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  1. My apologies, I STRUGGLE with electricity. On the LCD, in the Setup Mode for Frequency, it notes the Frequency on the top line and then the second line notes the current VCO Voltage. I am looking at page 26 of the Owner's Manual, yet there are no further steps noting what action needs to be taken to reduce the VCO Voltage to a level less than 9.9V (which is apparently where the unit will Lock and be useable). I'm sorry if I am not making sense, I may just need to call the Ramsey folks on Monday.
  2. I cannot get the Ramsey to intentionally go below 10.0V and thus it will not lock. Occasionally it will go to 1.6V, etc, but will not stay. Any thoughts?
  3. Philnuffer. Thank you for the info, it is most helpful.
  4. Dgrant. Thank you so much for the info and follow up. Great stuff.
  5. Santas Helper...no worries whatsoever. After all, your busy season is ramping up!
  6. Santas Helper - how do I shut it off at the end of the night and start it again the next day? I do not have it hooked up to a computer and am using Ready to Go sequences (first year and all).
  7. Mr. Earle, currently my mini is powered through the Cat connected to my controller. Please advise as to how you have your system setup.
  8. Rayburn...thank you for spelling it out...K.I.S.S. I greatly appreciate everyone's help. Thank you
  9. oops = By using a three way plug into one extension cord going into an outlet, this would be close to maxing the wall outlet. I meant to say... = By using a three way plug into one extension cord (assuming said cord was rated for 30 amps), this WOULD max the wall outlet and trip the breaker. Am I even in the parking lot to the ballpark of getting this right?
  10. dgrant: for the exercise... = let's assume I am pushing 14 amps all at once on each side (which I'm not as I have been using a Kill a Watt device and LEDs). = Each side of the Controller is rated to 15 amps - so I am still OK at the controller - correct? = By using a three way plug into one extension cord going into an outlet, this would be close to maxing the wall outlet? Please advise as to the potential issues of using the three way (assuming my extension cord could handle the amps).
  11. Thank you all so much for the insight you have provided here on the forum, great stuff! GOAL: I want to use a timer to turn on the Controller. QUESTION: Given that there are two cords (one from each side of the controller), do I just run each cord to the timer and then plug the timer into an extension cord plugged into the outlet? 1 - LOR 16 Channel Controller 1 - miniDirector/MP3 Player 1 - Ramsey FM30 transmitter 1 - knucklehead who knows nothing about electricity other than switching on a light switch. I also know that sparks happen and it disintegrates steel when you use wire cutters to cut a live line. Sincerely, Clark W. Griswold, III
  12. CBirnley

    power supply

    The disclaimer at the bottom of the description is AWESOME!!!
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