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  1. Hardware Utility Problem

    I am setting up some input pups in my display this year. I am trying to test them within hardware utility. I opened hardware utility and made sure that I have control over my LOR controller using the light console, and it works great. Then I went ahead and followed this video on how to test the chip (I am using the Input accessory, not the separate one) . I got stuck on the "Auto Configure". It is saying "Unable to locate LOR Port". I am able to manually select my com3, but I still cannot select a controller. Things that I have already been troubleshooting, Uninstalled driver and reinstalled for usb485b updated lor suite restarted computer multiple times tried on another computer that i use for programming (has same LOR folder copied over) tried switching USB ports to everyone I think one problem may be because when i originally set up my LOR controllers (3) it was on another computer that is now long gone. When i switched to a new computer i moved over the LOR folder and everything seemed to work great with no need to switch anything except for some file paths. If you guys have any idea of what's wrong or something i have not checked, some advice would be great! Thanks in advanced Billy Frostick My display http://www.Wonderlandatroseville.com