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  1. I have been debating on "updating" my large static display for a number of years. I have even played around with a old version of the Light O Rama software (v3.12.0). Having made the decision to final go with LOR with the sales next year, I wanted to update my demo software. When I tried to delete the old software I got a error message saying "Another program is being installed. Please wait until that installation is finished and try again". No other program is being installed and I since finished installing some other new software with no problem. I took a chance and decided to try and download the LOR 5.3.8. This time I got a message saying "Error 1500. Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation first before continuing". Not being able to find any program installing, I tried downloading and installing a new media player. No problem. Tried LOR again, same messages. Any ideas?
  2. I would also recommend Deoxit contact cleaner. Yes it expensive, but if you are wanting to purchase locally, try your local music supply shop. It will be cheaper than your boat place.
  3. From my experience with wireless video, (not running through LOR) is lag and stuttering.
  4. The Winfield Collection, thewinfieldcollection.com has plans for wooden ferries wheels and carrousels. Maybe get some ideas from them.
  5. Christmas lights strung around the house. Like the idea of being able to change the color when ever I want.
  6. I am interested in switching my house light out to the LOR rgb bulbs? Have any of you did this and if so what was your thought on how it turned out? Video showing them would be great. Thanks.
  7. The projector would be a pain to mount so that you could still use your door.
  8. For all the fellow Canadians who have purchased LOR equipment and had it shipped to Canada, can you remember how bad the duty/brokerage fees were? Exchange rate is easy enough to factor in, but wondering about the other "associated" costs.
  9. All I want for Christmas is You....Mariah Carey By Goldie1970, January 7 in My Christmas Display
  10. It appears to have been posted straight to this site.
  11. I really like your display and sequencing. The large balls, did you make or purchase?
  12. Is there a way to email a link for a video in the forums to a non Light O Rama forum user?
  13. Would one have to be particular about the wattage of the resistor? It would be really nice to be able to shorten led strings by adding a resistor.
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