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  1. I Have a few 32 channel sequences that I have adapted to my system. darkpato@telus.net
  2. Roxxxtar, I not sure but were is the original motor located, I am assuming its located at the center either on the left or right side of the wheel also did you already taken it apart ? The reason I am asking is from my research the motor is using a belt system that stretches which then will not turn the wheel. If it is the motor all you need to do is look at its motor and find one that has the same shaft, voltage, revolution, and size.
  3. Pixel Matrix Questions

    So Dibblejr, would you recommend then 50s instead of 100s for versatility or are the LOR 100's 2 50's together as IC they do not sell single 100 pixels strings. I was thinking since my window is 82 1/2 inches by 52 3/4 that I was thinking 80 X 50 eventually with 1 inch spacing. But that would be for the future and if I decided to go with the matrix that Caniac has then I switch those pixels to a tree or even arches. Yes with my research I was aware of the possible color variations with different MFC strings I just want to make sure if I go LOR that I have other options later on.
  4. Pixel Matrix Questions

    Sorry guys this may have been answered in the Forums but could not find it and I want to make sure before jumping into pixels, strips extra that I get all the facts straight. Now I know the Pixcon16 will control any RGB strings and that the advantage is that it is setup to use LOR protocol. My question is if I buy the pixels from LOR can you connect non LOR pixels to the LOR pixel string. Also I am looking at getting the 100 pixel string but from your experience would it be better for 50 pixels string and if I need 100 to connect two 50's. What I am planning is making a matrix with the 100's for now and when I have figured out using the other suggested option is to switch the pixels to a tree next Christmas. Thanks (And Now I really got the bug)
  5. RJ45 to DMX cabling

    Hello K6ccc, Yep its a 3 pin XLR so I am assuming that the pixcon16 would be okay to connect this too since it comes with 4 E1.31 to DMX Bridge Port.
  6. RJ45 to DMX cabling

    This is great and what I am looking for now is it LOR protocol or E1.31?
  7. RJ45 to DMX cabling

    Hello, This year I purchased two led lights from a auction which are from a professional lighting company that went bankrupt. Since the lights only have DMX connectors I was wondering were If I go E1.31 protocol what can I use to connect the RJ45 cable and switch it up to DMX connectors. I see there is https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/For-Vixen-E1-31-sACN-to-DMX-Interface-Bridge-4-DMX512-Universes-output-perfect-replace-USB/1037515_32588441791.html but I only need on universe since I only have two sets of lights and can dasy chain them or can I just use this http://www.elationlighting.com/3pin-rj45-dmx-adapter. I know LOR sells one but its way to expensive for just two sets of lights. Thanks
  8. Pixel Matrix Questions

    If I decided to go for one of these packages should I go for 12v or 5v? I am assuming 12v would be better bet. http://store.lightorama.com/plpipade.html
  9. Newb to LOR, can I use lights I already have?

    All my lights I use on the LOR controller are Big box LED since I am in Canada the best I found for quality was Canadian Tire but as with the rest there C9s are starting to show poor quality in the fact that the bulbs falling off. The best part is they have a 5 year warranty were most are 3 years. If you look at my shows on YouTube you can see they dim with no issues. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpGRSY4QUOQSPXVCJX7LE9Q
  10. Pixel Matrix Questions

    Thanks Got them. Looks great, I may have further questions later when I have completed my research. I spent most of the day trying to understand the system.
  11. Pixel Matrix Questions

    you can send them to darkpato@telus.net, I also wonder how you have the matrix playing with you LOR's if its possible you might be able to discuss that to give me a idea how it is sequence to your show. Thanks
  12. Pixel Matrix Questions

    Caniac I also can not see them it says "Pleas update your account to enable 3rd party hosting"
  13. Pixel Matrix Questions

    LOL Caniac, No you got me thinking which at this time is a bad thing as time is short. I like options and challenges in learning new things. I will have lot more questions for you as I move forward since I do like the P10 Panels and looked at them last year as an option. The one question I want to get a bit clearer and you may have said it but want to make sure. You stated "You can use your computer to run the Show" so does that mean I do not need a Raspberry Pi to run the matrix? However going forward being the Raspberry Pi are relatively cheep and I wanted to look at getting into learning the system. Which RP should I purchase, I was think the RP V3 model b which is the newest and is very versatile but I am assuming I could use the Raspberry PI V2 Model b. Thanks again.
  14. Pixel Matrix Questions

    Caniac Okay at first I was going to ask you is you meant that FalconPlayer was the Falcon Board but after some research I now getting a clearer picture. So my question is can I use my computer to run the system or do I have to use a Raspberry Pi. Also can I communicate to the panels using E1.31 protocol. WOW 50,000 pixels that is a lot to se up. I am also assuming that I can communicate using my computer using E1.31 using the Falcon Board. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Pixel Matrix Questions

    Caniac I was looking at those but was not sure how you communicate to them and how you can connect them together. Would you have a picture how it looks in your set up, how you put them together, how many PS you need and finally which program you used. This will give me some ideas going forward.