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  1. If FPP supports triggers, or if you can mod the GPIO of the pi, and set it to trigger all the sequences, Why not just run a twisted pair between all of the controllers and simply trigger with a switch, or Relay connected to timer? If FPP doesn't support triggers, what about running a few 50 dollar dell netbooks, with the lor dongle and input pup connected, and THEN twisted pair all of them together, triggered by switch/relay connected to timer.
  2. I personally install a cord clamp in place of the bushing on the bottom of the lor box and after installing the cat 5, tighten em up to prevent this from happening!
  3. Can I please get a copy? xxgmanxx@charter.net
  4. I'd love to see what you have done. All of my CCR sequences were purchased as well. If you dont mind, would you email them to xxgmanxx@charter.net
  5. Xxgmanxx@charter.net please send me a copy
  6. I made wood frames that are a tight fit, and stapled the lights to those.
  7. Report Number: GL01 Module: Superstar Sequencer Software Version: 4.2.2 OS Version: Windows 7 x64 ultimate Description: Noticed a new bug in Super Star sequencer, When taking a purchased sequence and exporting it to a DMX Tree, Not packed, 100 pixels per string, with balanced export set, the .lms does not contain the balanced output to account for cool white based pixels, where as 4.2.0 did. When displayed in visualizer, it is all in full range as well Repeatability: Constant
  8. Well I thought I had this issue solved, but it seems now no matter what I export, im getting invalid character in attribute value (Unicode 0x1) errors. Even after deleting effects at the end.
  9. Disregaurd, after changing a few things in the vis, and rolling the dice it fixed itself.
  10. Soooo Recently after playing with export as intensity data, I reverted to legacy format and started getting the following errors; invalid character in attribute value (Unicode 0x1) and Invalid end centisecond for last replacement event: 26075; channel is 26073 centiseconds. I have tried using different vis files as the pair with the same results. Please help! s4-2015-caneway.lee
  11. Wanted to post this here as well as the open beta comments. With my own personal display, I find that when using the instant sequencer I am quite limited when assigning sequencing rows to TCM's. It would be quite nice to have the option for somewhere between 6-8 total TCM's under instant sequence to easily split up my different "ribbons". Currently my Mega tree uses TCM one, then my roof line on TCM2, then my arches on TCM3, but this leaves really not many options for my rgb mini trees along with the rest of my house lay out. I see this as something I’m sure many other superstar users find themselves having to battle with. This would also help with making superstar less blinky when using it to handle a mix of RGB and regular lighting as we can assign the regular lights to seperate TCM's. Just another 'it would be nice' request. Thanks.
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