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  1. Does anyone have the song Imagine synchronized? If so, I would love a copy. Hope4iahawks@gmail.com
  2. Were you able to find one? I would love a copy if so. hope4iahawks@gmail.com Thanks
  3. I have been look for a good version of this song and would love if someone could send it to me. hope4iahawks@gmail.com Thanks
  4. I would love a copy of all 3 as well. hope4iahawks@gmail.com
  5. Were you able to find A Million Dreams? If so I'd love a copy. Hope4iahawks@gmail.com
  6. I'm looking for A Million Dreams. If anyone has it done I would love a copy. hope4iahawks@gmail.com Thanks
  7. Would love if i could get a copy please! hope4iahawks@gmail.com thanks for always doing an amazing job and sharing!
  8. Unfortunately we couldn't by the material with 25(24×17), definitely would've been a lot easier.
  9. I did try advanced shape, but it stated that there were channel conflicts. My husband set this up as he is the outside designer, I do all the synchronizing. The rows are vertical, first row starts top left(17 pixels), 2nd row starts bottom and goes up(17 pixels), 3rd row starts top but skips one hole and goes all the way to the bottom(16 pixels) and then the pattern repeats. Originally, when he set this up it was opposite and the empty spot would've been on the bottom but he contacted LOR who instructed him to flip it. I am at the point right now that I am open to any suggestions, including ripping every light out and redoing it so it works. The white netting is 24W×17H
  10. I have searched in multiple forums on how to set up my 2 unit pixie 2's and have tried multiple different recommendations, but they still aren't working correctly. I have attached a picture of the display because it's difficult to explain. I have S5, set up prop as Matrix-Vertical-Rectangle, 4 strings-100 nodes(8 strings of 50) -5 folds- starting location top left. Unit ID 14, 15, 16, 17 with all circuits 1-300. My issue is that all the rows don't have the same amount of pixels in them. The first two rows have 17, the next row has 16, then 2 rows of 17, then one of 16, and this pattern repeats for a total of 24 rows. Can someone please tell me how to set this up so that you can actually tell what patterns and text I am trying to sync?? Thanks
  11. Anyone willing to share a million little things and/or Greatest show? I have some of Greatest show synchronized from last year but this year purchased pixels. Unfortunately, I'm struggling to figure out how to use the pixels hope4iahawks@gmail.com Thanks
  12. Yes, we have had multiple issues. Just had 8 more strings sent out to us today. It is always the same box that we are having the issue with 83 out of 100 on port 1 and 23 out of 100 on port 2. This is the 2nd time, same box. I have a feeling it's the box and not necessarily the lights.
  13. Would love a copy of this!!! Hope4iahawks@gmail.com Thanks
  14. My grandkids love this song. Could I please get a copy? Hope4iahawks@gmail.com Thanks!
  15. No problem and yes I got your sequence. Thanks
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