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  1. I plugged in all my lights today and when I plugged in the controllers to power up the G3 the unit displays the time and then flashes to WAIT. I've checked the time, show start time and they are both correct. I moved the start time to 5 minutes ahead hoping it would start when it reached the start time, nope still just flashes the WAIT every few seconds. What am I doing wrong? I can't find the WAIT message in the G3 pdf manual.
  2. If you get a chance James. Thanks again Kennewickdevildog@gmail.com
  3. I'd like a copy as well. Thank you very much Kennewickdevildog@gmail.com
  4. Ya I was hoping there was a way to power it similar to how the mini director powered it. Oh well I had an extra cell phone charger that is powering the FM transmitter.
  5. Hahaha I'm glad i live in a fairly dry area in Washington. Suppose to get a good snowfall this year.
  6. I know it is a long shot, but if you or someone has this song or any other patriotic Madison Rising songs I would love to add them to my show. Bonus thank yous will be in order if the songs are Marine Corps related. Thanks, Matt Kennewickdevildog@gmail.com
  7. I'll take a copy wrightj, very basic is right up my alley. I don't think I've heard a rock version of Rudolph before. Kennewickdevildog@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. James your stuff is awesome. You can add me to the permanently grateful list anytime you have a sequence you want to share. kennewickdevildog@gmail.com
  9. I have the showtime central kit I bought a few years ago. This summer I bought the G3-MP3 director hoping to use it this year to better control my display. Today I am trying to setup my display and realized the mini director to G3-MP3 might not be as easy as I hoped it would be. wo The mini director is powering the FM transmitter. Can the G3-MP3 be used to power the FM transmitter and if so how do I do it? If not can I just get a plug in power cord for the FM transmitter and set it on a timer?
  10. My trees are 9ft, green and red 8ch each. But I mirror the lights to a second tree that I have connected opposite so that spins are backwards. I think it ends up looking pretty cool.
  11. Old Sarge, thats about what I figured. I would love a spiral tree, it is on my growing list of christmas display items. haha I'll take a look at the sequences you linked to me and hopefully before next month I'll have converted some of them to my display. Moving into a new house is making putting up the lights take much longer than expected. Work work work and hope for decent weather.
  12. Old Sarge I'd love to check out the link again. I've used some of your stuff in the past. Semper Fi and hope you had a great Veterans Day. Kennewickdevildog@gmail.com
  13. That is awesome. I'm always impressed by the skills and understanding people have of these programs on controlling lights so exact.
  14. caserace, james morris, the rose, I'd love some dubstep. Case race I've been trying to program that song off and on for awhile.
  15. Thanks for the file Need More Lights. Can't wait for my day off to check them out and get my lights up. Stinking OT shifts killing my christmas light time.
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