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  1. Oh man - NEVERMIND! This will show everyone how taking a year off will mess with everything. I just realized I already had this answered several years ago, thanks to Dennis... I even went 3 pages deep in this very forum and found my own answers. That's what several cars in the street WATCHING you run back and forth from controller 1 to your laptop to frantically try to get the show to run perfectly will do. (huge sigh) I will humbly crawl off and berate myself in the corner for wasting everyone's time - DOH! p.s. if you're a newbie... make SURE your mp3 files are at 128 bits/second ... anything higher (like 320) and the LOR controllers can't read them.
  2. HELP! Season just started and I have ONE song that for some unknown reason won't run on the SD card. A little help from the community is greatly appreciated to get me un-stuck. Here are the facts: 1. running LOR 2.8.12 2. all sequences have the "lock" symbol next to them 3. ALL other sequences run perfectly FINE on the SD card during the show 4. the ONE song (Straight No Chaser's "12 Days") won't after multiple tries 4a. I have re-set the audio file AND re-exported as an MP3 in Audacity 4b. I have re-set the main channel configuration to the exact same as every other sequence 4c. I have re-saved the sequence multiple times ... to no avail 5. the sequence WILL play via the sequence editor PERFECTLY FINE... just not on the SD card either alone as a single-song show OR with the other sequences Totally frustrating. I'm sure there are other data points y'all need... happy to answer as I can. THANKS!! Show is running fine w/o the song... just sad as it's one of the kids' (and neighborhood's) favourites. (sigh) - JM
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