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  1. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    Pixie2D Unit ID stays at #01

    I learned from Mr. P also, as you can see!
  2. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    Pixie2D Unit ID stays at #01

    yes. also the jumpers in the yellow box are correct.
  3. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    Pixie2D Unit ID stays at #01

    I remove the jumper on JP5 to fully control the board from the HU. go into the advanced tab under CONFIG to set the details for your board, like BRG to RGB.
  4. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    Pixie2D Unit ID stays at #01

    nope, In your photo above, the ID/ADDR is set to unit id 01 (see dip switch no. 8) if that dip switch is not set to off, then the unit id will default to one 01.
  5. Maybe LOR can give all members in good standing 5GB of space to upload video. Then we can dump noogle youtube, vimeo and facebutt. I'm guessing LOR already pays the fee for the music rights.
  6. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    CCB Sequencing Help Needed

    if you insert device into sequence, depending on one unit id or two, S1 would have 150 plus macros and S2 would be starting at 161 plus macros. But two unit id's would be 150 plus macros.
  7. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    CCB Sequencing Help Needed

    maybe something is wrong with the circuit numbers. if you have one unit id the circuits climb to 300's. if you have two unit id's the circuits climb into 150's each unit id. Nice screen capture by the way
  8. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    COsmic Bulbs not working

    I don't want you to think nobody replies...I use CCB's and CCBII's. I am not familiar with 25 bulbs on each string. I use 50/50 each string, but it should be similar. It sounds to me like a programming issue. When you added the strings to your sequence, you had to tell it how many bulbs. At the very bottom of the number of bulbs, or channels, there are macro channels. These channels, if they have any sort of information in them, will mess with the programming. If you do not use macro channels, (like I do not), then they have to be cleared of any mistakes or unintended programming.
  9. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    Suggestions for building Leaping Arches and Starbursts

    Speedster, this may sound dumb, but I am thinking that 1"pvc for your arch, if sch40, may be hard to get a good bend out of it when placing it over the rebar anchors. I actually heat my arches up one at a time with a hairdryer (blow it one end out the other) just before I take it outside and install it. That way it doesn't crack. Which I learned the hard way. A 10' pvc pipe will bend nicely to a gap width of 7'. My 4 ten foot 1" pvc leapers with eight sections each are anchored over top of a3/4"- 8' rebar hammered into the ground three feet. I slide them over the rebar straight up! I left a foot at the bottom of the pvc for snow coverage.
  10. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    The variety of music in light shows is interesting

    Sequencing a song is fun and rewarding. Sometimes my kids ask if I can sequence a non Christmas song. They might have been playing it in marching band which ends right before light up season. Like Star Wars. Who am I to disappoint kids. Especially my own. I insert non Christmas songs for fun on "Wacky Wednesdays!" My viewers don't mind and a few only come on Wednesday because of the variety.
  11. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    2018 Spring Sale

    I fell asleep in my chair at 8:50 pm and woke up at 12:30 just trying not to stub my toe on the way to bed. Saturday morning it dawned on me about the sale and I was able to order a few things. But not after I had trouble trying to use PayPal. What a pain in the bulb. I gave up and used American Express. When's the summer sale?
  12. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    Cosmic Color Controller II - Add additional pixel string

    so last year you bought one new CCB-II & one new CCP-II with 50 bulbs on each string and 50 pixels on each string? Now you want to add 50 more bulbs or pixels for a total of 100 per string? The new CCB-II & CCP-II controllers are 12v. They have an end on them that allows one other 12v 3 pin connection. Is this what you are asking? LOR sells CCB-II with 100 bulbs or pixels each side. You would have to configure your controller for 100 per sting. I think the default is 100 per string. The controller will handle 100 total or 200 total. Same controller.
  13. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    reduce your size

    I'm impressed with the size of the CCB2 controllers and those controllers in that category. For someone who uses all led lights in their display and hardly draws many amps, I find the 16 channel residential controllers to be bulky and harder to store away. I have reduced the power wires down to one with power jumpers in my controllers. Going from two main power wires to one. That saved some wiring. Maybe I can make my own pigtails out of SPT wire and vampire plugs. Has anyone done that? I was hoping that the overall size and weight of them would be reduced as a purchase option. If they could get as small as CCB2 controllers, I'd buy em!
  14. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    DMX to LOR RGBW Moving heads

    I have two moving heads running through actidongle 2. The LOR test console does not work for me because I am going thru the actidongle2. I have mounted the heads upside down under my garage door frames (I added a plate with thumb screws to the bottom of easy removal) and determined the dmx values based on resting position and where I want the beams to point. Different low cost heads have different channel configurations. i.e. 9/11 vs. 11/13. Trial and error seems to work best in the SE. If the values of dmx are low, they are very hard to see in the SE, using ramps or not. I found that the random color setting and random or auto GOBO setting gets me through many sequencing decisions. Patterns for sequencing do seem to appear the more you sequence. I believe it would be extremely hard to share sequences for moving head sequencing due to the variety of channel configurations out there. BTW, most of the low end ebay moving heads are only a 10w led and the beam angle is wide as you get farther away. Also they don't move well in the real cold. As I found out. https://youtu.be/NQx2Qfo5t9U
  15. Crimson Lane Lights Etown

    LOR AND Holiday coro dmx

    Peter, I am curious. Are you using two different usb ports on your computer or a hub? One for LOR RS485 adapter and One for Holiday Coro Actidongle 2? What are you using the dmx actidongle for? Moving head spot lights? Are you using the 3 pin XLR plug or the Ethernet port? I guess your software is advanced or pro. Thanks Ross