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  1. MetalMatrix

    Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    Thanks Will do,
  2. MetalMatrix

    Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    After Reading this whole post, I have a few questions regarding the controllers, I noticed that Colorlight card is talked about but I was wonder if you can do animation Graphics or is it specifically use for Video control and can you hook directly to your computer to control the ColorLight? Also I understand from all the chat the difference between BBB and Pi but still not sure which one is the best. Just to give you and Idea I am looking at going to use a 32 panel and then 4 panels for a light pole text message. So I am not sure if it is cheaper to purchase the kit or just P10 or P5 panels then the other controllers. Would someone be willing to have a chat with me over the phone to help me get a clearer picture? Thanks
  3. MetalMatrix

    LOR equipment to Canada

    If I correct the S/H includes the brokerage fee but one thing to remember is when its ships that you if you insure it for the cost of the item you may end up paying more as you will have to pay the PST/GST on the insured value. It might be cheaper to have someone who lives close to the border to pick it up for you and then ship it from their location. One good thing about this is if its not too pricy you may not have to pay PST/GST when crossing the boarder. No guarantee on that as it is up to each guard as I ended up not having to pay for two controllers. The first one I had shipped to me in Canada and it was $60 to ship to me in Canada vs $25 to the Box number across the boarder.
  4. MetalMatrix

    Which Is Better

    I am looking at getting E17 sockets type LED's and wondering which is better SMD or 5 LED types. Thanks
  5. MetalMatrix

    Pixel Matrix Questions

    So I have decided to order the P10 panels but before I do was wondering if anyone in the Lower Mainland area of BC or even close to the boarder want to tag onto my order to share the shipping cost. Let me know. Thanks
  6. MetalMatrix

    Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    Yes it happen in my area as I kept adding lights to my house my neighbors stepped up with their lights however they admit they can not keep up...
  7. MetalMatrix

    This is for all ACDC Fans

    It might be too late for me to add it but can I get a copy darkpato@telus.net Thanks
  8. MetalMatrix

    Celtic Carol - Lindsey Stirling

    Hello, May I get a copy also darkpato@telus.net Thanks
  9. MetalMatrix

    Who wants a free sequence?

    Hello may I have a copy, darkpato@telus.net Thanks
  10. MetalMatrix

    light of christmas

    May I have a copy too. darkpato@telus.net Thanks in advance.
  11. MetalMatrix

    SuperStar Pointing to wrong directory

    HI Brian, What I did was update to S5 and thought at the time I could keep S4 also so I pointed installed S5 into a separate folder within the Light o Rama main folder. Of course I found out it removes S4 and you can only use S5 so after awhile trying out S5 I need to revert back to S4 due to time constraints learning a new system. So I uninstalled S5 and cleaned up everything an then installed the latest version of S4 however it seems there was issues with location directories. Anyways I will try your suggestions to see if this works however I have it working fine for now. Thanks for your suggestions
  12. MetalMatrix

    Looking for snoopy vs the red baron

    Hello James, I started working on mine not finished yet so wondering if I could get a copy Thanks Darkpato@telus.net
  13. MetalMatrix

    disney world of color

    WoW that was great if you can share your work darkpato@telus.net. Thanks.
  14. In S4 the SS is pointing to the wrong directory for instance sequencing and I not sure how to change the directory so that when it is looking for the instance sequence files when I performs the Instant rendering. The only why I got to work was to move the .scb files to that location.
  15. MetalMatrix


    How does your floods look in the SS as I have 2 DMX lights that are 7 channels and I can not figure out how to get the SS put in 7 channels. Thanks