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  1. Would love a copy of this!!! Hope4iahawks@gmail.com Thanks
  2. My grandkids love this song. Could I please get a copy? Hope4iahawks@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. No problem and yes I got your sequence. Thanks
  4. One of them was a new sequence that I did. I don't see a .bak file for that one
  5. Did you find anyone with this sequence?
  6. Did you find anyone that has this sequenced in S4 or older? If you did I would love a copy hope4iahawks@gmail.com
  7. Is this possible?? I downloaded S5 and updated and added to my previous sequences. When I couldn't get S5 show to run I converted back to S4 but now have updated sequences I can't open. Anyone aware of a way to convert them so I can open and run them in S4??
  8. Well Hallelujah!!! We have it figured out! All is well with the world again and working. 2 chewed up cables and 2 CMB24's set on the same unit ID. Thanks again for all your help
  9. Right by my desktop, I have Netgear wireless USB adapter in order to have internet where the desktop is located. I unplugged the adapter and reran HU and no ELL was noted. I was able to detect a couple more controllers and only ones that were named and had the correct firmware, so I guess that is a step in the right direction. Plan is to go out and check all the controllers tomorrow. Is there somewhere that I can turn on ELL, so that my wireless adapter doesn't cause interference? If not, I can just unplug it if I don't need it. Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it!! It makes a HUGE difference when I can troubleshoot at the same time. Hoping that we get it all figured out tomorrow. Hope
  10. I don't even know what an ELL is. I just realized that after I updated the software it appeared. The plan is to retest all the cords tomorrow and start at the end and work my way towards the house.
  11. I have tested all the cables and they are good. The only thing I haven't done from all of my emails with help desk is move some of the controllers to AUX network. Furthest controller away from the house is 20-30 yds and any that are closer together are probably 5 yds apart(just estimating). They really are spread pretty evenly throughout the yard. Originally, I was unable to reach a few controllers and had to connect 3 together and they were fine, but otherwise have tested them all individually. Every time I run HU, even if it identifies 22 controllers, it will always detect 1,2(CTB16's) and 8,9(CMB24's) with the correct firmware version. All of the other controllers detected either have the wrong controller or firmware has ???. Ready through all of the support information and the only thing that I have noticed different is the port I have is Comm 3, instead of Com 3 and when I run HU there is a little icon that flashes now at the bottom between firmware and lights off that has ELL on it- not sure if this even makes a difference
  12. Computer is 3 pronged and plugged into good outlet. Can't answer if he tested all the outlets outside but I would assume yes. No strange flickering inside the house.
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