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  1. Would one have to be particular about the wattage of the resistor? It would be really nice to be able to shorten led strings by adding a resistor.
  2. 2016 Video

    Simply stunning.
  3. As the light bulbs on your strings are almost guaranteed to be in series, removing even a bulb will increase the voltage to the other bulbs and may result in the set burning out. Remove 10 to 15 and you are sure to have issues. DONT DO IT.
  4. Yes I do commercial sound and lighting and fog residue is very messy. Even used for short periods, piano's, keyboards and amps are covered with a sticky mess.
  5. Audio Troubles! please help!

    Just a thought. Try plugging in a set of headphones into that same jack on your computer and see if they sound loud. Wondering if in the computer sound mixer if something is turned down.
  6. total newbie

    In sequence editor it should be under the file tab and then save as.
  7. Sequence music

    Most songs that I am interested in sequencing are in the 3 to 6 minute range. Sources - ITunes, cd's.
  8. Plugging C7 Sockets

    Burnt out clear bulbs!
  9. Can't agree more. Get the light keeper pro. Best 20 bucks you will spend.
  10. Fuses?

    Thanks for the refresher course. Clears things up.
  11. Fuses?

    The fuse thing is confusing me not that it takes much! I am not disputing what is being said that a higher voltage rating is ok, but it does not make sense to me at the moment. From my days of taking electrical in school, voltage + current (amps) produce energy frequently measured in watts. This energy can be in the form of heat, light motion or a combination of forms. If a fuse is rated at 250 volts and ten amps, then that fuse should be able to "pass" 2500 watts before it melts. If I am correct it is the melting which opens the fuse. Now if this same fuse can be used on lower voltages, would it still take 2500 watts to melt open when supplied with 120 volts or would it now be 1200 watts? Could somebody please explain how it would take less wattage (the product of voltage and current) to melt the wire in the fuse at a lower voltage?
  12. What did you buy onsale today ?

    8 led snow flakes, light keeper pro and a 48 inch lighted snowman and countless sets of 70 led lights.
  13. help me make a masterpiece

    There should be no reason that you can't put all three arches on one controller providing that your amperage draw remains below the limit for your controller, but you would have many more options available for programming if they all had separate controllers. If trying to minimize cost, you could do the arches all on one controller for a year or two before expanding to separate controllers for each arch.
  14. Hi and welcome. Nice to hear from some one else in a similar situation. I to am thinking of a display for next year. I have experience in DMX lighting both from church and theatrical settings. In many ways I would love to stay DMX as it is what I know, but something tells me it will be much easier using equipment and software more optimized for the holiday decorating. Although I am still very limited in my knowledge of LOR software and hardware, I have been playing around with the demo version of the software. I can tell you that the difference between shimmer and twinkle is that when a group channels are selected as twinkle, the different channels will randomly turn on and off at different times. In shimmer mode, all the selected channels will turn on and off at the same time. I think that you will find a wealth of info in this forum. Also trying putting Light O Rama into youtube. Some very good video's will come up.
  15. My Indoor Display!

    Thinking outside of the box. Ya. Very nice.