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  1. This is our house in Seattle in the news. I'm just hardware support, my 14 year old autistic stepson does all the programming. We had 16 channels last year in Phoenix. Moved to Seattle in August, new house, added another 16 channels for 32 total. Dean ------------------------ Teen with autism the brains behind Christmas light show A 14-year-old Seattle boy is the brains behind an elaborate Christmas light show in the Green Lake neighborhood. Check out this story on KING5.com: http://www.king5.com/story/news/local/seattle/2015/12/19/autism-seattle-teen-christmas-lights/77615698/
  2. I put video of all 4 sequences he's done here: http://autistic-lights.com/categories.php?cat_id=1 Dean
  3. I bought a domain and installed an image sharing app on it so we can upload shows without the big sites wanting to take them down because of the music. It is out of the box with nothing but the Let It Go video there now. Anyway, go to www.autistic-lights.com and you should be able to see the video without a problem. I will add the other videos I've taken of his shows over the next day or two. Dean http://www.autistic-lights.com
  4. We asked him about the visualizer last night and he wanted to wait on it. He played around with it at first and said it is easier for him to see it in his mind and the visualizer was a bit much. He explained that he thinks about stuff visually. He did see some things he could improve with the sequences he has already done after seeing them run live on the house. Dean PS: Here is Let It Go, it should be accessible with or without a Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10205211238184182&set=vb.1342760037&type=2&theater
  5. Here is a link to Wizards In Winter video that he programmed over the last couple of days. Not sure if this will work, haven't played around with my web site hosting stuff in a while: http://becca.kerl.com/2014-12-01%20-%20Wizards%20In%20Winter.mp4 Dean
  6. I will show him all of your comments, thanks! I would like to get some input. He is doing the sequences without the visualizer. I know we all process and learn things differently, especially with autism. Does everyone after some experience use the visualizer or is it something that is a personal preference? I couldn't imagine doing sequences myself without it, but I don't want to push him to use something if it may not really help his producitivity. I got it working on a second computer, so technically it won't be a problem setting it up for him. Dean
  7. Our 13 year old is autistic and into weather, 4th of July, and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. We bought a 16 channel controller and he decorated the house mostly by himself. This is a sample of his first sequence to Carol of the Bells. He finished doing Let It Go, but I haven't had a chance to take video yet. I had fun showing him how to make extension cords using SPT-2. I added a couple of 20 amp circuits to our panel and will be running conduit to the other side of the house soon to add another controller or 6. Set up the FM transmitter last night as well, bought it off of Amazon per the recommendations here. Thinking some single channel RGB light strings will be next so we can keep the lights up for all the holidays. Anyway, here is his first effort: http://youtu.be/yIsDshozgEE Dean
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