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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies! 90% of what I'm running on these are LED strings, I can guarantee I'm not even close to 15 amps per box, even on the ones powering only incandescent mini bulbs. I'm saying this because I have two plugged into one circuit, another 5 plugged into another circuit, and two plugged into a third circuit. One is a spare and the new 2 will be on two other circuits. I'll probably keep the 2nd power cable in the box, just not connected to any posts. Thanks again for sharing your opinions. I appreciate it.
  2. So over the past 4 years I've built 12 of the ctb16kpcv1 kits. On all of them I've left it with the Double Plug. I've questioned if I should keep it with the double plug or use the jumper and only use one plug. What are the benefits or disadvantages to doing one way or the other? Thanks.
  3. I have one I made, using the LOR pixel editor. It's ok, but I'm also looking for a 16CCR for my new pixel tree, wanted it to show something different from the first tree. Doc, if you wouldn't mind sharing, sc_venice@yahoo.com Notredameforlife, if you can use the output from Pixel Editor, I'll send that over.
  4. Thank you again, I appreciate you sharing with everyone like this. Blue Christmas (Elvis)Holly Jolly Christmas (Burl Ives)Wizards in Winter (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)Christmas Vacation (Mavis Staples)It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year (Andy Williams) It's beginning to look a lot like christmas (Johnny Mathis)
  5. Hello, I'd also like this if you don't mind. Thank you for sharing your work, we appreciate it.
  6. Thank you very much!!! Really appreciate it. If you are looking for any sequences, I would be more than happy to help if I have them.
  7. Hi James, could I get a copy also? sc_venice@yahoo.com
  8. Hello, If you still are sharing this, I'd love to have it also. sc_venice@yahoo.com
  9. Hello, could I also get a copy? sc_venice@yahoo.com. Greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi Sarge, Could I please have number 43. sc_venice@yahoo.com
  11. Bill, Thank you! BTW what version of the song did you use? Your overall time is a lot longer than mine. If I can return the favor, please let me know. Steve
  12. Hello, I was hoping someone would have a sequence for Barry Manilow's Jingle Bells they would be willing to share. Would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi hoping to get a copy of this as well. Would really appreciate it, if it's still available. sc_venice@yahoo.com
  14. Well looks like we found the issue. Tech support had me check the 8 pin RS485 chip by swapping it with one of my working controllers. My working controller then exhibited the same issue and the controller that had the issue worked fine. Hoping I can get one at radio shack tomorrow, or I'll have to wait for the replacement from Light-O-Rama. Wish I had noticed this issue when I built them, but it lit up. I didn't test it going through a sequence.
  15. I just popped them out and back in. Same thing. Really strange. I'm trying a simple sequence and it seems to be working. Every time I turn on the light and turn it off it works. I ran a 30 second sequence of turning the lights on and off every 2/10 of a second and it never missed. Not sure why the hardware tester is acting differently. Like I mentioned. My other two units are not having this issue. I reflashed the firmware to the same version, but it's still doing it.
  16. I built three new controllers this year. I'm testing them with my animated display, but one of the controllers is acting erratic. When I have it go through all the lights in the hardware test, sometimes a circuit will light up, then next time around it won't, sometimes it won't shut off, etc.It's not consistent. All 16 channels are displaying this problem of occasionally not working. The other 2 controllers are not exhibiting this behavior, when the test goes around the 16 channels they all turn on and off every time. Before I go though every solder joint, is there something else I should be looking for, or a specific area on the board? These are all CTB16PC controllers
  17. I started this obsession last year with two controllers I built. This year we are up to 4 and I busted my hump to get the 16 CCR tree designed and up on the house + build a couple of more arches and re-wire everything. The Job gets in the way, but you can't do this if you're not working.
  18. Sorry I missed this offer! You do great work. It's nice that you offer these. If you do another 10 can this count as #1 sc_venice@yahoo.com Merry Christmas Steve
  19. Plasmadrive Thanks for the info. I'm not sure I'll bring it to that level of control. Lol. Yet! Flanders From my research on the forums the past couple of months a lot of people use Ray Wu he has good prices and seems to work with everyone really well.
  20. Plasmadrive thanks for all that! Nice job. Walmart website isn't giving prices for it, but I know what to look for now. I'm curious, why did you want just the star shells when they already came with RGB inside? Steve
  21. Hi guys, this was my first year with LOR controllers and like most others (if not all) here I'm planning bigger and better for next year. One of the things I'd like to look into is creating 9 or so Mini trees with RGB (this year I had 4 with the mfg supplied incandescent bulbs). I have a couple of questions I was hoping you guys could give me opinions on. 1. Do you like using purchased Spiral trees to rewire or tomato cages? 2. What lights do most people use on the 3' trees. Dumb RGB most likely, but what size is best? 3. About how many lights should I plan on per tree? Thanks again for any comments. Steve
  22. Resolved!! For future reference if this ever happens to anyone. Don't put the 472 resistor where one of the 471 resistors go! Doh!
  23. This is my second kit I've put together. Didn't have any issues with the first one. Now the second one I've put together Channels 1-4 & 9-16 work fine, but Channel 5-8 won't power anything up. - I've checked and resoldered ICs U11-U20 and resisters R15 & R16 - Reset the board. - Unplugged cables 5-8 and tried one of them in a channel that worked and they worked fine. Anyone have an idea on what would cause only 4 channels not to work? Thanks, Steve
  24. Davensj, Thanks, that does help! I was going with 16 5m rolls @ 30 leds per meter from wu. Didn't want to find out that it would fit on an 8.2' tree and could have bought half. You do fantastic work! I'm looking forward to displaying this (once I figure it all out lol). Thanks again! Steve
  25. Thanks everyone for the replies! Since this was my first post it took a couple of days to make it to the board and I got anxious and just went with the PC board that comes with the Plastic box. I appreciate all the info, and will use it when I expand my display next year :0.
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