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  1. Someone to login with me and help me setup S5

    I would appreciate that! When is the best time for you... I will PM you.
  2. Hey guys I just upgraded from 4.2 Basic Plus to Pro (figure if I am going pro may as well get used to s5) My plan is to go to pixels.. but in the mean time I am just trying to get a handle on s5. I am an advanced Novice at LOR, but extremely technically inclined (programmer/MSCE etc) So. I offer to help via logging in to those who are newer and need a hand. (I could have saved hundreds of hours if someone showed me some tricks and tips) But wondering if someone else would be inclined to login with me on my system to help me configure and setup the PRO version here. I see some changes...
  3. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    nah I already told the kids you ruined it. haha
  4. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Well I didn't understand! Phewy. You ruined Christmas Tom! Damn I was getting juiced up here. haha
  5. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Yeah I seen that too! I thought those lights would be mega expensive and quickly dismissed it. But I see now, it is really a dome over what you linked too. Just awesome.
  6. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Oh my. And now... this is on my list! I didn't realize something like this could be so readily available. I like the idea of a housing and using these. IF I got 4-6... it would completely cover my house. I have a great over hang in my house... so I could easily put them under the eves in a dome. That is a great connection pattern too John. Would love to see a how too video though of someone getting it to work if someone has it.
  7. Selling Everything

    I just texted you.
  8. Its Me Five Nights at Freedy's

    Thats great work!! Awesome bud.
  9. Geo-Coding Forum Users so we can interact

    Just sent an email. I think it would help us all.
  10. Hey Guys, I am wondering if we can geo-code the Forum users. It is easily done on GOOGLE Maps. I would love to JUST see a map with Name and City, We don't have to get too personal, but if there are others near me (I am in East Canada) and Travel a lot... it would be great to be able to perhaps touch back with some people when I travel. It would be SO SO SO VERY simple to do. If you could even just share Name and City, I could create the map... Thoughts?
  11. Geo-Coding Forum Users so we can interact

    See that is exactly what I mean. I have no idea and have never met anyone who is around me, if there is such a thing.
  12. Got My First Complaint

    haha, yeah I tell everyone, my house is like Wiley Coyote and Sam the Sheep Dog. We both clock in at the start of trick or treating, and both check out at the end. I want my candy... they want my candy. Its time to roll.
  13. Geo-Coding Forum Users so we can interact

    No I understand, and agree. BUT... like everything else in life.. if it really doesn't give something they want, it won't be used. By having an interactive map, if for no other reason they may want to add their info to be part of the community so to speak, as there would be a practical purpose.
  14. Geo-Coding Forum Users so we can interact

    I agree, for our forum, I think we have a healthy respect. BUT when I see on a rare occasion a house blinking... its kind of a give away too. :-) BUT STILL, people should only OPT into sharing their city/province-state. And if they want to give more detail, that is fine too.
  15. Geo-Coding Forum Users so we can interact

    Yeah but it still comes down to... If I am in Las Vegas as I was a couple of months ago, or California a fewer months ago. It would be nice to look on an interactive map.. see who is around there. Having the ICON is just happen stance... IE, you stumble on a guy who happens to be in your hood. It could be multi threaded... IE, in the profile I could put My complete physical address including Postal Code (ZIP I guess for yee yanks) and could share that, or have the user just share City and Province/State or none of the above. They can send me JUST The username and what info they want to share and I could in 10 min create an interactive map... that would work. Do this 3-4 times a year to help keep it updated.. But I think it would be an awesome tool. Around Christmas/Halloween I may want to drive around so exact locations would be nice to share during that time. But even if the Map showed User ID Septon living in Fredericton NB I could then look up the user send a message and start a conversation that way... then 2 can agree to meet up yada yada. Am I making sense?
  16. Got My First Complaint

    Yup that is my goal too. I want to scare people. About 50% of the kids come to our house. My wife wants them all... I try to make it more creepy later... but all the parents love it. They come in and get the candy sometimes for their kids. Its a lot of fun.
  17. Funny comments from guests

    I have been doing this in one way or another for a long time. 10yrs.. not at first with LOR... when I discovered this... pure glee. But I had those MIDI players etc... So, last year, I am ramping up to my first RBG show... and doing like many years, ramping up my halloween and Christmas display. My daughter after watching me wiring, soldering, programming for months, every evening... comes up to me and says: "Dad... can we just have normal lights this year?" I of course am confused by the question, that I could have a Judas in my ranks... I ask... "You mean like a few lights on the roof? No music, no Fun stuff?" She said "Yeah those other houses lights are really good." I am putting 10 floods in her window this year.
  18. I am very interested in how things made out? I plan on this exact thing. Did it work out?
  19. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    wha Wha?? You are running all that off 1 x 16 pixcon? Do you have the advanced one or the http://store.lightorama.com/pipico.html That one? I am feeling the need to figure this out now. YOU RUN ALL THAT off of 1 Pixcon? Do you have any photos or vids to share? pat@septon.ca I mean.. WOW
  20. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    Hey Great SHOW. I am planning mine now, and I like how your entire thing. Love how you are using RBG. But how are you doing all that rbg with just 3 dumb? Also how are you doing the Looping lights.... (light Chasing thing) I want to do that this year, I have a long driveway and am going to do big ones over it this year. Do you have a a video of how you set it up? (I am a newb when it comes to rbg. :))
  21. I did get one. But it isn't mine to share. He did it as a favour to me (and yes, I spelled Favour with a U, the way it should be you heathens ) Hope you understand.
  22. Hey my Light Family... Last year I started the Baby its Cold outside (I love that song).. Particularly this one below. I LOVE it, and well.. I keep running out of time. I started it but now won't be ready until next year. I can trade Text me a Merry Christmas I did my first year. see below. I have this one
  23. I don't have any input but hoping it worked out for you. I can say as a network Engineer, if it were me I would re-build Crimp my cat5 Cables... a crossed pair could cause this... *** CORRECTION*** I didn't mean it would do this... but a nicked cable touching each other... I would run a new cable myself.