snowflakes and 2 12 ft trees because of a strong winter storm. The Ice came first then a heavy snow, it pulled down a bunch my display, and I had to end my show on Dec 28th. I had a really great show I was going to debut on DEC 31 for the New Year. We had it really good here in S.W. Michigan and made it almost snow free until that night. Setup will begin soon and I don't even have a plan for what I will do to replace what the storm damaged/destroyed. It's not the money but just what will look good and hold up to the elements. I look at so many displays on YouTube and fantasize what it would be like to have a show where I could plan it without the threat of snow and Ice.
  15. So just curious... who here is still old school?

    The programming seems too technical for me. And the wiring and potential soldering is definitely is out of the skill set I have. But I do like the look and I need to be taught hands on way. I just don't know anyone in my area who is doing it. So Hint Hint of anyone in the Southwest Michigan area.