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  1. You should check out Holidaycoro.com Look into going with RGB Much cheaper overall and a much better show You can start with RGB "dumb" lights for ease in programing - - you can program right through LOR S3 gives you much better control of colors plus you will use like 1/10th of the power draw I am going to convert my entire show and sell all my LOR controllers
  2. Check this how to video - - great idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHFG_AoZmtk
  3. I would ask Mike at Wowlights.com
  4. This will solve your problem they talk about it at about the 8:00 mark or so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgy300X1dHU&feature=youtu.be
  5. you can go to hardware and then on the top click lormp3 tab on the left towards the bottom there is an option to run only once
  6. DANG I forgot to mention Open your show editor make sure the little box is checked that says turn used lights off at end of sequence bet that's your issue
  7. check your programming - make sure those cannels are not still programmed to be on
  8. Hey Max What part of STL you in ?? I just moved from right over the river Just wondering
  9. Run the hardware utility and them click the top left " set up com port" - - the system should find a port for you After that has been done - Click on "refresh" under > unit to configure< Make sure you change the "max ID unit" to the amount of controllers you are using otherwise it will search for an hour looking for controllers that aint there If you are using 1 controller than after the search is done it should show 1 controller found ( etc etc 2 controllers / 3 controllers ) if this goes well then to the right of the refresh button there is a dropdown tab select one of your found controllers and in the light mode box, click " on at 100%" all lights connected to that bnox should light up Feel free to email me if you need more help klenart@twc.com if need be I can call you if you email me your number Don't worry - - Been there done that and I know how fustrating it is It is most likely a simple fix Kenny
  10. Most likely a fuse problem MAKE SURE you unplug the controller before grabbing the fuse >>> taking from experience - LOL <<<
  11. Good luck my friend This LOR stuff is more addicting than cocaine I started with two controllers - up to 12 now and planning on adding 5 more for next year plus converting a few channels to RGB for my first RGB experience LOR needs to offer their own credit card - LOL if you need any sequencing or if anybody has any to offer - email me at klenart@twc.com
  12. Swap out your cat5 cables one at a time I had the same issues this year some lights would stay on and others where way off time I use 12 LOR boxes and the very last cat5 was causing the 4th and 7th boxes to go crazy Good luck
  13. Try replacing your cat5 cables one at a time I had the same issue this year I run 12 LOR boxes and the very last cat5 cable was causing the other boxes before it to act screwy some lights would not turn off - timing was off Good luck
  14. Another Question I am just starting to look into slowly converting to RGB When the LOR DC box says 8 channels, does each RGB ribbon (dumb) use 1 channel or 4
  15. Hey Ron Can you save me some time I looked at your website How do you keep the RGB strips facing the viewers on your mega tree are those dumb strips ?
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