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  1. Multiple house controller stand

    I have a hard enough time just sequencing my own house let alone coordinating with someone else. Kudos to those that can pull it off!
  2. Halloween Preview

    Looking good!
  3. Not able to have display

    Whoa, sorry to hear about the troubles. Hope it turns around for you.
  4. CCB 2 w/ 2 string of 100 bulbs each

    Ahhh yes the ole fake out method is tried and true in so many ways.
  5. Peanuts Prop

    Thanks and made them based on a Christmas gift my wife got me last year. I wanted to use the Really Big Lights for something and thought this was the perfect solution. The link below is an example of the gift. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018N1IZEA/ref=psdc_1095304_t1_B0164JXP98 Ordered 4' x 4' vinyl outdoor grade banners of photos that I took of the characters. Glued them to thin plywood and cut them out. Painted the backs of them and used silicone on the edges for waterproofing. Also used thick aluminum bracing on the back for support.
  6. Peanuts Prop

    Wanted to use the RBL's for a different purpose. Only 3 months till Christmas Eve!
  7. Dying Pixels??

    Brutal......sorry to hear. Not sure if I would even bother trying to fix the strips again. Nobody wants to spend more money but maybe bite the bullet and get new ones?
  8. Starting to Set Up This Year's Display

    The huge arches on the roof are cool.
  9. Starting to Set Up This Year's Display

    Don't have to worry about cold and snow here. Not doing anything for Halloween this year so won't start putting up Christmas lights till the weekend after. Hopefully it will cool off by then.
  10. universes

    This is correct as I run my 10w RGB floods using the RS-485 output of my Alphapix 4. Kept it less complicated and saved some cash.
  11. My new "Tune To" sign

    Excellent work!
  12. ELLs for sale

    Just curious........what software did you use to replace LOR and why?
  13. Pixel trees

    I went with clear strips for mine to help with this issue. I probably won't try this as my tree topper and strips are already mounted but I like the idea....thanks for sharing!
  14. Dying Pixels??

    Sorry to hear about your issue.....that sucks! Most of my pixel strips last year had a random blue l.e.d. go out on some pixels over the course of the season. Not sure if it was due to quality issues or the lightning strike that hit REALLY close and made the whole tree flash blue during the strike. I only saw it as my home security video picked it up and I watched it happen in the recording. In addition some or our props inside the house with LED's lit up also when it hit......freaking crazy! If this set of strips fails (fingers crossed) then I will be going the same route using bullet nodes next year. Haven't had any issues with those plus they're not so delicate.
  15. Yeah it's pain in the tush especially when you have a large sequence and it takes the 'undo' button forever to fix it. You get used to it but it's still not ideal.
  16. Peanuts Prop

    I'm using two of the same nodes in each light with both facing forward stuck and zip tied to a pvc pipe. I wasn't to worried about lighting the back side of the light because of the way I'm using them. The star has 3 nodes in it. I had to build the star myself as I couldn't find anything on-line that would work for my use. What do you mean can't get them to behave with 4 nodes? It shouldn't matter how many you cram into one bulb so long as you got them connected in series and do the proper setup on your channels and such.
  17. Question Before Purchase

    Now that's what I call a HACK job! Never actually got to see a result on the lights or maybe I missed it. Brutal video quality.
  18. OpenGL on windows 10 pro

    There are a few posts about this. Not sure about Windows 10 though but here's one that helped somebody out with their 1.1 version OpenGL.. If that doesn't help try doing a search. OpenGL link
  19. Question Before Purchase

    If it was ONLY that easy it would save quite a few people some time having to sequence songs. It's definitely not plug and play.
  20. Modifying Images

    To move the image in SuperStar select the image and the Image Setup window should pop up. Within that window there is a section called Image Action. There are 'x','y' coordinates for where the image will Start and End. Adjust the 'x' coordinates as appropriate to move your image horizontally as you need to. The 'y' coordinate moves the image vertically. If you just want the image to not move then both the 'x' and 'y' coordinates would be the same for both Start and End. To move the image during the sequence adjust the End 'x','y' coordinates appropriately for the movement you want. To replicate custom colors hold the Shift button down on the keyboard and click the color you want to replicate.
  21. This beta release seems to have more issues than previous versions. I'm guessing due to the fact it was such a huge upgrade. Thanks to Jim and everyone else for beta testing the new release. I myself don't have the patience nor the time (busy finishing props) to deal with it.
  22. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    Sometimes I've watched shows and just wish the lights were all on or static due to a crappy song / bad sequencing / static on the radio station. Not saying any of this applies to your display but I can see your way of thinking. Far as the original post my show this year will run around 30 minutes. No particular reason for the length other than I'm sick of sequencing for this year.
  23. Need help with RBG floods

    If you want to see a great example of RGB floods in action check out 75redman youtube videos.
  24. To my fellow Floridians

    Been through a couple of typhoons in Okinawa with the 'eye' passing directly over one time in the middle of the night. Pretty eerie feeling going from crazy winds/rain to stillness and seeing the stars then back to crazy winds/rain. We had a hell of party in the barracks (concrete reinforced) during it and of course the Scorpions "Rock You Like a Hurricane" got played a bunch! Be smart and safe.....Good luck to all!