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  1. My Thoughts exactly. Simply stunning though! Good on yah for the patience and time you put into it!!!
  2. Thanks, I saw it on the Light Fight a few years ago, Blaine Fuller from Georgia. Contacted him through facebook asked lots of questions then figured out how to apply it in my display. Made all the stars and lit them myself. It's still one of my favorite pieces. Thanks again!!!
  3. Well sequenced. Thoughts and love to your family, hope your daughter finds the help she needs...
  4. Yes wholly smokes, that is simply breathtaking! Well done and thank you for sharing!
  5. Hey Guys, Finally got off my Arse and filmed our house last night. Got a couple of videos uploaded to Vimeo Site Merry Christmas!!!
  6. Files sent, sorry for the delay. I was away this weekend, if i missed anyone let me know.
  7. I ended up using James' Sequence as a reference and made a pile of changes for my show. Also used a 2 minute version of the song instead of the whole thing. Happy to pay it forward and share my sequence to those out there. Cheers
  8. Very nice! I added this sequence to my show this year if anybody wants the lms file. Happy to Share!
  9. Oh my GAWD! Even better with the video. I absolutely love the way it looks like your arches are sneaking across the path and driveway!!! 4 Channels you say hey. Hmmmm You are giving me ideas to bring arches back into my display next year! I had to take mine apart as 2 were wrecked by fire but, this gives me ideas!!!! Thanks for the ideas and information on your display!!! Absolutely Love your display!!!
  10. Looks great. I love viewing everybodies displays, it always gives me so many ideas for the coming years!!!!
  11. Assume your little arches are "leaping Arches" If so may i ask how many channels??? Love it!
  12. What kind of drone? I can't wait to get out and do some filming of mine! It looks great. Love the display and song choice!!
  13. Wow! Damn impressive. I'm so jealous of your show space!
  14. Love the architecture and the wrapped trees. Very clean!!
  15. Looks really good, just a little too blinky for me. Still, damn impressive for all the lights though!!!!
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