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  1. I am all set. I just stopped using the pixel editor the way I was and did it a different way. seems like based on what I was told it should have never worked. all my sequences are working now, still have issues with some LOR controllers, but I just gave up on them and switched to another type of controller. thanks for all the help.
  2. Not an issue at all, the emails didn't bother me. Glad you got your issue sorted.
  3. The only issues I ever have is that the mappings in the pixel editor are not correct on one my computers, or if I have images in my sequence that I forgot to copy over. Whenever I copy files from my sequence laptop to the show computer, I have to remap the audio, re-import the pixel editor preview (file with layout/network/pixel setup), and then save intensity data again. If you have pictures in your pixel editor, you have to remap those as well, or keep it in a standard directory on both computers (c:\pictures). I think that is just because the settings on my laptop are wrong and I never got around to fixing it. not sure if this is your issue or not, but it happens to me so I figured I would mention it in the event it jogs your memory. Also, obviously make sure you did save intensity date from the pixel editor menu, or your pixel editor stuff will not even be in your lms file, so will not work.
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. Dmx and enhanced are working. The standard network is giving me weird results even though they were programmed in SE. I did update all the firmware on the enhanced network. I am going to have to go back and look what I did. it was all working so I must have messed something up at some point. long day so maybe a fresh look in the morning will be good. just getting really odd results, I did figure out that some of it is from bad feedback from a LOR controller.
  5. I have 2 LOR dongles and some DMX outputs over ethernet. COM 3 is a standard LOR network with 8 controllers. COM 4 is an enhanced network with 9 Controllers. Everything seemed to be working until today, the only thing that I did was import some additional channels into a few sequences that were not used yet, and not in the pixel editor yet. Today, all the standard network controllers stopped working with pixel editor. They still work in the hardware utility. I believe they worked in the sequence editor too, but been troubleshooting so long not 100% on that. At one point I went back to an old laptop and was able to get it to work, but not sure if that was just a glitch. I tried reverting to old sequences, then creating new ones with new channel layouts, and finally uninstalling and reinstalling LOR. Using the latest version posted in the downloads for LOR as of yesterday. I noticed that LOR didn't completely uninstall because the channels were still there so I deleted all the LOR registry entries under HKCU\Software\LOR. I have been having a lot of other of/on issues, but that could be me just further breaking things trying to get the pixel editor to work. I had been using it for weeks with no issues outputting everything to my lights. I tried re-creating the XML file in the pixel editor directory as well, and I verified that the channels were correct in the file. I have been mostly troubleshooting the flood lights, but none of the channels worked. I did notice that the flood lights were in the sequence editor on the wrong network (aux a instead of regular), but they were not being sequenced in the editor, just the pixel editor. I fixed it anyway, but they were always correct in the pixel editor. Not sure if any of this matters since a brand new sequence with a fresh install does not operate the lights. Ran out of things to check. Any thoughts on what I did? Just so confusing because it works in the hardware utility perfect fine, and they are mapped correctly in the network preferences. Is there some hidden file/registry setting that I corrupted?
  6. That is what I was afraid of. I already bought the software for pixel editor and programmed everything. Guess I need another network. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Was trying to use the intensity data for my setup. When I do, my older controllers will not work. If I disable the enhanced protocol, everything works fine, with the exception of my arches and tree (because they are using enhanced). I tried to update the firmware, but it says that it is not the right firmware for the device. I was trying to update to 4.40 from 4.32. After checking, it left me with the bootloader, so I reloaded 4.32, which is back to where I was. Can I not use the enhanced protocol with the older CTB16s? Assume worst case scenario, I can run 2 networks, but then I need to buy another dongle. Anyone dealt with this, I think I bought the original controllers in 2012.
  8. Do you have the right license? Are you hitting Save intensity data, or save? Also, are you closing and re-opening the SE file after you save the data? It does not appear to auto-update, so you have to re-open it. I did not delete the channels, just did not program them in the SE. I am pretty new though, so can't say for sure how you are supposed to do it, but it worked for me.
  9. Nevermind, enabled enhanced protocol in network preferences. Hopefully it doesn't mess with the other controllers.
  10. Hi, Having an issue getting my CCR's to work in Pixel Editor. I tried sequences that I had done using the SE, and those work. The sequences I did in PE only light up the first few pixels, and they don't seem to be doing what they are supposed to. I tried a few different ways of setting up the props, here is what it is set to now. Only using the PE to do the sequence, although the arches are physically listed in the SE. That doesn't seem to bother the RGB ribbons or pixel tree though. 2 CCR's for 4 arches Set as RGB/Arch/1 section/25 nodes (half arch)/LOR/Regular network/0A unit/start 1 end 75 Set as RGB/Arch/1 section/25 nodes (half arch)/LOR/Regular network/0A unit/start 76 end 150 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  11. It was an MP3, and your suggestion fixed the problem. Thanks a lot, appreciate the help.
  12. Hi. I am pretty new to sequencing (last year was first). I just did the first pixel tree (1K pixels, 20 strands of 50). and am trying to use the LOR pixel editor. It seems that whenever I scroll around, the timings that I just set become out of sync with the audio. It is also not in sync with the sequence editor (The same audio that starts at 1:20 in the PE for example, starts at 1:22 in the sequence editor). Not sure if I am just missing something, or something is setup wrong. The audio timing grid appears to be correct, just not synced with playback. Using PE 4.1.2. Using a Win8 laptop AMD Athlon IIp340 dual core 2.2 GHz 4GB ram. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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