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  1. so my guess is the old will eventually have to be replaced entirely with the new. Lovely. That was my fear. Thanks.
  2. So are the new CCP controllers 12V?
  3. Between the old 50 count Cosmic Color pixels to the new 100 count pixels, are they both 12V or is the old 5v and the new 12v?
  4. I'm had a local guy reach out and ask me if someone could sequence a matrix grid 25 x 24 for this guy's Christmas display. It involves adding a video for one whole sequence and then adding effects for the matrix to existing sequences he's bought from LOR. Anyone interested please let me know. he'd like it sooner rather than later.
  5. Colorfill not working

    Sad I didn't get a response but I figured it out. You first have to pick a color and apply it to the Prop on the Grid. Once there you can double click a cell and then change out the color.
  6. I see in the instructions Matt provided this summer in Expo for changing RGB colors. It says double click on COLOR from the tool bar. If I try to double click on the New Effect Color option on the tool bar it only allows a single click and opens the color selection boxes. I wanted to use Colorfil and when I click on it to change a color for an RGB device nothing happens. What am I missing?
  7. ok, i'm trying to create a prop for the 2 strings (50 ct) and draw it. Have a question over how to set up this prop. Do I set up a separate unit ID for each string as that's not how I've used these in the past just using S4. I've never done this in the pixel editor and I'm trying to figure out if I create one long unit using 100 ct pixels with the LOR ID, or set up a separate unit ID for each string. What does anyone recommend?
  8. Spiral Trees - how to?

    JR - THanks for the note - so can those be imported or changed to props that would work in S5?
  9. playing with S5. Never did anything previously where I had pixel editor so need input. I wrap small trees spirally from the bottom up with pixels. How can I create such an item in the Props? The trees that are there are for vertical strings. Trying to custom draw it is impossible given there are some pixels on the back etc.
  10. Does anyone know a good glue that will stick to the back of CCRs or the Dumb pixel strip? I'm trying to glue this to some PVC and nothing seems to be holding it. Gorilla Glue, Plastic based Glue, Loctite Super Glue.... none have worked.