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  1. I have never ever had an issue with LOR either. They are by far the best out there. That's why I have used them for so long and pay a little extra just for their great reputation and customer service when or if you do have a problem. But today I did submit a ticket under billing for an item that already had a tech/repair ticket. Apparently opening more than one ticket for an item is a NO NO.... And whoever I was speaking with sure let me know it. They didn't bother to answer my question but I am now well aware that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I to open more than 1 ticket on an item....
  2. Does anyone here know how to get in touch directly with Dan at Light O Rama? Opened a trouble ticket with LOR last week and I was extremely pleased with how things went. Today I attempted to find out how to make a payment for my replacement items and it went downhill dramatically from there. Just wanted to make him aware of how his help desk staff is handling customers that are trying to pay for items.
  3. Has anyone else had problems with their CCR controllers not working out of the box? I ordered 6 CCRs for my roof line this year. I put them up and turned them on and three ribbons would flash and then stay on. I contacted LOR and the help desk sent out new ribbons. I took the CCR's that stayed on down replaced them with the new ribbons LOR sent and have the same problem. I contacted LOR and explained that the problem persists with the replacement ribbons, and It is obviously a controller issue. Because when I took a controller from my ccr tree and tested the three CCR's the problem was resolved. Now the problem is, I'm told by LOR that they have no CCR controllers to replace the defective units that were sent to me.... How does LOR run out of controllers at this time of year. Wouldn't LOR know this is the time of year they are going to have problems that show up. And have extra inventory on hand.
  4. James could I get a copy also. Thanks in advance. yurevn2009@yahoo.com
  5. Ken, That was one of the first things I tried. They all showed the correct unit ID's. And 1.17 firmware. But to be safe I readdressed them all and updated the firmware to 1.17 again. Also checked the configuration. All looked good to start with, but thought that may be the problem. But that didn't do the trick either. Apparently they just decided they were all going on strike last night..... Good news is there back on the job today....
  6. Well, it seems the problem is fixed. I wish that I could tell everyone that I know how to solve this problem. But to be honest I have no idea why the quit working. And even less of an idea of how they began to work again. After spending several hours last night trouble shooting different settings and trying different configurations with Frank Farmer (Great guy. Thanks for the help). We were both out of ideas. So I gave up and went to bed. When I got home today, I went straight to work on figuring out the problem. And wouldn't you know it. Started a show and everything is working just fine now.... So if anyone else runs into the same problem, my suggestion is SLEEP ON IT.................LOL.
  7. Frank, Everything looks good. Yes I power cycled the pc.
  8. I was getting random flashing, etc. from my ccr tree last night. So I unloaded LOR and reset each of the 12 ccr controllers. Now my show comes on and the tree does not work at all. All ccr controllers have power. And I can find all 6 on the 2 separate networks. My regular LOR network and all 8 controllers are working fine but I have no CCR's. Just the 6 channel star on top of the ccr tree. Hopefully it's something simple and I can get a quick answer. I have cars lined up outside.......
  9. I have a short sequence that is looks like a decorated Christmas tree for my 12 string CCR tree with all 6 channels of the star on. It's only a 26 second sequence. I have everything up and was testing my show and this is the only sequence that wont work. The control panel says: Loading compressed sequence. Then says starting Musical sequence. Then I get a windows media player error: saying it cannot find the file. And it closes the sequence and starts another one This sequence plays fine in superstar. And I then exported it to Sequence editor. Any ideas. I'm sure its something simple, that I'm just overlooking. I went in an added the music file again. That did not fix the problem.
  10. All controllers have been updated to the latest firmware. 500k is selected on all of them.
  11. I'm sure I'm missing something simple but the Hardware utility will not find my ccr controllers when they are daisy chained. I am using Comm 4 for an AUX. Network. I have Comm 3 assigned for my regular network that will run 6 regular LOR controllers, Comm 4 will be Aux. network A with 6 CCR's, and Comm 5 will be Aux. network B with 6 CCR's. This is the first time I have hooked up more than 1 CCR at a time. I select comm 4 and refresh and it shows 0 controllers. So I checked for them individually and it recognized all 6. Each with the correct unit id 07-OC. I started over just hooking up unit 07 it was found. I added unit 08. It was found along with 07. When I added unit 09 to the 07 and 08. The Hardware utility would not find any of them. Like I said I'm sure I'm just over looking something simple. Hopefully someone can get me pointed in the right direction. Thanks,
  12. Does anyone know of a power supply that is capable of running 6 CCR's. That is also rated for a temp lower than -4 F. I like the supplies Frank is using but I'm worried that -4 F might not be low enough. And I cant seem to find any that are rated for lower temp's.
  13. Utb ghost- Have you checked prices online. I used metalsdepot.com and the price for all the aluminum and shipping was around 400.00. You might want to check them out.
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