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  1. Sequence / Tip Sharing Web Site

    First things first, in case I forgot to thank someone out there, thank you very much for the help in trouble shooting and sequencing that you have shared with me in the past. You have no ideal how much it has heled me with my display. Heck if it weren't for you guy's I'd be starring at 30,000 lights blinking to jingle bells from a controller I bought at Home Depot. Also a big thanks to all of you that helped but didn't know that you have. Many of my questions have been solved just by reading the hundreds of posts on this forum that many of you vets. of this ( crazy, sickness, obsession, insanity ) hobby have commented on. I still consider myself very new to this ( insert word ) hobby and just when I think I'm getting a handle on it, and I have my display set up the way I want, I go do something crazy and double the size of my current display ( thanks Old Sarge )lol. On top of that I have this new fascination with RGB ( which in turn, will bring out a whole new set of questions ). Oh course this led to a license upgrade to pro and the activation of Super Star ( when will it end ). I know this was a little long winded but I just wanted to let you guy's know how much your appreciated and thanks again for all your help. You guy's are the BEST. P.S. Is there a Super Star manual for dummies out there, can't seem to grasp the connection between SE and SS.
  2. Motorized displays

    After looking at the video, kind of looks like it's turning at about 4 to 5 RPM. Nice speed I think I'll go with that.
  3. Motorized displays

    Your probably right Jim 25 RPM seems a little fast. I'll have to do some more research on what everyone else is doing for speed. That being said these slip rings should hold up to the lower RPM speeds. If they do I will be putting one on every seat so I can power up an inflatable. I got a really good deal on 16 - 3' minions ($5.00/each) after Christmas and I would like to put one in every seat.
  4. Motorized displays

    Hi Jeffery I am also looking to add a Ferris wheel to my display this year. I looked at many different options as to how I was going to light it and came with using a 3 wire slip ring to get 120V power to the inside of the wheel. I found these 3 wire 30A slip rings on E Bay for $21.84 http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEW-3-Wires-30A-250Rpm-600-VDC-VAC-Wind-Generator-Slip-Ring-Wind-Turbine-/321492537873?rmvSB=true and purchased 2 of them(1 for back up) and after testing found that they work great. I am going to use a CMB-24D dumb RGB controller and ELL mounted to the inside of the Ferris wheel to control the lights. Only because this will be located to far away from the nearest controller to daisy chain. There is another web site that has multiple styles of slips rings (ie. data network slip rings, just about any wire config. you could need) for a very reasonable price. Most of them are under $100.00 dollars. For the length of time that this will be running I'm hoping these slip rings will hold up (got spare just in case) as the commercial ones are quite expensive. They use these ones on windmills at 250 rpm so I think they should hold up on a Ferris wheel at 25 RPM. Will keep you all posted as to how they work.
  5. New to Dumb RGB World

    I went with the easy light linkers for a couple of reasons, 1. My entire display is 100% LOR hardware and they were plug an play. 2. I'm still a newbie in this crazy addiction and I'm trying to learn all the lingo and different options available. I think for now I'll just stay old school and try to keep it simple until I can wrap my head around all this tech. stuff. If you could send me a link or some info on this ESP8366 system I'd like to have a look at it. It never hurts to look at different options.
  6. New to Dumb RGB World

    Yes I agree, smart pixels are very cool and some of the members here have created some amazing displays. I have viewed many videos from forum members and on You tube and I appreciate all the hard work and time spent sitting in from of a computer programming these amazing displays. As for myself I live on a farm along the highway with multiple out buildings that are spread out over a couple of acres. For this reason use of a lot of ELL's to connect my display (7 in total). My longest run between controllers is approx. 400 feet and if I were to hard wire between controllers I would need about 3000' of cat 5 cable ( not to mention my wife would probably not go for me ripping up the whole farm yard to run the cable lol). From what I've read on this forum ELL's and Pixels aren't a good match, the dumb RBG strips give me an opportunity to add another interesting element to my display. If I were only doing the front yard with a couple of props then I think I would consider going the pixel route for sure. I've put in a couple pictures of what I've set up for my 2016 show, Oh by the way I'm the guy that bought Old Sarges display so I'll be adding it to my set up for 2017 ( I think I'll probably have to start setting up some time in September . P.S. I'm rebuilding the Mega Tree this year, going 50' all Blue. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xta11ksqgtlss6v/AAAafwkHzKSTUVVjugtcp43sa?dl=0
  7. New to Dumb RGB World

    Thanks for the info folks, and thanks jerry72 I believe that was the answer I was looking for. So it would be possible to run 150' to 200' of dumb RGB strips on one channel as long as you use a amplifier and power supply every say 32' to 50'. These are the ones I bought on Amazon.
  8. New to Dumb RGB World

    I am wanting to add dumb RGB ribbons to my light display this year and I was wondering if there was a limit to the length of dumb RGB ribbons that I could have on a single channel on the CMB-24D deluxe card if I'm power injecting? ie. If I want to do a 100' run of dumb RGB ribbon on a single channel and I use a RGB amplifier with a 200 watt power supply every 32' is this possible? From what I'm understanding after reading multiple subjects on power injecting that if I use the additional RGB amplifier with a 200 watt power supply they will supply the power require to run the lights and the controller card basically transfers the data information? Is this correct or did I miss the boat completely? Also if this is the case would I be able to do this with the remaining channels? Advice and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  9. What did you MAD GRAB?

    First time I got everything I wanted (oh joy) 2- CMB24D boards, 1- set of Easy Light Linkers, 2- rolls of White STP1 wire, 4- packs of White Male plugs. Everything should fit in well with my display expansion this year.
  10. selling out

    Hi Chuck, I hope all is well with you and your wife. I'm glad I finally got to meet the man behind the name. Yes your right, I'm going to have quite the display to set up this year, they should be able to see it from the international space station lol. I consider myself quite fortunate to have such a large canvas to with. The 3 acre building site with numerous out building on the farm gives me an opportunity to experiment with many different types of layouts. With your entire display added to mine it will put me close to 200 channels with approx. 75,000 lights that is assuming that I have time to get it all set up. And if I run out of room there's always the other 70 acres I can play with lol. I'm also looking forward to being able to spend a little more time in your area the next time I come down. You never know one day this summer I might get bored and I'll just hop on my motorcycle and go for a ride. Don't be shocked if I knock on your door one day soon. You just never know where I'll end up when I go on walk about (quote from the movie Croc. Dundee) lol. Anyway say hi to your lovely wife and stay well my friend. Until we meet again. Guy P.S. I think I have a severe class of C.L.A.P. I also hope they find a cure soon or I'm going to have to come out of retirement to find a job to pay for all this fun ( the very thought of getting a job makes me ill) lol.
  11. Starting over again...using LEDs. Tips?

    I think the difference being as in my case if your running 30,000+ lights, LED's it make a huge impact on your power bill. At .14/KWH could be $3000.00 or $300.00 for the month. Just saying
  12. selling out

    I have to pick up a friend in Phoenix and drive her back home at the beginning of March so I'll be in the neighbourhood (just a 6 hour detour but still on route back home). I drove her down on January 4th. and flew home so I got to fly down in March to drive her back. Like I said before driving is not a problem for me LOL.
  13. I don't want to open up a big debate on this subject as I find this just a personal opinion but I use a presentation type projector instead of a home theater type. Currently using a Epson EX7210 Class digital projector Recommended Use presentation and multimedia Type LCD projector Portability portable Min Image Size 33 in Max Image Size 318 in Color Support 16.7 million colors Max Resolution (Resized)1400 x 1050 Native Resolution 1280 x 800 Display Resolution AbbreviationWXGA High Definition Native Aspect Ratio16:10 Brightness2800 Brightness (Color )2800 Contrast Ratio 3000:1 Min Screen Distance3 ft Max Screen Distance30 ft Throw Ratio 1.30 - 1.56:1 Digital Zoom Factor 1.2x Display Format 1,024,000 pixels (1,280 x 800) x 3 Projector Features EPSON 3LCD technology
  14. selling out

    Hi Sarge, As with everyone else here I too am sorry to see you go dark. but on the up side I may be interested in your set up. Send me an e-mail and we can set up a time for a phone chat. hills1981@cciwireless.ca P.S. E-mail me your phone number and I'll give you a call.
  15. Sweet Child O Mine

    James if this is still available I would love a copy as well. Thanks, your the man hills1981@cciwireless.ca