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  1. I've had this problem before but can't remember how I fixed it. I'm running my show using the G3-MP3. I have two channels in the show that I need to stay on constantly but they blink between each sequence. It's not a huge problem it just bothers me. Ideas?
  2. G3-MP3 Issue

    Never mind. Figured it out.
  3. G3-MP3 Issue

    I've been using the g3-mp3 for five years with no problems. I know have a 15 second delay between sequences. Why?
  4. Pixcon16 Lights Staying On

    I got it working. Thanks.
  5. Pixcon16 Lights Staying On

    High speed fixed the lights staying on problem. Test pattern displayed correct colors. But, now when I play the sequence lights aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. Any info on this problem?
  6. I configured the Pixcon according to instructions. I hooked it up to J3 using the USB adapter so I have communication. I hooked up WS2811 pixels and when I plug in the controller the lights stay on white and I can't control the lights. Please help, this controller is difficult to work with.
  7. PE / Pixcon Nightmare

    LOR PRO 4.3.14. I've been using LOR for 4 years so not a total newbie. Just new to pixels. Yes I'm running in enhanced mode. First of all I'm having problems with my Pixcon16 board but I'll deal with LOR about that. I built an outline of a tractor on cattle panel. This will be in a remote location so running it with a computer is not an option. I plan to run it with a G3-MP3. (Is this possible?) This is a pretty simple design. I'm using 12V Holiday Coro 2811 pixels. Channel counts are as follows. OP1 - 49 pixels, OP2 - 37 pixels, OP3 - 25 pixels, OP4 - 58 pixels, OP5 - 47pixels, OP6 - 36 pixels, OP7 - 47 pixels, OP8 - 35 pixels, OP9 - 50 pixels, OP10 through OP15 will be a matrix each string having 81 pixels. Total pixel count is 870. Once I get the board problem solved I just need to know how to set up channels, universes, etc. I would like to use LOR "NOT" E1.31. Can someone give me the pixels for dummies version on how to set this up?
  8. Will a Pixcon16 power a G3-MP3 or does the G3-MP3 need its own power supply?
  9. CMB24D problems

    I'll try that today. Thanks for help.
  10. CMB24D problems

    First year trying to use CMB24D with PS-LED-12V-200W power supply and (5) 10 watt RGB flood lights. I have advanced software and (7) CTB16PC's as well. CTB16PC's are addressed 1-7 and the CMB24D is addressed 9. All connections, DIP switches and LOR network jumpers are correct on the CMB24D. When using the HWU with the CMB24D plugged in by itself I can control the flood lights just fine. When I tie the CMB24D into my other controllers it makes the lights on one of the CTB16PC's flash randomly. When I put the CMB24D at the end of line it makes the lights on a different CTB16PC flash randomly. Also In the HWU when I refresh the list it will find 1,2,4,6,7 and 9. When I refresh it again it will find 2,3,5,7 and 9. It changes every time, but it never finds all of the controllers at the same time. If I take the CMB24D out of the system every thing works fine. Light o rama even sent me a new CMB24D but it acts the same. Hopefully I covered most of the obvious questions anyone might have to help solve this issue.