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  1. John, who wrote the firmware for the Pixies will respond shortly to this thread and get it all straightened out. As I am typing this, I have three pixie controllers running. One is running using LOR standard protocol. One is running enhanced and a Pixie2 is running raw DMX512. They are all running the same effects ( copied to different controllers in the sequence ) and I can see all three of them performing identically. As far as 100 channels vs 170... The true number is 170...using Ehnanced Protocol. Someone on the help desk that was running on older information indicated that the correct number is 100 but that is old information. We are double checking now, but preliminary reviews indicate that the online manual for the Pixie Controllers has correct information. Internally we are making sure that everyone is updated and working off the same page so we can minimize and not be a contributor to any confusion in the future. We will correct / synchronize our documentation as quickly as possible. John will provide some additional detail.
  2. It does sound like there is some confusion here and the documentation could be improved. As far as protocols are concerned, the pixie controllers do work with both protocols... BUT Pixel Editor in S4 and Sequencer in S5 only produce files for enhanced networks so when using that software you need to use an enhanced network. But lets take someone who had an original CCR tree from years ago, sequenced using S3 Sequence Editor and/or Super Star, they could use a Pixie16 with ribbons and use the same sequences ( no enhanced networks ). As far as the 170 pixels I am getting some clarification on that.
  3. You license has been adjusted. You can use it now.
  4. I can see your dilemma... When allocation a "small" amount of disk space for LOR use, this decision to store required work files rather than delaying the user experience to re-create them every time a sequence is opened can be an issue. As has been mentioned, the files are being used by the software at some point so they are not optional and have been this way for many, many years. The question of why not optionally delete/cleanup the files when a sequence is closed is a good one. I believe that the answer is that it was considered unnecessary because an average user would be loosing a couple GB of space which is not generally considered significant on modern machines. Even a user with a couple hundred songs would be using, on average, less than 10GB of extra storage which again, on most machines would not be an issue. However in your case I can see that by partitioning off an relatively small area for LOR ( which would be more than sufficient if it were not for these extra files that are created ), that with this can be a frustrating issue. As mentioned the files are only used by the sequence editor and only when the sequence is being played. Turn off waveform as default and when you open the files the extra files will not be created. They will only be created when the waveform is displayed or the sequence is played in the Sequence Editor. They will not be created when the Show Player is playing the sequence in a show. For now I think the best you can do is occasionally delete the contents of the folder with the wav and wma files. But this should not be required very often. The files must be created to work with a sequence in the Sequence Editor but we will look into the effort required to add an option to delete the files when the sequence is closed.
  5. We at LOR do sometimes miss things and perhaps we sometimes prioritize the wrong things but we have done our best to listen to our customers needs. And we plan to continue doing so. For example S5 was a result of our customer's requests. But in any case I do not think that LOR pays little attention to their customers and I know for sure that is not our intention. I noticed that we have not been receiving requests to the wishlist (probably because people did not know it existed ). In any case we have a few requests from 2016 and none after that. For the wishlist send an email to ( wishlist@lightorama.com ) describing in as much detail as possible the feature you would like to see... Based on the number of times we see a request the more chance that item will be included in the software (or hardware's firmware)... But even if we only see a clever idea once we may end up adding it to the software. Many of the features in S3 and S4 came from the wishlist. So please if you have a suggestion for the software please send an email to wishlist@lightorama.com ... Now is a great time to send in those wishes as we will be getting S5 ready for release this year! Also I would like to thank Bob for everything he has done over the years for LOR users. Best regards, Dan Baldwin (President ... Light-O-Rama, Inc.)
  6. Who ever at LOR told you "LOR states it's a little bug and will be fixed with next firmware update this summer." was correct. People are not going to have it running at 1000 until we release the firmware. It looks good, is being tested and will be released shortly. Best regards, Dan Light O Rama, Inc.
  7. To move back to 3.9 you will need to uninstall 3.12. The uninstall is done by using the windows control panel and uninstall a program. The uninstall will not remove any of your LOR sequences. HOWEVER you should always have your sequences backed up, Once the 3.12 is removed you can download 3.9 from the software download page (near the bottom) .... http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ Then run the installer to get 3.9 onto the machine. If you have problems you can get help from the LOR help desk at: http://helpdesk.lightorama.com/
  8. Sound like the musical sequence will help as they are forced to stop. One thing I will mention here is that the input connecting LOR to the alarm system should be implemented in such a way that it is isolated from the alarm system. Perhaps an optical connection. Our equipment is not certified to for use in medical applications or other critical applications such as alarms systems. In this particular case where the alarm system is simply influencing LOR to do something with some lights (that is not a critical part of the warning or notification system), it seems a reasonable thing, but we would never condone using LOR equipment as a critical part of a system responsible for someone's life. In the past (maybe still) LOR controllers were used to control street lights in a South American country. CTB16D controllers running in standalone mode would sequence the street lights through Green/Yellow/Red.. Never heard of any issues BUT applications like that require "special" hardware and should not be LOR. Best regards, Dan
  9. The 8 pack RGB floods will be in the sale and they will be less expensive than last years mad grab. We will have most of the items and prices listed tonight and some special additions tomorrow.
  10. Dan who? That must be a different Dan... I don't do much on Facebook (except a little family stuff).
  11. Hi Guys, The sale is this Friday, April 8th 9:00PM EDT. To answer folks that have put in a ticket or called LOR complaining that the gold and platinum member sale preference is not fair, well we have no such thing. Everyone is treated the same. The only way to join the email list is on the www.lightorama.com website. We will be sending an email out tonight with more detail. If you are planning on getting something at the sale remember to be quick! Best regards, Dan
  12. I did check in on this and it is (and was) #1 on Bob's list. We have not been able to reproduce the issue at this point and recommend that the workaround of the "long" list be used until we can get a fix out. We hope to have a solution quickly.
  13. I will check to see what is going on here. I have to believe that the solution is not a simple one or we would have release a fix by now. This time of year is very hectic at LOR. Besides what you see here, we handle 100s of phone calls a day as well as 100s of trouble tickets a day. Not an excuse but rather reality. I assure you that any issue with the show player will be given an extremely high priority.
  14. It will be sometime between Saturday... Most likely in the morning ( the actual time will be when all the prices have been changed and checked and published).... (we will make it as early as possible on the Saturday).
  15. As it is now, you will need S4 for configuration. It makes configuration much easier. The license renewal would be $29.95 (assuming that you are currently not eligible for S4). The 10W Floods will be on sale. I think that everything of consequence except software will be on sale.
  16. They are true UV not purple. The UV LEDs are very expensive so the 50W UV Flood will be priced a little more than the 50W RGB. We used a light meter and the 50W UV flood (at the same distance) had about 30 times the lux output of a 40w T8 UV tube. We will have the prices in the store tomorrow. Dan
  17. "Summary: A CMB16D with firmware version 1.34 will always read the hardware unit ID switches. Attempts to change the Unit ID via the HU always failed..... " That is expected with version 1.34 of the firmware..... 1.33 was broken as the logic reading the switches always set the Unit ID to 01... Just a little more information: Earlier versions of the firmware acted differently. With the earlier versions you could change the Unit ID with the HWU but that change was only temporary. When you re-powered the CMB16, the Unit ID would revert back to the original ID (that could be confusing)... In addition with the older versions of the firmware, when you changed the Unit ID switches you had to re-power the unit to pick up the changes. Now it reads the Unit ID switches all the time and picks up the change in the Unit ID immediately. The reason for the change has to do with a change in standalone mode... With version 1.34 of the firmware, you can now adjust the speed of the sequence playing by adjusting the Unit ID switches. If you set the Unit ID to "F" "?" ("F" followed by any value) then the Unit ID is set to "0" "1" regardless of the setting of the Unit ID switches. The second value adjusts the speed of the standalone sequence. So to adjust that speed, the CMB16D is now constantly reading the Unit ID switches rather than only reading them once when it started up. Dan
  18. The code is 32 bit for now but we are looking into compiling the Pixel Editor 64 bit... However The pixel editor uses multiple cores. In addition we have split a lot of work out of the programs that are running the lights (like the sequence eidtor or pixel editor or monitor), and moved it to the comm listener and they run in multiple cores helping to spread the load.
  19. Just to add one small detail to Matt's reply. On the main screen there are two windows that dominate the upper section. The left window shows you a condensed version of your preview. The background is not there but all of your props are there and they are arranged as they are in your preview window. So anytime you play in the Pixel Editor main screen, the left window will give you a real-time preview of all your props while the right window displays the current prop.... You can drag to re-size the windows.
  20. Jeff, I can tell you are frustrated because this is the 3-4th time I have seen you mention the load times. As we keep mentioning the new software will help with that but it takes a shift of channels from the Sequence Editor to the Pixel Editor to accomplish it.. One thing that may help now is a program that Bob is developing that may reduce the size of your sequence especially if it was create using the Super Star software. You can contact Bob by entering a software ticket in our online trouble ticket system. Interacting there can be less confusing. If your pixel stuff was created using xLights then you can move it directly into the Pixel Editor and remove those channels from the Sequence Editor. Another thing is a release that will be out tomorrow or next Wednesday. This is code in the Pixel Editor that will basically move your pixel props from the sequence editor to the Pixel Editor. Thus Sequence Editor will no longer need to deal with them and the sequence file will become significantly smaller. As far as a whole house effect. You can create a group of props and apply an effect across all of them. Dan
  21. All of the features that will be in the production release are not complete in this beta software. It had been too long coming and I wanted to get the software into people's hands so they could start playing with it. As far as SuperStar is concerned, it can use the same type of intensity files as the Pixel Editor. One feature we will be adding is a "merge" on play with Superstar effects and Pixel Editor effects. That way you can use the Pixel Editor to fill in between Super Star effects and visa versa... However, once you have imported a super star sequence into the sequence editor, you can then open it in the Pixel Editor with the new enhancement I just described above. I think that at this point Super Star users will have a neat advantage of adding "special custom effects" created by Super Star to effects that are quick to create in Pixel Editor.
  22. We are working on an enhancement along those lines. Once you have created a preview and assigned your pixels to the same LOR Unit IDs/Channels or DMX universe/address then you will be able to see and modify those props in the Pixel Editor. We are planning releases on Wednesdays and Fridays during the beta (if required for an enhancement or bug fix)... We hope to have this enhancement in tomorrows release but worst case it will be in next Wednesday's release. More details on how to use this feature will be available when it is released.
  23. Yes the price is planned to be $50 to upgrade from Advanced to PRO.... We will have it for sale soon in the store. Dan
  24. Thanks for the feedback... Especially the suggestions for improvements. We are listening. Dan
  25. Sounds like a request to consolidate or at least document required files. Certainly a reasonable request especially during a beta period. Consider it passed along.
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