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  1. Hi, Bill. I, too would like a copy of the Minion Jingle Bells. Thanks in advance. doakra@gmail.com
  2. Hi, James. I would like to get this one as well. Thanks again. doakra@gmail.com
  3. Hi, James, I appreciate all your work and willingness to share. May I please have this set as well? Thanks in advance!! doakra@gmail.com
  4. My daughters are wanting this song for our Halloween show. Does anyone happen to have it? Thanks in advance.
  5. For the last two years, there has been a Grinch themed light show in a subdivision in North Richland Hills. My family has enjoyed it very much. This year we were fortunate enough to drive through when the Grinch and others were outside greeting people. I don't want to put too many specifics here due to privacy concerns. If the owner is on the forum, I would love to ask some questions about how some things were done (in PM, of course). Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for all the information. The main track vs working track is still a bit confusing. Is that saying I need to create a main track with my correct channel configurations and then never touch it again? And then do everything in the working track?
  7. Hi, James. I would like to have this one as well. Again, thanks for all the work you put in on these. doakra@gmail.com
  8. Hi, James. Could I get a copy as well? You do great work and it is much appreciated. doakra@gmail.com
  9. I searched for this, but couldn't find the answer. I apologize if it has already been answered somewhere. I am modifying several sequences. My general process includes adding multiple channels to the top of the sequence in the editor and then changing all the existing channels to "no device type selected" in the channel configuration. Is there a way to change them all at once or do I have to continue to do it one channel at a time? Thanks.
  10. Sorry, to drag up an old thread, but I am seeing the same thing . . . but a little different. I have a sequence that someone shared. I am trying to change it to work with my light configuration. I get this same message, but my software is registered. I have saved the file as a new name, but it still doesn't work. I have went through this process with several other sequences. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. So . . . How do I check the firmware version?
  12. I think I got it. I didn't check the "Lock Step" box. I re-read the instructions and then re-wrote the show to the card with the box checked. It seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for the quick reply and the suggestions. I appreciate the helpfulness and generosity of everyone that has been at this for a while.
  13. I, too, am new to this. I am working on my first show for halloween. I used the HWU to write the show to the SD card. I have 4 songs/sequences. When i started the show, the first song quits about 15 - 20 seconds before the end and completely skips the second song. I am going to delete all the files off the card and re-do it. Any other suggestions?
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