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  1. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Harry Potter Theme song sequence

    Could you send to me. I would really appreciate it. sugarnspice10172@aol.com
  2. I would really appreciate a copy? and where to get the music you used for the sequences. Thanks sugarnspice10172@aol.com
  3. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Harry Potter Theme song sequence

    Hi, we just came back from Universal Studios and my kids are in love with Harry Potter. I have 32 channels LOR, 1 CCR and a pixel tree with 16 strips of 25 pixels. Would anyone have any sequence of the Harry Potter theme song they would be willing to share?
  4. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Still confused as ever with programming my CCR and pixel tree

    My license level is pro level and I am using a pixie 8 controller for the tree. I have the black pixel tree kit they sell on light o rama. I also have a USB RS485 HS adapter.
  5. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Still confused as ever with programming my CCR and pixel tree

    Thanks Mr. P for your help (and prior military service!!). Do I leave the device type for the RGB channels under "light o rama controller"? and leave the network as "regular"? My other two 16 channel controllers that I have listed under the "light o rama network", network "regular" but have them listed as units 1 and 2. I have the RGB channels now programmed as unit 3. I have the pixel tree programmed under the Pixel Editor under unit 4. I am able see the programming and props in the sequences I've programmed working on the computer but so far none of the lights come on the CCR or pixel tree when I try to test them, only the lights from units 1 and 2 come on. Looks like there is no communication between the computer and the pixel tree and CCR that I have. Any suggestions?
  6. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Still confused as ever with programming my CCR and pixel tree

    So I would open a song I already have sequenced and then add an RGB channel, correct? I have the CCR CR150D connected directly to my computer to test but when I play the sequence with the new RGB channel the ribbon isn't working. I appreciate any more help you can give me.
  7. I purchase one CCR and I am trying to figure out how to program it. I have it configured on comm port 3 and have labeled it unit 3 as I have two other LOR units. I have some LOR sequences already done. What is the best way to add and program the one CCR into LOR sequences I already have? I also bought a pixel tree and wanted to add that into my prior LOR sequences. What is the best way to do that? So confused. Help.
  8. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    2 sequences

    I would appreciate a copy of Nutrocker. What is the audio version that you used so I can purchase? sugarnspice10172@aol.com Thanks for sharing
  9. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Simple show builder not copying sequences to SD card

    Help, I have everything set up and ready to go but I tried to use the simple show builder and it won't copy the sequences to the SD card. It keeps saying problem creating show. Permission denied.
  10. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Five Nights at Freddy's sequences/faces?

    James could I get a copy of the FNAF sequence as well. My son loves that game. I am actually working on a Bendy and the Ink Machine sequence.
  11. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Whip Nae nae

    Can I get a copy. My son loves this song. sugarnspice10172@aol.com Thanks
  12. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Pink Floyd Time

    Would love to get a copy. Thanks James. sugarnspice10172@aol.com
  13. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Grinch Faces and Pixel

    Hi James..Could I get a copy. sugarnspice10172@aol.com Thanks for being so generous and sharing.
  14. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Godzilla - Halloween

    Thanks James
  15. sugarnspice10172@aol.com

    Godzilla - Halloween

    Can I get a copy? sugarnspice10172@aol.com Thanks