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  1. I'd love the singing Christmas tree prop file as well!
  2. Can I have a copy as well? shaggyl@verizon.net
  3. I had a similar problem - imported configuration, ran fine in sequencer animation, all other sequences worked with lights, but one was doing strange things on one controller. Turns out there were multiple tracks in the sequence file and that was screwing up the whole sequence. Once I got it down to the main track, all worked great!
  4. After I loaded it, I pressed reset, but that didn't seem to make a difference in reading the card.
  5. Ok, the problem seems to be solved. After stopping using the Simple Show Builder, I reformatted and started using the hardware utility. Still happened. I tried reloading the show and ended up with 2 shows on the card. I then went to firmare updates. I ensured that the CTB-16D Blue Board firmware was up to date and tried to go to v3 on the MP3 firmware. It wouldn't read the card (even after a reformat) so I rolled back to v2. Ensured that only one show was on the card and PRESTO - it only runs during the scheduled time. Not sure which step did it, but hey, it works, so I'm not touching it again - until I start to set up next year's show. Jeff:)
  6. Mine is still doing it even after reformatting the card to ensure there was nothing else on it. It does occur even with the hardware utility. Also, I tried to upgrade the MP3 firmware to v3 and then it wouldn't even read the SD card - it gave the fast blinking "E" light, so I reverted to v2. It then read the card fine, but once again, it turned on in the middle of the night. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jeff
  7. Hi all, I have searched the forums with no success. I have the 16Channel 1602 controller with the DC-MP3 card installed. My sequences run flawlessly, starting on time (5pm) and stop right on schedule (either 930 pm or 1030 pm depending upon the day). Then, at some point in the night, the show will start running again. It's quite annoying and I have yet to find a solution. I have reloaded the sequences twice, used both the Simple Show Builder and the Controller to build the show, no change. I do have X-10 compatible lights in the house (to turn off the trees in my sons' rooms. Could that somehow be restarting the show when I hit the "All Off" on the control panel? Any help is greatly appreciated. Videos of my show ( I have loaded 3 songs so far, more soon): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSBdVCZEPUo Jeff:?
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