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  1. Thanks for sharing. Gives me some ideas.
  2. In order to get my wife to agree to a LOR controlled display I had to agree to no pixels. She hates them! No Jumbotron for her.
  3. I had issues at first ass well. I thought I lost out. Went back in about 30 minutes later and I got my 8 controllers I guess my LOR addiction has officially started!
  4. Hi folks, and I hope that you are all staying well in these times. I have had a large Christmas light display for years and this year I am hoping to use some of my "spare" time from the COVID issues to move on into a LOR display. For now I plan on staying with traditional LED bulbs and use the LOR 16 channel controllers for control. I might add some of the 10 w floods as well. As I intend on incorporating some of this equipment into landscape lighting and other seasonal holiday lighting, I would like to be able to have multiple Cat5/RS485 outlets on three different sides of my house as well as on my detached garage. This is to permit more flexibility as the display changes between seasons, as well as minimizing the about of fragile cat5 cable that I have to rollup during my minus 40 teardowns. From my research so far, it looks like multiple networks are in order? If I am correct and this is the case, do multiple networks make programming harder? Can multiple networks be connected via a usb hub or do/should they be connected to separate usb ports on the computer? Finally for now anyhow, is there a limit on how many networks a computer can handle? And yes, I will be using either advanced or pro level software. Thanks in a advance for your help.
  5. Thanks for the ideas. I kind of like the no house look.
  6. Soon I will be pulling the plug and ordering my LOR equipment and software. I assume I will take the plunge and dive into S5. Having watched many videos on the S5 software, I am still left with a question on the preview. I totally understand how to get a picture of my house into the software, but what I have not seen discussed is what to do if your house has props on three sides. I have my display in my front and side yard as well as my back yard. The only thing I have come up with is to do some photo editing and "unfold" my house into one long area. Is this the thing to do or am I already missing something? Thanks for your replies in advance.
  7. Does any one remember when the spring sale usually happened?
  8. I so like your driveway arches. I think on next years plan.
  9. Very nice. Love those snowflakes.
  10. Having a duh moment. His post was not showing a proper link and when I tried to copy and paste into vimeo I did something weird. Thanks.
  11. She is all done. Because of the really nice weather, I started with our back and side yard on the 2nd. Yesterday and this morning was the front. Just finished packing everything all away.
  12. Has the video been taken down?
  13. Expect to pay BIG dollars for outdoor moving heads. I have used $5000.00 Martins for commercial stage lighting that need to be protected.
  14. I have been building my display for a number of years. Currently it is still a static display. I am hoping to take the LOR plunge for next year. I have always done my display because I love to do one. I could spend hours looking at it. Personally if even one person drives by an gets a smile on their face, great it was a success. I will admit that I never put much thought into other peoples enjoyment until a few years ago when we were having supper and our doorbell rang. When I answered the door, there was a young boy around 5 who just came to say that he liked our lights. It truly made my day.
  15. I have been debating on "updating" my large static display for a number of years. I have even played around with a old version of the Light O Rama software (v3.12.0). Having made the decision to final go with LOR with the sales next year, I wanted to update my demo software. When I tried to delete the old software I got a error message saying "Another program is being installed. Please wait until that installation is finished and try again". No other program is being installed and I since finished installing some other new software with no problem. I took a chance and decided to try and download the LOR 5.3.8. This time I got a message saying "Error 1500. Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation first before continuing". Not being able to find any program installing, I tried downloading and installing a new media player. No problem. Tried LOR again, same messages. Any ideas?
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