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  1. ^^ Oh and I guess my final 2 cents... on the subject, I am in technical sales, I am a software developer who runs a 30 man support team. Support Sells! How xLights is doing it, is simply having a group of fans, not experts, who can communicate with each other. (like the software ZOOM) and login when they are programming... need a hand/give a hand. No real cost. But sure handy. They also have a group of people who get swag to be part of the UBER group. Such as James, K6ccc, Caniac and more they offer products... it helps promote products and helps incentives those who pitch in, like those just mentioned. Just food for thought.
  2. You know that maybe my ticket too. Use LOR software...
  3. Well. Its funny you brought this up. I have recently decided to use xLights, and that was after I recently purchased the PRO s5 Software. This isn't a slight against LOR, but I am switching myself to xLights. *** My 2 cents should only be in reference to Pixels and programming*** I am doing it for several reasons... but now that I learned what Pixels are (a lot of research) I rather use the E131 protocol. A lot more parts at more reasonable rates. At the Sale here on LOR I was purchasing $670 for what i was able to buy from Falcon for $320... and it gives me more power and latitude. I could still use the LOR software too. Second, I can not begin to tell you about the support. If you are like me, all year round preparing, the support is awesome. Every night people login and if you have a question, simply un-mute your mic and ask your question, click share of your computer monitor if you wish. If someone is there, they jump on and help. Right now there are 4 people on. I found myself being on there (like now) and just answered a question I knew the answer too (it was windows based and I helped). On Wednesdays they have training and support. Last Wednesday I was logged in for 6 hrs and learned more than a reasonable guy should expect. 10 people logged in with me going over my stuff, giving me ideas. LIVE. IF i wasn't going Pixels, I would absolutely use LOR. NO QUESTION. Maybe S5 is better than 4, and maybe with LOR I could of gotten there, but my learning curve was drastically shortened in 1 night with xLights. I am also going Falcon, I had a team helping. I am going with the Falcon 48 and some receivers that can do over 16000 pixels (costing $15 a receiver x up to 12 ( i won't need 12), and $200 for the Main Card) <<<NOTE you couldn't do that unless you used 50% brightness but>>> BTW, on ZOOM (xLights) the developer of the Falcon himself was there answering my questions. Recommending things, looking at my house on my computer to advise me. Kind of cool. I tried calling to see if I could stop by LOR, seeing as I was going to be in NY/NJ and, I was pretty much told, no one would be there, don't bother so to speak. I think 1 is eager. One is not so much. 1 Is Microsoft 1 is Apple. Just my 2 cents. I expect this will be deleted. And I wouldn't judge them for it. However, for now I am going all in on xLights. And I am a loyal guy... its hard to lose a person like me.
  5. Hey guys I just bought this at the sale. Pixie8 Smart Pixel 18Spring-Pixie8-Controller 8 65.95ControllerPixie4 Smart Pixel 18Spring-Pixie4-Controller 3 49.95controller Total 677.45 I never even seen the box yet that was delivered. MINT CONDITION. Best (reasonable) offer can have it. Something has changed in my life and won't be using these now. email me pat@septon.ca Please.
  6. Some may/may not agree with me. But my thinking is this. I recently upgraded my software to PRO, and I am learning to use Pixels. So, I figured if I have to learn new things, why not learn using S5. So, I am. I am really liking S5, and I have time if I see an issue I think.... HOWEVER the negative is, I still have no clue what I am doing. But imagine S5 isn't the cause of that.
  7. I am glad I found this. Thanks for the tips. So doing this!
  8. Yeah I figure I will be running a lot of power. My problem is the size of my Lawn/Property. I have 2 sides I have to manage. So I will be buying several power supplies. As for the card. Hmm I figure it would be centre with 50' either side of work to do.
  9. Thanks James. Appreciate it. Loaded it up, looks good. Now I gotta figure out how to do it.
  10. I haven't decided yet, but I think I am 110 feet divided by 16 so one every 6-7' Probably. I could adjust at will of course. I am trying to start mapping out my network now so I can do this. You have time sometime to login with me again, I would appreciate it. (I upgraded the Ram, and it good now).
  11. I'ld love to see a video of your matrix sequence really. I plan on making a matrix this year, and would love to see how you do it. You have a link? You guys are great members of this community. Thank you!
  12. Sorry James, pat@septon.ca I just assume everyone knows me haha.
  13. You can see here I have all the pixels added. They just don't show up when I am doing anything but Motion Effects
  14. They will be 100 per channel. I haven't mapped out how everything is going to be connected. But I in the case of the Candy Cane... I figure I will have 16 maybe... and 6 on each 100 channel. I will daisy chain them too of course.
  15. And specifically I dont see how I can lets say the candy cane, control the 16 individual lights, as what i have is just 1 line in my program. I just don't know how to assign the lights. If I make something up the addresses, I suppose I can re-assign later I suppose?
  16. I just bought (and understand they arrived, haven't been home in a while) 5 x Pixie 8 and 4 x Pixie 4s from LOR.
  17. I would love to see this. I am thinking and trying to figure out how to use and build my own matrix. You have a video anywhere James?
  18. Thanks guys, sorry traveling the last few days. Ok so I will have to assign addresses in teh mean time. I know I had to add LOR Later but I thought I could get away with this for now until I knew where to put everything. So I need to know what and where to put stuff. (what lights and where to assign them?) Am I making sense?
  19. Hey guys I have all my props setup. However I don't thing something is right, for instance I added 16 candy canes, and if each candy cane has 16 nodes each... how can I change each node? I am so damn new to this, I am confused... but thanks to the forum people who can help.
  20. haha "Viewer Blinders" I am going to use that!
  21. Ok LOVE YOUR WORK! I so am stealing some of these ideas. I swear I didn't think of making my own grave stones, but I see you just used thick Styrofoam insulation. Also, I really need to make those graves! I take it that guy who comes up from the garbage is done in the same method? I just need to find a piston? You have anything to share regarding that. I am also going to make my graveyard the same way!
  22. Hey LOR Calgary, NY Anyone in the area want to show me some of their stuff? Would love to see others and meet someone who is into this. No one around me.
  23. Hey BFRD22, I looked at your display. Love the Halloween ones, and the 13' tall ones at Christmas. Did you do those with the servo one? I will be in Alberta Next week... and maybe in Red Deer. You have any gear out? (Nosy neighbour thing)
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