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  1. Rusty

    CF50D not playing in SE

    Figured it out. Won't work at 1000k.
  2. Rusty

    CF50D not playing in SE

    Pretty sure that's what I'm doing. I'm using the "Add a Light-O-Rama device(AC controller, Cosmic, Pixie, Pixcon, Flood, Etc)" tab. So it basically sets it up for me.
  3. I just received 4 - 50 watt floods and they won't play in sequence editor. These are the only props in the sequence. They work in HU. They are set up as dumb RGB running on enhanced network and "control lights" is checked. They have the latest firmware. Running S5.
  4. Rusty

    S5 Suggestion

    Basically anything with movement. That way you can easily and quickly pick an effect to run for however long you want it to at a certain speed. Take scanner for example. If you want it to run for 2 seconds it would scan pretty fast one time across your prop, but if you want it to run for 10 seconds it would scan slower one time to fit your selected duration. I hope that makes sense. Also, a plain old "ON" button with color selection would be nice too. I just downloaded S5 Beta today so maybe I just haven't figured out the "ON" part yet.
  5. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but I think a "Once_fit_to_duration" selection should be available for all motion effects that apply. Without having to manually adjust to the duration selected on the timing grid.
  6. I've had this problem before but can't remember how I fixed it. I'm running my show using the G3-MP3. I have two channels in the show that I need to stay on constantly but they blink between each sequence. It's not a huge problem it just bothers me. Ideas?
  7. Rusty

    G3-MP3 Issue

    Never mind. Figured it out.
  8. Rusty

    G3-MP3 Issue

    I've been using the g3-mp3 for five years with no problems. I know have a 15 second delay between sequences. Why?
  9. Rusty

    Pixcon16 Lights Staying On

    I got it working. Thanks.
  10. Rusty

    Pixcon16 Lights Staying On

    High speed fixed the lights staying on problem. Test pattern displayed correct colors. But, now when I play the sequence lights aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. Any info on this problem?
  11. I configured the Pixcon according to instructions. I hooked it up to J3 using the USB adapter so I have communication. I hooked up WS2811 pixels and when I plug in the controller the lights stay on white and I can't control the lights. Please help, this controller is difficult to work with.
  12. LOR PRO 4.3.14. I've been using LOR for 4 years so not a total newbie. Just new to pixels. Yes I'm running in enhanced mode. First of all I'm having problems with my Pixcon16 board but I'll deal with LOR about that. I built an outline of a tractor on cattle panel. This will be in a remote location so running it with a computer is not an option. I plan to run it with a G3-MP3. (Is this possible?) This is a pretty simple design. I'm using 12V Holiday Coro 2811 pixels. Channel counts are as follows. OP1 - 49 pixels, OP2 - 37 pixels, OP3 - 25 pixels, OP4 - 58 pixels, OP5 - 47pixels, OP6 - 36 pixels, OP7 - 47 pixels, OP8 - 35 pixels, OP9 - 50 pixels, OP10 through OP15 will be a matrix each string having 81 pixels. Total pixel count is 870. Once I get the board problem solved I just need to know how to set up channels, universes, etc. I would like to use LOR "NOT" E1.31. Can someone give me the pixels for dummies version on how to set this up?
  13. Will a Pixcon16 power a G3-MP3 or does the G3-MP3 need its own power supply?
  14. Rusty

    CMB24D problems

    I'll try that today. Thanks for help.
  15. Rusty

    CMB24D problems

    First year trying to use CMB24D with PS-LED-12V-200W power supply and (5) 10 watt RGB flood lights. I have advanced software and (7) CTB16PC's as well. CTB16PC's are addressed 1-7 and the CMB24D is addressed 9. All connections, DIP switches and LOR network jumpers are correct on the CMB24D. When using the HWU with the CMB24D plugged in by itself I can control the flood lights just fine. When I tie the CMB24D into my other controllers it makes the lights on one of the CTB16PC's flash randomly. When I put the CMB24D at the end of line it makes the lights on a different CTB16PC flash randomly. Also In the HWU when I refresh the list it will find 1,2,4,6,7 and 9. When I refresh it again it will find 2,3,5,7 and 9. It changes every time, but it never finds all of the controllers at the same time. If I take the CMB24D out of the system every thing works fine. Light o rama even sent me a new CMB24D but it acts the same. Hopefully I covered most of the obvious questions anyone might have to help solve this issue.