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  1. How far out do you have the strands from the center pole
  2. Do you have some pictures of it that you wouldn't mind sharing?
  3. I am going to round att he bottom but it won't be 180 with only 12 strips. I am thinking it needs to be 6-10" between the ribbons at the bottom. I bought my kit from HOlidaycoro
  4. I am doing a 180 12 ribbon/50 pixel per ribbon tree. Does anyone have a good idea of what the spacing should be at the bottom for ideal viewing? I am trying to set mine up and wonder if anyone has a good spacing idea on the bottom of the tree when staking into the ground. Thanks for any help.
  5. thank you for the feedback. I am just curious how to hang the lights. My house peak is really high, so getting them to the peak will be difficult.
  6. Once you cut the led strip do you have to seal the cut end some how?how do you seal it if so? thanks
  7. I Ann looking to get into RGB for next season. My question is how do most of users attach the strips to your house and windows? Also, if you do a window from do the ribbons make 90 degree bends easily? Lastly, can you cut the ribbons to length then how do you link ribbons together. Thanks for any feedback.
  8. Reducing the price to $250 plus shipping.
  9. Flash sale on it. I'll sell it today or tomorrow only for $300 including shipping if it's within continental US.
  10. If anyone is looking for a star for their tree this is a great star and well built.
  11. I have a brand new and never used Fully Assembled Molded Back Star for sale. It is brand new and has the drop down piece with it. I bought it and I am not going to be doing a CCR tree. If you would like it I will sell it for a flat $300 plus shipping. Thanks This is a link to the description http://superstarlights.com/SuperStarConstruction/StarPurchase.php
  12. I'll sell this package plus two additional strips, so a total of 14 strips, the power supply and controller for $500.00. I paid $1000.00 for it all and it is all still brand new.
  13. It is not hard to get it to work in the LOR software. I have looked over numerous videos out there that help with this. I could help you out if you bought them. thanks
  14. The strips and controllers are still available. I might put them on ebay next week and see if there is any interest. thanks
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