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  1. 16 String Pixel Spiral Tree

    Are you trying to run your strings like a conventional non pixel/normal lights spiral tree?
  2. 2017 Holiday Lights On Rome Court Show

    If the sequence you purchased was for the flat pixel ribbon tree you didn't get your moneys worth. Like the display though with the snow on the ground. You're right need a bigger yard.
  3. Thunderstruck

    I believe James Morris shares his version of Thunderstruck. Try sending him a message.
  4. New video for 2017

    Very nice display and sequencing with lots of props to enjoy!
  5. Our 2107 Display Videos!!

    Any new vids? I just looked on your YouTuber page and nothing except the 12 days video. Get something up (please) as the 12 days of Christmas is one of my least favorite Christmas songs no matter how it's been modified/covered.
  6. Still having issues

    Wow....multiple problems you had to deal with. Weird about the new controllers and the firmware. Sounds like you're back in the ball game!
  7. HOA said NO to my sign

    I have a big bay window with no panes and I use a video projector to display the tune to information. It originally had a virtual Santa video playing during the show but decided to just play the tune to info this year.
  8. First thing I would do is make sure each song in your show plays correctly using the Sequence Editor. Maybe your songs aren't linked to the audio correctly or something like that since you switched computers.
  9. learning pixel editor

    I'm guessing t he southern part of Illinoise where I'm originaly from No periods, erratic spacing and questionable gramar in posts is a sure fire clu
  10. HOA said NO to my sign

    Never had a problem yet with my HOA sorry to hear about your issue. Like your idea though!
  11. Still having issues

    Yeah I hope it helps also as nothing more frustrating than random network issues.
  12. Helicopter View of Santa Claus Lane

    Yeah I know but couldn't resist being smart alecky.
  13. Helicopter View of Santa Claus Lane

    A crooked and noisy video of such a wonderful light show?
  14. Still having issues

    I read in another thread he had fixed his problems, must be back?