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  1. Hey Everyone, I am looking for some last second help for some Elvis sequences. Elvis was my grandma's favorite and we are trying to do something special for her. If anyone is willing to share I would really appreciate it. Here is my email: reedclarke84@gmail.com thanks in advance
  2. Could I get a copy as well? Huge ACDC fan reedclarke84@gmail.com thanks!
  3. Would love a copy, sounds amazing. reedclarke84@gmail.com Thanks!
  4. I would love a copy if you are still sharing. That intro is awesome! reedclarke84@gmail.com
  5. Would love a copy. Thanks in adavance reedclarke84@gmail.com
  6. Would love a copy. Thanks in adavance reedclarke84@gmail.com
  7. Snilax, coupld I get a copy of that as well. Love Skrillex Thanks reedclarke84@gmail.com
  8. THis will be my first year doing Halloween. I would love a copy. Thanks! reedclarke84@gmail.com
  9. Hi Bill could I get a copy of these as well? Thanks! reedclarke84@gmail.com
  10. Sounds awesome Thanks! reedclarke84@gmail.com
  11. I would love a copy if you get a chance. Thanks reedclarke84@gmail.com
  12. I would love to have a copy of them all if you could. Thanks! reedclarke84@gmail.com
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