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  1. Thanks James you are a star man
  2. thats great James,could you send it to me please, peterdymond31@gmail.com, and also what audio track did you use ? many thanks
  3. could I get a copy please ? peterdymond31@gmail.com thanks
  4. Hi, Does anyone have a sequence for Time warp for singing faces please ?
  5. could I get some of your singing faces sequences please ? peterdymond@talktalk.net many thanks
  6. could I get a copy please,many thanks peterdymond@talktalk.net
  7. Hi I would love a copy please, many thanks peterdymond@talktalk.net
  8. I got 3 spare ones so no problem there, just make sure i use the correct supply next time lol
  9. yes the large fuses are fine so I guess it is dead for sure
  10. there was no smoke and no bang, red led flashed once and that was it.
  11. Yes the fuses survived ok but I dont think it will be worth sending in for repair
  12. Hello good people, I have just made a stupid mistake and I connected my CMB24D to a 240v supply instead of the 12v, does this mean the board is now completely dead ? or can it be repaired ? thanks
  13. Hi all, is it possible to change the intensity for a complete sequence ? my leds are far to bright at 100%, thanks
  14. could I get a copy of the faces please ? many thanks. peterdymond@talktalk.net
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