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  1. I would like a copy please. Genvoodoo@gmail.com Thanks
  2. I would like to try this sequence please. As well as any other that are geared towards rgb strips. Genvoodoo@gmail.com Thank you
  3. I have the same controller. Use xlights to turn on channel 1 and see if it is red. You will have to logon to the web browser for your specific ip address and change the order of rgb about 3/4 of the way down until you have the right colors on the right channels. Then your sequence should work out.
  4. Turns out the mini director is not designed to run on a schedule.
  5. Ok I thought I had this figured out. The shows I created run fine when I put the SD card into the mini director. Problem I have is scheduling a show. I want to have the show start and stop on a schedule. I set it all up and it asks for the SD card, I inserted the SD card after writing show and the show starts immediatly not on schedule. I can't figure it out. It is running like stand alone and not caring what the computer that is connected tells it. Any ideas? I bought the all in one kit with one controller, mini director,fm broadcaster.
  6. I'd love to try a copy. Thanks genvoodoo@gmail.com
  7. I'd love a copy I'd they are still available. Genvoodoo@gmail.com Thanks
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