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  1. 5 units16 CTB16PC channel kit Hight power heatsinks don’t use any more change direction on light All working check video Plus shipping and pay by paypal Unit 1 $120 one channel not working need change # 2 ic or trac Unit 2 $130 test ok Unite 3 $120 test ok Unit 4 120 test ok Unit 5 120 test ok All 5 for575.00 https://youtu.be/tAX_OJfFiAs unit 3 https://youtu.be/EogjrckWoGw unit 1 https://youtu.be/EJnHHA73yWQ unit 4 https://youtu.be/ncJaa7EjA0w unit 2 https://youtu.be/dK1WT3rMNGI unit 5
  2. i have 6 controle lor see the link. http://diylightanimation.com/index.php?topic=15576.0
  3. Very nice! I would also like a copy, if it is available. Your hard work will be greatly appreciated dnbertin@hotmail.ca
  4. May I have a copy as well? dnbertin@hotmail.ca Thanks
  5. I send email this morning to have license or update I still waiting from them for response I need this update now Ouf Thank for reply
  6. I have S3 2.7 advance before and update to 3.10.14 just Demo I want to remove 3.10.14 to go old vision to continue to work on my sequence and put my light on tonight . I try registration on online they can find my email or name .I not lucky since 2009 i have LOR I alway have trouble for update Thank I love that software Daniel
  7. Looking to Buy USB DMX Module Address Programmer and Software (Version 2) to shipped in Canada Thank DAn
  8. I'm trying to figure the wiring usb to RJ45 and programmer I went to holidayCoro.com USB DMX I try to buy Module Address Programmer and Software (Version 2) I can't They don't shipping to Canada So I need figure something by myself To Bad Thank DAn
  9. I don't know if I right place to ask this question. I have mega tree 1512 channel 12 string 42 pixel each . I have all my string connect to ssc and to 1 smart string Hub . I using Nutcracker to make some effect on ma mega tree .everything good ok .When open my LOR sequence editor ,open my file ,ok. Now I have to do some setting for my channel DMX universe 1 .But i just have 512 channel on universe 1 so .So I need 2 more universe to get my 1512 channel Did I need 2 more Hub or is there something I don't know??? Or can I set my Hub on 3 universe same time??? Or some setting in my LOR software For my Arches no problem because lower 512 channel Sorry for my English Dan
  10. Danbel


    wbottomley wrote: Canadian's too:dude::dude::dude::dude::dude::dude::dude:
  11. Denis Chaput wrote: Sa regard bien j'aime bien ce site Ce que j'ai MY new hobby this year4 Etherdongle Kit assembled flashed Pixelnet 2 USB DMX Dongle V 2 assembled flashed Pixelnet Plus USB DMX 1 RPM 90 Smartstring controller kits 6 Smart String Hub w 12v kit really to play 6 controller LOR et plusieur autre equipement jai pas commencer a soude 900 pixel node maybe more Lumière je sais plus et beaucoup travaille a programmer surtout avec les pixel node Je saie pas si je update avec Superstars BY LOR ou LSP et xlight .je sais il faut que je fait vitre avec mon nouveau setup j'ai beaucoup programmation a faire (Sequence) Merci Deni POur le site du haut je vais regarder va plus pres Merci
  12. Denis Chaput wrote: Sorry guy wasn't me 'he was my older boy he was trying helping me with software I need for my pixel light I told him that we need to read in forum before ask question and then try find answer I knows there difference software on Market Yes we are acadian french from the east coast Thank Denis to explains that to member Merci Denis Ok Denis j'ai programme LOR J'ai dit a mon garçon peut-être acheter le programme LSP .Mais avant il faut que je vérifier des choses avant Merci:D
  13. Need Some one half sequence of xmax tree i looking just haft sequence be good enough I till find out that and why is working and with software i shout buy thank Ii never working with pixel node I put to mush money inside How I need to programme all that for the software I have hard time desire with SOFTWARE TO GET LOR or LSP Thant I had 90 ssc and 5 ssh 9 125 node PIXEL 5 ERTERNET PISELPIXEL ETC''' 6 lor 16PC 2 DIY LL
  14. Thank For you help Bob now I know what to do Everything ok now ,:cool::cool:
  15. I try flew thing nothing to stop my Listener.bmp always working back my windows . Sometime is flich my windows .I have nothing on, no DMX no programme running Where my Device Manager.bmp DMX Listener Port set to where I go to put off Attached files
  16. I try to close my Comm Listener always on Close all LOR programmer 'Look inside control panel didn't find anything to close that programer :X:X Daniel Attached files
  17. I would like to able to use my DMX not IDMX Because idmx VERY EXPENSIVE .Because it might take few few week before S3 comming out I know in S3 I be able to use my DMX dongle For now it would be nice to have driver install in S2 so we can use DMX Dongle etc... I have few RGB and I need my DMX to play those light . I don,t want to go with LPS or Vixen I love LOR I use to that programmed
  18. Well if nothing come out in future month for software I might start to look difference direction I going with RGB pixel this year i need a good software Come on Dan you need to make big move Fast or Update that go on
  19. Jim Saul wrote: I should was 2 3 on sale went my new board for pixel are in keep my aadresse check in 1 mouth I have I HAVE HARD TIME FINE SOME BOARD for my light RGB Pixel:cool:
  20. jimswinder wrote: Me too I am waiting for something come out I put all mini light off and go for RGB and RGB pixel I am go to need few board for RBG pixel, faster I can get them faster start to work with them .I hope new software LOR come out few month before Halloween I go to need few new setting before intalle everything on I looking to spent few $$$$ this years :D
  21. Nice ! thank for sharing :] Give me some good ides:cool: But no DC board for me I think I go with DMX this year I waiting for new software S3 come out to see that DMX i need If we still go to need that IDMX for LOR .Nice projet
  22. For the new software did we still go to need iDMX for lor to controle another dmx I have few dmx I didn't buy iDMx yet for LOR Thank:?
  23. cenote wrote: pssst., I ordered NON-pixel stuff, RGB stings. Shhhhheeeee, it's a secrete....
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