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  1. Pixcon16 design only for a smart ribbon. Dumb ribbon can go to cmb24d.
  2. I hope LOR will make a tutorial in youtube about Pixcon16. Yes it's hard for a newbie. without holidaycoro and John Storm youtube tutorials i might lost ! LOR think every body is smart. I am not an electrician either. Mmmmhhhh....?
  3. I used to turn the volume in the computer to 50%
  4. Hello, could you please share the sequence to me too please ? My email jolanda.a.harrison@gmail.com Thank you in advance !
  5. Yes i used dumb ribbons for the cmb24d. I upgraded my software to Pro. All the ribbon is on in hardware pixel console, but only work 16 channels (channel no.16 in red only) in hardware light control. Am i missed something ?
  6. Cheers Don ! All sorted as i put the wires in a wrong spot. yeah silly me :-) just to excited with the ccr :-)
  7. Hi Guys this is my first year use ccr with cmb24d, how you use the advanced software program for these ? I turned them on with a normal 16 channel residential software but the light doesn't work. is there any trick for a ccr in advanced program ? Yes the computer found cmb24d in the software. Please I need help before Christmas :-)
  8. I want to add quarted singing tree next year, question 1. where you guys bought here in australia? Btw i know the one in holiday Coro 2. I have no time to install bulbs in it, any where i can buy ready made ? Or can some one make it and i just pay whole a lot ?
  9. Hi guys ! New to lor i have 2 controllers. Question: why the lights at 1st control channel 1 and 2 is Keep on until end the sequences finished ? They not even blinks or flashing.
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