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  1. I am using 3X Tomshine 80 watt total (50 watt LED) moving heads this season to replace the 3x 30 watt total ( 10 watt LED) moving heads from previous years. I had no luck searching online for a user manual that gave the DMX numbers. So I created it and attached it in .pdf if you need it. Ross Tomshine 80W Total Moving Head 11 Channel Setup.pdf
  2. jw, I like the candle idea using the peace stakes. I will work on adding that into a sequence. Just curious, the #5 flicker bullet, is that a yellow or white and does that shimmer or twinkle? I will have a complete set of stakes in this year's show (40 total stakes, 20 on each string of the pixie II). That takes up or covers the whole front yard area. BTW I am still using S4 this season. Ross
  3. What, Wut? You mean the 50W UV lights from LOR kill germs at 390nm? As well as give you a tan? I have to read that article again. I could program the light to come on every night in my kitchen and sanitize everything the light touches. I wonder how long you have to leave it on? There must be study.
  4. I just acquired 2x Tomshine 80w moving heads at 90.45 each on ebay with free shipping. They arrived timely and work as described. I put them on a Killowatt meter and they are indeed 50watt LED power and up to 80watt total power depending on the action. Compared to the 8watt LED, 30watt total units I used the last two years, these are bright. Tomshine 80w tot 50w LED I do like the look and feel of the front buttons. The display options are unique. They have a blackout mode. I am using This DMX unit .
  5. Update: Success! So I acquired the two examples above (the dmx board and the adapters). *UNPLUG* the CCF50 (CF50D); you have to take the back off. 4 screws and separate from the seal. Then gently spread open so you can disconnect the two cat5 cables. Then you can open enough to get to the dip switches and the jumper block (page 14/15). The dip switches are set to all off and the jumpers are all set to LOR configuration. You need to move the jumpers over to the DMX configuration (over and down one) (look at the board it tells you there how to set it up). Then set the dip switches to the DMX channels needed (page 16 & 21). tip: remember there are 12 dip switches and only the first 9 are used to set DMX channels, reading left to right. The dmx board I acquired says, fixture CCF50 one can only be up to 16 channels of DMX. Since the CCF50 only has 5 channels, that fits (dip switch 9 on). So fixture CCF50 two starts at DMX 17 (dip switch 5, 9 on) see page 21 Appendix A. Fixture CCF50 three starts at DMX 33 (dip switch 4, 9 on), etc. It works! Yeah! Then I went and bought a Donner Wireless DMX Now Wireless! It works!
  6. DMX Controller ; Dmx to cat5 adapter ; These two links are to ebay examples of the dmx controller and the adapter that I think I need to be able to control Cosmic Color Flood 50w outside of LOR S4. I have four CCF50 that I want to use for some stage lighting at the spring HS musical. The documentation on the LOR website says that one CCF50 will occupy the first 5 channels in DMX on the same universe. So CCF light one would be Channel 1-5 & light two would be Channel 6-10, etc as they would be daisy chained through the cat5. Does the unit ID need to be something or does that not matter since I would not be using LOR software? Will this work? What thoughts have you to offer? Thanks all.
  7. I also have used clipped out vampire plugs without any issues except the occasional cover of the plug slipping off center. thank you
  8. Ok I understand, thanks. Now, if I want two vampire plugs on one channel of SPT wire, do you recommend two seperate SPT wires crimped in one +/- spade connector or do you recommend an inline vampire plug attached to the same SPT channel (giving two plug in points per channel). background: I currently have an outdoor three way connected to the end of the 3 wire black rubber pigtails. Very heavy and bulky.
  9. I want to convert my several CTB16PC 16 black heavy power cables/pigtails to SPT1 or SPT2 wire with vampire plugs. Getting rid of the weight and stiffness of the black three prong pigtails. I have already removed one power cable with a jumper in the controller. All LED lights used. How do I handle the common/ground (white/green) wire issue? Where do I plug them in on the board? I have seen a photo of the conversion somewhere on this site. Can't find it. Thanks
  10. Are the 126 pixels horizontal as part of one port? I'm guessing LOR bullets at 50 per string. So you have cut them down or are 24 bullets turned off? 7938 active bullets? Thanks, just trying to get ideas.
  11. Phil, your lights say 60watt. Have you actually taken a watt meter to them? I have seen 60w heads advertised at the same price as 30 watt heads but the actual LED light wattage is in question. For example, my total 30 watt head only actually has an 8 watt LED in it. And the total wattage never gets above 26. Looks exactly like yours. There must be different 'electrical standards' in China
  12. Eric, I made a bracket out of wood that I countersunk and screwed to the bottom of the head where the metal bracket would be. Then I mounted thumb screws and sunk the nut into the overhang.
  13. I see there are no suggestions yet. Have you resolved this on your own? I don't know if this is a S5 issue. I use S4. or a sequencing issue.
  14. So far so good! I will bring them inside if the weather is going to be bad but they do perform fine in the light mist or fog.
  15. https://vimeo.com/305115771 I opened these up and unplugged the fan. Thanks for the tip. Merry 3rd day of Christmas!
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