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  1. ERIC, How does one go about programming the moving heads? I bought two moving heads to try two years ago and now use them in my show. I use LOR to program/sequence through a Holiday Coro actidongle. Each light you buy has features and can be very different on how they operate. you must review the manual that comes with your heads. Once you have that in front of you, you can click on the DMX button in each sequence and add the values that you want to achieve. Like pan, tilt, on, color, automatic. I don't use all the channels that come with the heads. Add the device like any other in your sequence DMX Universe first, of course. If, i.e. Red color is value 210 in your heads manual, then you have to add 210 to your sequence where you want it to be red.
  2. David, I too use USB485B & actidongle in separate usb ports off the laptop. I had glitches until I changed LOR network speed to 115.4k. What's your Network Speed?
  3. Wait... the box comes in white? hehe Merry Christmas!
  4. I'm not an expert yet, but curious...if you are 500k then you have an enhanced adapter connected to your usb port not the 485 standard adapter? sorry if this sounds dumb.
  5. Buzz, in the sequence editor, with a sequence open and loaded, right click on your channel configuration on the left side. Chose insert device above or below. select cf50d as the device. Then the channels will be there to chose the colors needed for sequencing. Play around with different choices you'll get it.
  6. Buzz, I use two 50's. Mounted under the center of each garage door pointed down mounted year round. The color that they throw is deep and I have tan garage door color. Depending on where you want to throw the color and how intense you want it to look, would determine how many 50's. I say buy 2 at 25 feet per unit coverage. Also, Use all the controllers at the same time. You will be an expert at sequencing and wish you had more channels as well as the upgraded license.
  7. yes. also the jumpers in the yellow box are correct.
  8. I remove the jumper on JP5 to fully control the board from the HU. go into the advanced tab under CONFIG to set the details for your board, like BRG to RGB.
  9. nope, In your photo above, the ID/ADDR is set to unit id 01 (see dip switch no. 8) if that dip switch is not set to off, then the unit id will default to one 01.
  10. Maybe LOR can give all members in good standing 5GB of space to upload video. Then we can dump noogle youtube, vimeo and facebutt. I'm guessing LOR already pays the fee for the music rights.
  11. if you insert device into sequence, depending on one unit id or two, S1 would have 150 plus macros and S2 would be starting at 161 plus macros. But two unit id's would be 150 plus macros.
  12. maybe something is wrong with the circuit numbers. if you have one unit id the circuits climb to 300's. if you have two unit id's the circuits climb into 150's each unit id. Nice screen capture by the way
  13. I don't want you to think nobody replies...I use CCB's and CCBII's. I am not familiar with 25 bulbs on each string. I use 50/50 each string, but it should be similar. It sounds to me like a programming issue. When you added the strings to your sequence, you had to tell it how many bulbs. At the very bottom of the number of bulbs, or channels, there are macro channels. These channels, if they have any sort of information in them, will mess with the programming. If you do not use macro channels, (like I do not), then they have to be cleared of any mistakes or unintended programming.
  14. Speedster, this may sound dumb, but I am thinking that 1"pvc for your arch, if sch40, may be hard to get a good bend out of it when placing it over the rebar anchors. I actually heat my arches up one at a time with a hairdryer (blow it one end out the other) just before I take it outside and install it. That way it doesn't crack. Which I learned the hard way. A 10' pvc pipe will bend nicely to a gap width of 7'. My 4 ten foot 1" pvc leapers with eight sections each are anchored over top of a3/4"- 8' rebar hammered into the ground three feet. I slide them over the rebar straight up! I left a foot at the bottom of the pvc for snow coverage.
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