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  1. Does any one have and willing to share Oh Santa by Mariah Carey? If so, would you please send the .lms to CanelaLights@outlook.com? I only have 64 analog channels (totally old school).
  2. Would you be so kind to send the file to me too? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  3. Would you be so kind to send the file to me too? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  4. Did you have any luck? I am looking for Never Enough and Come Alive. If you have these, would you be so kind to send the file to me too? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  5. Would you be so kind to send the file to me too? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  6. I may have asked in another thread, but just in case...would you be so kind to send the file to me too? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  7. Would you be so kind to send the file to me too? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  8. Does anyone have any of the newer Frozen songs by any chance? Ring in the Season, That time of year? If so would you be so kind to send the file to me too? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  9. Would you be so kind to send the file to me too? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  10. May I have a copy as well? CanelaLights@outlook.com.
  11. Is there a way to create a second network with a separate ELL network and join the two networks via network switch connection for the purpose of one synchronized LOR show? I can easily run CAT5 for the RGB element I want on our roof, but this is the issue: I have areas in my display that are detached (swale between the sidewalk and road) that are about 100' from the current controller; that would be some lengthy CAT5s, not to mention running another PVC under a two-car driveway to connect the controller. For the analog channels I just ran SPT1 the entire distance (I only use LEDs) and ran a PVC under the sidewalk to run the 16 channels. I wanted to add RGB floods (facing up) to the top of our 16' palms which would require the controller to be mounted to the trunk of the trees and had planned on getting a few of the CTB04-PC-ELLs and using crossover cables to a bridge for the DMX lights. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If I am way off on my logic, I would also appreciate getting pointed in the right direction as to how to transition from analog to DMX or having both elements in a single display.
  12. While on the subject of EZ Light Linkers, do these transmit for RGB use? I have the typical analog set up and would like to plan accordingly for incorporating an RGB element. My four residential (16 ch each) controllers are all controlled via the EZ Light Linker connected to the laptop in the garage; saved me a ton in CAT5 cable costs and issues. I was wondering if I could just add an EZ light linker to the RGB controller to connect it to the network or if I really need to directly connect the controller to the laptop via a network switch.
  13. If any one has received the sequence and would like to share it, would you please send it to CanelaLights@outlook.com? Getting down to the wire...
  14. 75redman, I am not sure if you sent the sequence to canelalights@outlook.com, but if you would not mind, would you please send the sequence? I checked my spam folder and have not received anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. If you are still sharing, please send the file to canelalights@outlook.com. Anything to cut down on programming time! Thanks.
  16. OMG! THANK YOU!!!! I only have 96 channels, no RGB, and am looking to shortcut programming for this year's holiday show. I really appreciate your sharing. I will start working into my display and will try to remember to post the video when it is done.
  17. I caught my Queen of the Winter Night on the way home tonight:
  18. Ok, so here is very rough video of our Solider/First Responder dedication. I still am sequencing the Firefighter Silent Night, which will follow the siren. Take a look: http://youtu.be/QTpcLM9FMao
  19. I actually thought the same thing, a bit too flashy for my own taste; it looks much more subdued on the visualizer. Moreover, I was not sure I could get as many full waves as I actually ended up getting over the past 6 months or so. This is one of my earlier sequences so my effects were more on/off as opposed to the other effects (twinkle, shimmer, etc.). It may be a newbie thing, but it is much more helpful when you see the sequence in the environment it is meant to be in. For example, my neighbors have not turned on their lights yet either and my display looks much brighter than it will after Thanksgiving when they do. Our lots are small (less than 1/4 acre) and there is definitely a glow that comes from mainly across the street, where my neighbors completely decorate their house in warm white incandescent, to the tune of about 20k+ bulbs. Although the show is very "active," anyone who works in lighting will tell you that the existing ambient lighting plays a big part. Circling back, I would not have posted the video if I did not want to receive criticism. I will go back and touch up my sequences as I see them played, but they will stay flashy for now as I am kind of crunched for time. Our shows start the night of Thanksgiving. Luckily I used my laptop instead of the mini director, so the changes will take effect as soon as I save them.
  20. I will post videos this weekend once I can get my camera on a tripod. I only took a short one with my phone. I have uploaded it to YouTube:
  21. CanelaLights


    First year, 32 channels, and programming since May. 10,260 LED lights later (only the strobes are not LED), Canela Lights are up and running!!! I still have a few things to shore up; after 1500 feet of SPT1, I had to resort to linking extension cord after extension cord to do the test run and some of my strobes are not working. I have to say that the Easy Linkers are the Bomb-dot-com. I don't think running CAT5 across the entire house would have been very efficient. These little wireless boxes make the WORLD of difference! Check out the first video at facebook.com/CanelaLights.
  22. Ahhh! That is what I was missing, the USB! Thanks!!!!
  23. First, I want to thank you for reading my post and helping me out. The gentleman at HolidayCoro.com was very helpful. He directed me to a blog post. I learned that the mini director could do it but with a high capacity SD card to hold all four plus hours of the show. However, the mini director cannot handle RGB, which I might still throw in during the season. So I bought a used single Easy Linker from Ebay (I have two, one for each of my controllers, already) and decided to use the good ole laptop instead. It is a waaaayyyy cheaper option than having to get the LOR g3-mp3 since I already have the spare laptop. Thank you again!
  24. Does any one have any Groban or Buble sequences they are willing to share? I already have "Believe" but need one to two vocal-rich sequences to complete one of my show segments. I have their holiday music, just running short on time. Front yard is getting prepped this weekend and lights are going to start going up!!!! It is my first year and am soooo stoked. I have been working on getting all the equipment, full wave leds, arches, coro trees, etc. over the last two years. E-mail me at CanelaLights@outlook.com if you are willing to help a newbie out. THANK YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Oh, or "Run, Run, Rudolph" by Kelly Clarkson. That will work too.
  25. Thanks for the info, but I still can't view a "show." My sequence editor talks to my visualizer already (awesome sauce by the way, I was able to see how good/bad the sequence may look). Since the show files are .las and not .lms, I cannot open the show file in the sequence editor to "preview" the show itself with the sequences "strung together." If I open each of the sequences in my show in the sequence editor and select "play all sequences" from the menu, I receive the error: "Only one musical sequence can be played at a time. Please close all but one musical sequence before playing." I am looking for a way to see the sequences, as they would appear in my show back to back visually.
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