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  1. Archer, Thanks for the offer, but I must step away from any purchase at this time. If my situation changes, I will get back in touch with you. -Dan
  2. So there's room to negotiate! Were these LOR or kit built? I looked at your 2017 videos and they look like they do the job. I've got to get the spouse on board with the idea and then I'll get back in touch with you. Thanks again for offering these up and the quick reply. -Dan
  3. Archer, I might be interested in one or two. I am not located too far from you. Would you be open to a face-to-face sale? I might pick your brain as well. Thanks for the offer.
  4. James or anyone else, I could use some TSO! (I'm only working with 16 channels if that effects what you send). TIA. boxcab@yahoo.com
  5. Boxcab

    LED light failure

    Thanks for the help. Mine were blue lights I bought last year, so no chance to return. LED Keeper it is.
  6. Thanks Jim.... It was the controller numbering. Seems to be running well now. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Been running an animation show for over a year now and all is fine. I just tried a musical sequence and I'm having problems. Everything looks good in sequencer, but after I put it into a show and then schedule the show, no lights. Music plays, the scheduler looks to be running fine command wise, just no light activity. I put the animation sequence back in and all runs just fine. What am I missing?
  8. Boxcab

    LED light failure

    Brand new string of LED mini lights with one section of 10 or so lights that are out. What's the best way to resolve the problem? I'm new to the LED world.... Thanks ahead of time for the guidance.
  9. Boxcab

    Timing Wizards?

    May need to upgrade myself.
  10. Boxcab

    Timing Wizards?

    Thanks for the input. I watched the How to Videos last night and was surprised that the wizards could not be used when I tried. The videos were mute to that fact.
  11. Boxcab

    Timing Wizards?

    With the basic software set it appears the various timing wizards are not enabled. Are these useful? What do you use if not the Wizards? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Premier. BTW I have family in Florence, if you have your lights up, I'll tell them to drive by some time. I think this forum has PM capabilities, send me the details!
  13. Thanks for the input. I'm starting out and not looking to coordinate with music just yet. Just some experimenting with the lights to see what "looks good". Is anyone else not using music? Just running different (neat looking) light sequences?
  14. New guy starting to learn to the software. Is there any summary lessons learned? Looking for best perceived fade in/out speeds, how long to keep a section lit for a good leaping arc presentation, etc. I know you all have develop some standards, where can I find them? Thanks in advance. -Dan
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