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  1. Experiment with the different tools; then cancel or delete. I use the CCR Draw tool instead of the Draw Pixel Tool. It does not matter (squares, bullets or bulbs) Also, I have no response for sequence playback in the visualizer of anything over 50 pixels per unit ID. I'm guessing this issue will resolve when we upgrade to S5.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0hGKm5V29U Created in S4, lms file to above song, 5 node Pixel Stake Jumps only (the boing boing boing parts) LOR Pixie2 powered : HC Peace Stakes and 5 node strings I thought it would be fun! I don't expect much interest for this.
  3. I stake some with rebar, some with plastic C9 bulb holder stakes, and some with just ten penny nails stuck in the ground. I ordered 1/4" driveway snow stakes that I will cut in half. I like the orange stake idea so I don't trip on them. They look really great at night. I think this is going to be cool effect. The jumping effect is really special when added to the song "We Wish You A Merry Xmas Techno."
  4. https://thechristmaslightemporium.com/collections/5mm-strobe-light-strands
  5. I use them all. 5mm WW, Red, Green. C9 LED & Xenon, C7 Xenon. I also tried inline flat strobe strings. The 5mm really add a nice pop and twinkle when called for. And they fade (dim). Sealed and fullwave. I do not try and position them. They can be seen well enough from every angle.
  6. Very Interesting. I will upgrade to S5 after this year. In S4, I usually sequence at .05 in the timing, (starting with beat wizard as the default). In the .05 timing I tried sequencing the stakes at 5 node groups, then offsetting the next 10 groups by .05. That gets the wave effect across the stakes. Sort of the chasing effect but with 5 node grouping. Regarding the jumping, I watched the Peace Family videos and with alot of pausing. I noticed a pattern of 2-3-2 on the stake vertically. It starts as 2 nodes on at the bottom, then the next .05 is 3, then the last .05 is 2 top nodes: then back down. Basically played with it to get the desired effect. How do you stake those stakes to the ground? 3/8" rebar? Giant Landscape Nail? Happy Thanksgiving, BTW!
  7. Good Morning James, Could I please have the LMS version. Thank You for you work and time CLL@gmx.us "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  8. So you guys are saying that if you add a pixie16 or a pixcon16 to your display and assign it a starting ID number that it automatically assigns the next 15 unit ID's counting in the hex format? So one unit ID per output? Make sure there is no overlap of ID's or some units won't work.
  9. I sequence everything SE also. I don't have superstar. When I added it as a device it added the 3 RGB channels and 2 strobe channels. I use the color fade tool if I am not happy with the basic RGB colors or the combo of those which are like yellow, turquoise, purple. Also, the unit ID's are shared, not individual, so I don't copy and paste these.
  10. I used a file to file down the bladed part of the male vampire plug so it would fit into the female end of a light string. Also I have added female vampire plugs as "in line" by filing out the plug so the cord can run straight through.
  11. Sounds like you will be done in time and it will be glorious! I moved my show start date to December 1st to give me that extra few days, just in case. Of course It doesn't end after setup. There is that troubleshooting thing. I like to count the number of bins all my stuff is packed in and take one day to install each. I begin the the first week of November. Have fun and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
  12. Velcome from Pa. I use S4 still. Very soon you will get suggestions to troubleshoot your issue. Be patient. The pixie2 needs to be configured properly for both strings or all strings or ports. Additionally, controller ID's have to be the same in your sequence and pixie units so they know how to play. Dig deeper in the Hardware Utility (HU) and see if you missed something in configuration of the Pixie.
  13. I have empty space in the yard (shocker) and liked the Peace Pixel Stake idea at 5 nodes high but I wanted to power it with a LOR CCC-II. So I acquired 20, premade 12v, 5 node Peace Stake Light strings from HC. Also TWO HC female pigtail with nuts and the Peace Light coro (very clever BTW) to mount the nodes. From LOR I acquired TWO short 12v CCC-II extensions and cut it in half because I needed the male pigtails with nuts to marry the two piggies together so I could connect the LOR port out to the HC in. I added all 100 nodes and their corresponding length of wires to port one. NO color loss as I had no issues using the HU. Very pleased with the color output and looking forward to placing more of these in the yard using the smaller LOR CCC-II controllers. Anybody else use these?
  14. I like Elden's looks! Of the four, my wife thinks I look like Elden, weird. The idea of having the images any color buy using the CCP2 pixels sounds great. Where are the videos of Elden in action? So I need to match an 'Elden MotionPak' to a sequenced song I already use, copy and paste it in, then I need to configure in HU advanced screen, the Elden choice, so the CCP2 works correctly? When you buy a MotionPak is it specific to Elden?
  15. I was having coffee with a friend this morning and noticed their fresh new website. So I said, "I like your updated website! Nice Job!" Have you noticed? Thanks LOR
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