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  1. LOR pixie8d

    Hello this is a dumb question no pun intended but are these pixie8d cosmic color pixie dumb or smart pixels? Thank you!!!!
  2. Black vs white pixel pixie trees

    Ok thank you I had read on a related thread that the white pixel have a reflective quality which can add to the lighting experience?
  3. Hello trying to expand my current setup and wanted to know how the black differs from the white for pixel tree? Besides the color of the wire what advantages does one have over other? Are they both the same setup for running a program? Any help greatly appreciated!!
  4. Hard stop on sequence

    Thanks Brian it did work. Thanks for all your advice have a great day!!
  5. Hard stop on sequence

    So I exported the file and then edited the time in the sequence editor and when I placed my show it still ran the full length of the music instead of the 11 sec total that I cut it down too. I then downloaded and trimmed the song with audacity and placed it in super star sequencer and when I try to export it to sequence editor as a stand alone CCR show for the 11 seconds as our welcome message the error I get back is "invalid end centisecond for last replacement event: 1200; channel is 1054 centiseconds". Help??!!!
  6. No retract or expand button

    Ok thank you!
  7. No retract or expand button

    Hi Brian, yes Mr. P suggestion did work but I was also concerned as to why it behaved differently. The version is 4.2.6 - yes I can try an email it to you - I work off a Mac that has a partition in it for windows. I should be able to. It sent let me know and thanks!
  8. No retract or expand button

    Thanks! Worked great!!!
  9. No retract or expand button

    Thanks Mr P ! How would I go about doing that? Any help appreciated!!
  10. Hello, I am exporting my sequences to the sequence editor. Got through four songs no issues with adding them the "second way" by inserting device below last channel line. Now into my fifth song which I have tried multiple times, I do the same thing and instead of the one line CCR 03 black at the bottom of my screen - it expands it by itself and there is no minus button to retract it back. I have also tried the control and shift keys with no luck. Not sure why my first 4 songs had no issue ( plus/minus button there etc) and now it doesn't display like that. I have gone through and checked my settings from the songs that have worked and can't seem to find the issue. Any help greatly appreciated!!! And thanks!!!!
  11. Hard stop on sequence

    Thank you all for your great advice and happy lights!!!!!
  12. Hard stop on sequence

    Hello, Once again my newbie status is showing through! I wanted to make a welcome message for our light show which I completed in the superstar and I just added the audio file which was successful. How to make it stop after 12 seconds? Do I wait to incorporate it into the sequence editor and then trim? Any help greatly appreciated!!
  13. Time layer issues

    Brian, Thank you for your genius! It worked!!!!
  14. Time layer issues

    Hello, I have been working on my superstar sequence and had recently upgraded from the 4 Ccr to the 24Ccr but when I add my instant sequence in it only plays it on 4 "lines" diagram even though there are 24 "lines" in the diagram. What am I missing? Any help greatly appreciated and thanks!
  15. Easy Light Linkers to CCRs?

    Thank you I would like to try it and wasnt sure if the ELL can handle the speed of the CCR. Will try and thanks!