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  1. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    wha Wha?? You are running all that off 1 x 16 pixcon? Do you have the advanced one or the http://store.lightorama.com/pipico.html That one? I am feeling the need to figure this out now. YOU RUN ALL THAT off of 1 Pixcon? Do you have any photos or vids to share? pat@septon.ca I mean.. WOW
  2. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    Hey Great SHOW. I am planning mine now, and I like how your entire thing. Love how you are using RBG. But how are you doing all that rbg with just 3 dumb? Also how are you doing the Looping lights.... (light Chasing thing) I want to do that this year, I have a long driveway and am going to do big ones over it this year. Do you have a a video of how you set it up? (I am a newb when it comes to rbg. :))
  3. I did get one. But it isn't mine to share. He did it as a favour to me (and yes, I spelled Favour with a U, the way it should be you heathens ) Hope you understand.
  4. I don't have any input but hoping it worked out for you. I can say as a network Engineer, if it were me I would re-build Crimp my cat5 Cables... a crossed pair could cause this... *** CORRECTION*** I didn't mean it would do this... but a nicked cable touching each other... I would run a new cable myself.
  5. New York City Christmas

    Bud love that!!! Great JOB! I never heard that song before, I LOVE IT... If you are ok, I would love a copy... that is just great! pat@septon.ca
  6. Thanks Greg, I haven't gotten a chance to go over it, but if anyone else has it please share too. Gives Choices.
  7. haha RiGHT. Pat@septon.ca is my email. If someone wants that sequence they don't have to trade... I will share it of course just let me know your email.
  8. Hey my Light Family... Last year I started the Baby its Cold outside (I love that song).. Particularly this one below. I LOVE it, and well.. I keep running out of time. I started it but now won't be ready until next year. I can trade Text me a Merry Christmas I did my first year. see below. I have this one
  9. Great ideas... So, I am looking to add flood lights and DMX controllers??? Not sure really what they are, I see what I think they are haha. But don't know how to differentiate what I seen. So some ideas on that would be great as well as I would like to run SMART RBG strips I think. I am also thinking of running a tree that uses CCR??? Not sure what that is... but that spiralling tree is it?
  10. Hmm I like the idea of wireless... interesting. Thanks for the feed back.
  11. Hello all. Well, My show is up and running and I won't be doing anymore this year. This year for the first year I added RBG floods dumb and strips dumb... and man I am hooked! I want to budget to spend 1k for or through out next year. I want to buy and build some, buy and get straight from LOR too. Frankly... I think I would like a buddy... someone to help me with ideas etc... I live in Canada and in such I have snow to think about... sometimes 3' sometimes 1'. I am SUPER stoked about this year and using CAT 5 for my wiring... worked AWESOME. I am thinking of course of adding more flood lights, (covering 120' now with them along the road and driveway looks nice) but am also thinking of adding something another 16 channel plug... but would like to figure out DMX (I think I understand it, more over what it is.... ) Any ideas, links etc please feel free to help me. Hopefully after Christmas there will be a sale... even in China haha a little each month keeps the wife from beating my a**