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  1. Yes all sequences are LOR edit files, I was able to unistall new version and went back to 4.4.2. I am now updated sequences based on all the changes made at new home where props /lights are located. 3 down 5 to go! I still have one controller on 150ft length f com cable not communicating.
  2. Ok uninstalled 5.3.10 I have 5.2.2 or 4.4.2
  3. What is the quickest way to roll back
  4. Hi all just updated software and now it is not recognizing all my controllers and channels. How do it get it to recognize them? Yesterday I had come port issue. Now I just want to edit a couple of my sequences and is there a way to use old version? Tutorial? Or Can I just load in my 2018 show? Thank you
  5. Thank you I will try replacing cable first!
  6. Hi All, I moved to a new location and with that I had to reshuffle my design. I have set it all up (lights and controllers) and moved the controllers around and they are no longer in sequence, They have power and Cat5 cable from lap top all the way around to last controller 8 - 16 channel and 1 RGB Flood Controller. The first controller(C1) I tested works fine. All the other controllers will not turn the lights on when I test. All connections are good. Do I need to Readdress each controller in sequence? your help is always appreciated. Thanks, Bruce
  7. I am still stuck planning contrillers vs power injection
  8. 2nd page has the cropped side I have C7 & 8 , are you suggesting a C9? What if I put a controller on the top Ridge hanging on Exhaust Vent? Yes all controllers are planned under the eve at locations indicated P1, C1 for example. a drip loop most definitely, the eves ate 24: overhang.
  9. TheDucks, I am using 10 icicle drops of 7 or 70 pixals per 6.5 ft which seems to be standard. I will have to cut and add as needed to fit the edges. in my attachment I have a table showing the c9 & pixal count
  10. Icicles - Hmm... I wan to control each pixal and what color Zones: I try to keep the lights controlled by zones -just followed LOR suggestion, no other reason other then- for storage always 12V - limit power injection if possible
  11. Hi All, slow planning progress. I modified the roof line to show: Ridge rgb bulbs(blue) Icycles edge(green) 4 Zones dashed lines power outlets possible Controller locations Light string counts bulb counts pixal counts Now to figure out what I need to control and power them . Your comments and help is greatly appreciated Roof light count.pdf
  12. How do I figure the channel requirements
  13. MrP, it is around 757 C-9 for the ridge lines , and about 2200 bullet pixels for the gutter/edge lines. Now how do I calculate that to power supplies and controllers to Run off LOR is the question
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