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  1. bktalon

    unknown devices

    I have been running LOR for about 7 years now, and this year I was getting everything all set up. was working great,until this morning. I started the HU, hit refresh, and it finds 1, 3 sometimes 7 of my units ( I have 10 hooked up as of now) but only 1 time did it find all 10. now it is showing 9, of which 8 of them are showing as unknown devices?and it doesnt find unit #1, which is 2nd in line (0A being first). any suggestions? I replaced cat5 cables ect, all units are powered up, and the lights are solid inside, not blinking?
  2. bktalon

    Whoville Medley Short Ver TSO Faces & Pixel

    would love a copy, Thank you bktalon@gmail.com
  3. bktalon

    Looking for Mr Heatmiser Faces

    could I get a copy please, Thank You in advance bktalon@gmail.com
  4. could I get a copy please? Thank You bktalon@gmail.com
  5. I would love a copy if you are still sharing, Thank You, bktalon@gmail.com
  6. would love a copy if you are still sharing, Thanks in advance bktalon@gmail.com
  7. bktalon

    Mary's Little Boy Child - Glee Cast

    would love to take a look at it bktalon@gmail.com, Thanks in advance
  8. bktalon

    Up for grabs....Michael Buble - Cold December Night

    would love to take a look at it, bktalon@gmail.com Thanks in advance
  9. would love a copy if you are still sharing, Thanks bktalon@gmail.com
  10. I would love a copy if you are still sharing, bktalon@gmail.com
  11. bktalon

    Does anyone have "baby its cold outside" ELF

    I would love a copy if you wouldnt mind sharing bktalon@gmail.com
  12. bktalon

    Pixie16 Smart Pixel Controller

    havent even started to adapt the new rgb to our sequences yet lol, really going to be burning the candle on this years display, we light up 1 week from tonight