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  1. Celtic Carol - Lindsey Stirling

    Hello, May I get a copy also darkpato@telus.net Thanks
  2. Who wants a free sequence?

    Hello may I have a copy, darkpato@telus.net Thanks
  3. light of christmas

    May I have a copy too. darkpato@telus.net Thanks in advance.
  4. SuperStar Pointing to wrong directory

    HI Brian, What I did was update to S5 and thought at the time I could keep S4 also so I pointed installed S5 into a separate folder within the Light o Rama main folder. Of course I found out it removes S4 and you can only use S5 so after awhile trying out S5 I need to revert back to S4 due to time constraints learning a new system. So I uninstalled S5 and cleaned up everything an then installed the latest version of S4 however it seems there was issues with location directories. Anyways I will try your suggestions to see if this works however I have it working fine for now. Thanks for your suggestions
  5. Looking for snoopy vs the red baron

    Hello James, I started working on mine not finished yet so wondering if I could get a copy Thanks Darkpato@telus.net
  6. disney world of color

    WoW that was great if you can share your work darkpato@telus.net. Thanks.
  7. In S4 the SS is pointing to the wrong directory for instance sequencing and I not sure how to change the directory so that when it is looking for the instance sequence files when I performs the Instant rendering. The only why I got to work was to move the .scb files to that location.

    How does your floods look in the SS as I have 2 DMX lights that are 7 channels and I can not figure out how to get the SS put in 7 channels. Thanks
  9. Preview Design Help S5

    I want to put in my preview two DMX lights which are LED's and each light is typical DMX universe, the problem I am having is putting them into my preview design. I am having an issue of assigning each light 7 channels as a flood on the preview for SS5. Can someone please explained to me how it is done? Thanks
  10. I Have a few 32 channel sequences that I have adapted to my system. darkpato@telus.net
  11. Roxxxtar, I not sure but were is the original motor located, I am assuming its located at the center either on the left or right side of the wheel also did you already taken it apart ? The reason I am asking is from my research the motor is using a belt system that stretches which then will not turn the wheel. If it is the motor all you need to do is look at its motor and find one that has the same shaft, voltage, revolution, and size.
  12. Pixel Matrix Questions

    So Dibblejr, would you recommend then 50s instead of 100s for versatility or are the LOR 100's 2 50's together as IC they do not sell single 100 pixels strings. I was thinking since my window is 82 1/2 inches by 52 3/4 that I was thinking 80 X 50 eventually with 1 inch spacing. But that would be for the future and if I decided to go with the matrix that Caniac has then I switch those pixels to a tree or even arches. Yes with my research I was aware of the possible color variations with different MFC strings I just want to make sure if I go LOR that I have other options later on.
  13. Pixel Matrix Questions

    Sorry guys this may have been answered in the Forums but could not find it and I want to make sure before jumping into pixels, strips extra that I get all the facts straight. Now I know the Pixcon16 will control any RGB strings and that the advantage is that it is setup to use LOR protocol. My question is if I buy the pixels from LOR can you connect non LOR pixels to the LOR pixel string. Also I am looking at getting the 100 pixel string but from your experience would it be better for 50 pixels string and if I need 100 to connect two 50's. What I am planning is making a matrix with the 100's for now and when I have figured out using the other suggested option is to switch the pixels to a tree next Christmas. Thanks (And Now I really got the bug)
  14. RJ45 to DMX cabling

    Hello K6ccc, Yep its a 3 pin XLR so I am assuming that the pixcon16 would be okay to connect this too since it comes with 4 E1.31 to DMX Bridge Port.
  15. RJ45 to DMX cabling

    This is great and what I am looking for now is it LOR protocol or E1.31?