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  1. Keeping People Out Of Your Yard??

    Ok LOVE YOUR WORK! I so am stealing some of these ideas. I swear I didn't think of making my own grave stones, but I see you just used thick Styrofoam insulation. Also, I really need to make those graves! I take it that guy who comes up from the garbage is done in the same method? I just need to find a piston? You have anything to share regarding that. I am also going to make my graveyard the same way!
  2. Hey LOR Calgary, NY Anyone in the area want to show me some of their stuff? Would love to see others and meet someone who is into this. No one around me.
  3. Light Linkers V4. Pair

    Hey BFRD22, I looked at your display. Love the Halloween ones, and the 13' tall ones at Christmas. Did you do those with the servo one? I will be in Alberta Next week... and maybe in Red Deer. You have any gear out? (Nosy neighbour thing)
  4. Keeping People Out Of Your Yard??

    Love the fence GriswoldStyle. Great idea. I have the same problem, however I decided to use it, make them walk in 1 way and out another, so they are walking through a path I planned out. It made it kind of fun for me to plan and do, and for the trick-o-treat-ers. Maybe a combo of the Griswold fence and tape... but if done right they will probably want to walk the 'trail of death'.

    I have been saying this for a bit too. I would love it if they would let us build a map with rough areas of all us LOR. I am always wondering is there someone around in places I am going. (I am going to NY in May so may stop by hq.)
  6. Dumb RGB in parallel

    The only thing I can recommend, is adding these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/RGB-Amplifier-Controller-12A-For-3528-5050-RGB-LED-Strip-Light-DC12-24V/32259913274.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.ZHYh5v I ordered them with another order of lights they didn't charge me shipping.
  7. Assistance with Design

    Oh I should say, when I was doing this last year, a lot of people said, if you are going into RBG, you should plan on Pixel. I didn't. And a lot of people said, if I do Dumb RBG I will want Smart Pixel. I do. And I am now planning my Smart RBG PIXEL. If you are thinking permanent, I do think Dumb RBG is better though.
  8. Assistance with Design

    A lot of good help on this site. I sent a PM.
  9. 2018 Spring Sale

    Oh I get it. Because i am a lazy slow bugger I have to wait. Well played.
  10. Someone to login with me and help me setup S5

    I am addicted to this guys show.
  11. This is a GREAT IDEA!! nicely done.
  12. 2018 Spring Sale

    Where can I see where my order placement is (Not that I am in a hurry... if I get it by July I am fine.. I am Canadian... Snow should be gone by then).
  13. 2018 Spring Sale

    So you're the reason I couldn't get one. (Sold out)
  14. You rock! If anyone is going to break it, it will be me. I suppose having new people to a software is a good / bad thing. Thanks
  15. Yes there are a couple of groups in there. I have the ALL Group and Side Bar group.. And the Side bar is added to the ALL Group. I have been able to stabilize of those issues and crashes by adding all my props again. I am positive though it relates to the groups when it crashes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rarekwysfbldork/LORSequencer-trace.txt?dl=0