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  1. doga78

    Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Can I get a copy please!? doga78@sbcglobal.net
  2. doga78

    First Of The Year Dubstep

    If you're still sharing, may I have a copy too please. Thanks guillemin78@aol.com
  3. doga78


    Thank you for sharing. I would also like a copy of Mary did you know! Thanks, guillemin78@aol.com
  4. doga78

    12 CCR sequences

    If you are willing to share I would love to have them, Thanks Alejandro guillemin78@aol.com
  5. doga78

    Peanuts Mix

    Thanks again !
  6. doga78

    Polar Express Hot Chocolate

    May we have a copy too? Thank you for sharing! guillemin78@aol.com Alejandro
  7. doga78

    Peanuts Mix

    James, I'd appreciate a copy and any other xmas sequences you're sharing. Do you have a link of your Show? Thanks a bunch, guillemin78@aol.com Alejandro
  8. doga78

    I'm sharing a 16 ccr tree sequence

    Would love a copy, Thanks for sharing in Advance.. guillemin78@aol.com
  9. doga78

    2014 Christmas Light Show

    your timings are excellent! Thanks for sharing, I would like a copy if you are still sharing. guillemin78@aol.com Thanks in advance
  10. doga78

    Skrillex Dubstep Mashup

    Hey snilax Can I please get a copy of skrillex sequences and music to guillemin78@aol.com Thank you Ale
  11. doga78

    Just finished: A Mad Russian Christmas 12CCR

    Could I get a copy also? Thanks guillemin78@aol.com
  12. doga78

    Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

    Thank you )
  13. doga78

    Music Box dancer for Arches

    I would love a copy of your arch sequence please guillemin78@aol.com Thanks in advance for sharing