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  1. Halloween Preview

    Thats just awesome. Great job! I feel like I need to go down this road next year. After I figure out what I have.
  2. May I have a copy too please. pat@septon.ca Thanks
  3. Strobing Floods

    Hmm can't you just create a short on off and then copy and paste it all the way? Or if you want use Twinkle?
  4. It is 2x 1.5 aa batteries.

    Wow. Thanks for this tip... I just figured out the colour chooser... (I am a graphic designer and really thought I would own RBG seeing as I practically know the numbers...) So when I ran Orange for Halloween I was testing on the new LOR floods, well... sure enough it looked green. I see it is going to be a lot of work getting this down. But great feed back on keeping the colours to 8. It is something I will ensure to focus on. (And yes Colour is spelled with a U =)

    Thats an awesome job!
  7. Hey guys, Sorry I don't know where to post this. However I just got a Ghoul with RBG eyes. And Well. I would love to be able to control them with my RBG device... I want to control all lighting at my house.So that being said, this is my first year into RBG... I DO have a good buddy who is an electrical engineer coming over, but any feed back would be great if someone has done it before. BTW - My theory is Kids want my Candy... I want my Candy... so may the best ADULT win :). I always have kids who won't come in, my wife doesn't find that funny... but I do.
  8. Thanks Jim... I knew electrically I had it right... I ensured I did. Because I am a novice at RBG I wanted to learn from someone who knew and could teach me. But try as I may, I was still in charge of software... and I became the burden in the end haha. I will have to try when I get home, I unplugged everything. Thanks for the help... I'm sure that is it. I just looked at the video again and see I had on CMD 24 on the 13-16 channel ergo unit 2 came on, but had it on later channels on the other one.
  9. ummm well to LIGHT-O-RAMA's credit, they came back to me in a very positive manor. All but stating they got my back regardless of issue. KUDOS on them. And... it MAY BE ME who is an idiot... Someone here wanted to see the hardware utility settings. LOR tech support asked if I tried other channels on that side.... I just looked and see 1-16... well... if this is a 24 channel, Either I am an idiot or it doesn't work. I am now thinking idiot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5jpwa4q9hz6x1g/Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.35.01 PM.png?dl=0 Obviously on Unit 2, I hooked up the RBG on earlier channel... and 3 and 4 on the same one, past channel 16...
  10. Yes. I have the RBG Connectors that came with the FLOOD LIGHT package I bought. it is 10Watt Floods. I used the HARDWARE utility. I turned all lights on. I now have UNITs 1, 2, 3, 4. When I turn ALL LIGHTS ON on units 1 and 2. (2 is the CMD24 that came packaged with case, power etc) all lights on both sides come on. When I turn all lights on using the same hardware utility using Units 3 and 4. Only channels 1-12 come on. When I get back I will upload a new video slower and I will take photos.
  11. Oh and I also swapped RBG lights as well... so swapped fuses, power and lights.
  12. I hear ya. You can PAUSE the video though as you are looking at items, it's not just for quoting anymore. **see what I did there... haha my kids would find me funny, well maybe not** As for failure... I am using the Hardware Utility. When I turn on Lights there, Channels from 13-24 are NOT responding. On both cards. It is why I have this post here, if it happened to me, it has to have happened to someone else. I can't have the only 2 cards of 100's where it would have happened. But I can't stress enough... I had an electrical engineer who does this as a living with me. When we seen a failure on Card 1, we rechecked our work, and before we hooked up card 2, we did all the proper tests, power, fuses... then hooked up card 2, and received same results. I am having my buddy come over and we will record all readings tonight.
  13. Hey Guys, So I just got my CMD24 cards from Light-O-Rama from the sale. Because I am a novice at RBG, I literally had an electrical engineer who literally builds cards with me. Please see Video below. I bought the Kit, and 2 separate CMD24 Cards. The 2 separate 24channel Cards channels 13-24 DO NOT WORK on either card. We swapped power supplies, we swapped fuses and on either card NONE of it made a difference. We tested all 6 fuses on the kit version, all 6 worked, we tested all 3 power supplies, all 3 worked on the kit version. I contacted (seeing as these cards were just purchased or more over just received less than a week ago) Light O Rama, they simply stated it was something we did and surmised they were done. LIGHT-O-RAMA Response ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Usually if a card working completely reverse polarity has been supplied but there can be other reasons. If you have two cards that have stopped working all together then most likely something is being done improperly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So... I imagine this happened to others if it happened to me. Can someone look at the way we hooked it up that shows what we did wrong? Someone else have the issue with this batch of cards? I honestly thought Light-O-Rama would have just stepped up... I live in this technical world and support clients all around Canada and US, shame on them. Any help please.
  14. RBG Newbie - Trianing or RBG sequence

    I can't say I understand it really... but the theory of it seems Genius! pat@septon.ca if you will. Thanks.