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  1. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    Hey roverdish, I'm not interested in getting your sequence but how about throwing up a video of your simulation? I'm also working on this song plus Believer and would be curious as to see how it looks on your display. From the sounds of it seems pretty technical.
  2. Advertising In The Show?

    He could use all royalty free music.
  3. Advertising In The Show?

    I've seen a tractor or heavy equipment dealer put on a light show by decorating their vehicles. Can't say I've ever seen a residential house promoting anything (Fred Loya maybe) but hey, IT IS America right? I say go for it! A nice size matrix would do wonders for advertising too.
  4. Pixel trees

    Cool........I'm liking the entertainment during beverage time.
  5. Pixel trees

    I agree 102V is low for a 120V AC house circuit.
  6. Pixel trees

    You leave your tree up year round or have just been testing it?
  7. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    Good advice if you will be running your strips at 100% intensity and that's how I originally approached the power requirements. But after some experience and experimentation with strips and nodes I never run my strips or nodes above 50% intensity due to the fact they are so bright. This allows me to get away with using half the power supplies needed and I also have a couple of back up supplies now. Something to consider as you can always buy another power supply to meet the required wattage needed at 100% intensity.
  8. Saving sequence animation for youtube.

    That's unfortunate but weird as I've seen not only mine but plenty others with copyrighted music in their Christmas show videos. Youtube does inform me that my songs are copyrighted in my videos and I can't make money off them. But if there is money to be made with the ads that do show up in my videos I would hope that it would go to the artist that I'm using their music.
  9. Saving sequence animation for youtube.

    I've got plenty of copyrighted music on my videos and the only one that got yanked for a little bit was "Kickstart My Heart" by the Crue. Eventually they put it back up for whatever reason.
  10. New look?

    I see it in the Coffee shop but not the sequence sharing yet.
  11. New look?

    Just checked......didn't see it unless it's in a different spot? What about the Sequence sharing forum? I know the Ignore was available there too.
  12. Old Visualizer with S5.0.2

    I too have hope for S5 but not for using it this year. Quite a few bugs and not many improvements (especially for SS) from what I can tell at this point. In addition to being hit with the new forum upgrade and the bugs it has this is the classic recipe for the ole Double Whammy! But with LOR's track record I'm betting it will all get sorted out in the end with a little time.
  13. New look?

    Doh.......one of my favorite functions gone! Please don't let The Story In 3 words thread show up.
  14. S5 Poll

    Same here.
  15. Introducing Tor

    Welcome Tor.......cool name! Full time at LOR and a new movie coming out in November , busy guy.