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  1. David, This is my first year to use a pixlite 16 controller. I use one universe for each channel, which worked out great and was easy. All are the same IP address and the the beginning of each universe starts with 1 and ends at 50. I used Advatak light assistant http://www.advateklights.com/resources/ to get it all working. I'm still working out issues though, like one string doesn't work except for four pixels and another will light half way up. As for sequencing, I made and saved template first in LOR sequencer. This way, later down the road i can copy and paste without having to start from scratch. I first added my 2 16Ch controlers and then added my 16 universes and converted the universes to RGB's. I then just copied and pasted on universe at a time. I hope this helps. Oh, and if any of you know why I'm having the failure in my light strings, I open for any and all suggestions. Happy lighting!
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